Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What am I going to do with all those Pillsbury Biscuits?

If you remember my shopping trip to Fry's last week, I have quite the stockpile of Pillsbury biscuits. They've been staring at me every time I open the refrigerator, so I decided to use a couple of rolls today and make some completely unhealthy Monkey Bread! Here is the recipe I used.

Here are the ingredients I used ... as I said, very unhealthy.

All the biscuits cut into quarters. Some of the corners have been bitten off by a certain 2 year old.

This is my favorite part of the whole recipe... no mess! The cinnamon & sugar mixture AKA mess stays in the bag.

This is my very loved bundt pan - filled with little cinnamon/sugar biscuit pieces and drizzled with a butter/sugar mixture. Ready to go into the oven!
This Monkey Bread made my home smell so yummy. Can you smell it? I feel like this is such a delicious picture, you can almost smell the cinnamon and sugar.

It was so yummy, but I felt like I needed to brush my teeth right after I ate it because it had so much sugar in it! Use a couple of biscuit rolls and whip up this yummy dessert for your family!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mail Call Monday - Sideways Style

Thank you Blogger for turning my picture sideways and not letting me rotate the image.
: /

Onto the more pressing issue... do you see something missing here???

No early ads?!?!?! I don't know what to do with myself. I was already preparing myself for next week when Labor Day would cause my grocery ads to be a day later than usual, but this is just depressing.

I did receive 2 free magazines - OK & Shape.

I also was pleasantly surprised to see a Fry's coupon booklet. I always hear about other people receiving these in the mail, but I never have. I don't think I have anyway. It is full of awesome manufacturer's coupons- hooray! Well, hopefully my grocery ads will show up tomorrow so I can get to work on My Favorite Deals!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Shameless Post!

This is a completely shameless post, but I am begging you readers out there!

Do any of you have any A or X codes for the diapers deal on amazon.com?

I have S and W codes I am willing to trade if you have an A or X code. With this new baby coming in January, I really need to get my act together with my non-existent diaper stockpile. Have you seen KC's diaper stash? Wowza. She is amazing. I feel like I am constantly running out of diapers.

So, if any of you have any A or X codes you are not using, let me know if you want to trade for an S or W code or maybe some other coupons if you don't need the amazon codes.

Thanks for putting up with my shameless post! Ok, back to regularly scheduled deal blogging...

Another Target Trip!

Since the grocery sales are a bit slow this week, I've been hanging out at Target enjoying all the freebies and close to freebies I can find there!

I grabbed more of the same from my Target trip earlier in the week - Juicy Juice and Snyder's Pretzels.

2.24 Snyder's Pretzel Rods (3)
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (3)
-1.00/1 peelie MQ (3)  - found at Fry's
.24 each

2.59 Snyder's Pretzels (2)
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (3) - print here

-1.00/1 peelie MQ (3) - found at Fry's
.59 each

.50 Snyder's Pretzel Travel Packs (8)
-.50/1 peelie (8) - found at Fry's

1.88 Juicy Juice 8 pack (7)
1.68 Juicy Juice 8 pack - clearanced
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (8) - no longer available
-4.00/2 IPQ (2) - print here
.38 for regular priced packs, .18 for the clearanced pack
3.22 for all 8

5.12 paid on a Target gift card

I was most excited to grab these Snyder's travel bags free!
I thought for sure the Snyder's coupons would have a size restriction on them, but neither the .50/1 nor the 1.00/1 did. The only size restriction is on the Target IPQ which requires a purchase of an 8 oz. bag or larger. I guess you could use the 1.00/1 peelie on the .50 bags for some possible overage, but I didn't want to push my luck. If you can find those .50/1 peelies (I've seen them at almost every Fry's store in the past week), you can score free pretzel travel bags too! These are the perfect size to throw in a diaper bag for a quick toddler snack on the go or in a school lunch for an older child.

I was also on a reconaissance mission at Target.. here's what I found!

Select school supplies are marked 30% off

And some other school supplies are marked at 50% off

These markers were marked down to $1.32.

This globe was marked down to $18.48.

And this writing tablet was marked down to $2.08.
If you are still in need of school supplies, head over to your local Target and see what's being marked down!

Fry's Trip = .72 back to me!

I didn't think I would stop into Fry's this week, because the sales there are so slow. Which is not necessarily a bad thing after 2 full weeks of mega sale events! I think my Fry's has probably seen enough of me. But then I remembered I had some Goldfish internet printables stashed away that would make them free this week. Some were for the regular Goldfish crackers and some were for the Goldfish Grahams. They all expire 8/29/10, so this sale came right on time!

1.00 Goldfish Crackers (7)
-.75/1 IPQ (7) - no longer available
-.75/1 Goldfish Grahams EQ - load here
.75 overage

1.00 Country Crock (2)
-.40/1 IPQ (2) - print here

-.75 +.03 tax = -.72 paid back to me by cashier

I didn't remember that I had a Goldfish EQ loaded on my card, so when I went negative, I grabbed a candy bar to balance the total out. But the cashier said she'd just give me the cash back - even better!

Also, I have been searching for the 1.00/1 Ortega tearpad MQs that Sheryl found at her Fry's, but after stopping at 5 different stores, I am giving up! Hopefully, you guys are having better luck out there!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Once Upon A Child

I'm late to the Arizona Blog Hop, but here I am!

I have posted about Once Upon A Child before but I am bringing it up again because it is so awesome!
Once Upon a Child buys and sells gently used children's clothing, toys, baby furniture, equipment and more! They are the nation's largest chain of children's consignment stores. My favorite part about Once Upon A Child is they offer store credit or cash in the same amount. They also have a super quick turn around time. Your donations are sorted through on the same day you bring them in. You can either wait in the store or they can call you once they are finished. They don't purchase everything, but I've never brought in a basket of clothing where they didn't purchase at least one item.

It's hard to walk out without buying something new for your growing children. They have gently used and often new items at super low prices. But then again, it is nice to have the cash for whatever expense may come up. When you are in the store, make sure to ask about special discounts or events. I was in last week and they had signs posted advertising military discounts. Also, make sure to join their email list. Occasionally, Once Upon A Child will hold sales where you can save even more money!

So, gather up those toys, clothes, and other equipment that's cluttering up your home and sell it to Once Upon A Child. Another child will benefit from your donations and you will walk out with cash or store credit! Click here for the closest location to you!

Free groceries from Bashas'!

I (like many of you) was at Bashas' yesterday for the free C&H Sugar.

What an awesome deal! I had 3 coupons I wanted to use, but I knew the limit was one per transaction. I rang up with the assistant manager (who was super nice and helpful) and asked her if it was a transaction limit or a per person limit. She looked at the ad and decided it must be a transaction limit because the upcoming deli chicken deal specifies limit 2 per family. She rang up my sugars in 3 seperate orders so I could get all 3 free - awesome! I was also thrilled to use up the rest of my Breyer's ice cream coupons after the Albie's fiasco last week. My ice cream coupons made the Breyer's free and my C&H Sugar coupons made the sugar free, so with no tax (thanks City of Mesa), I walked out paying absolutely nothing! Gotta love that.

Since I am not usually at Bashas', I took a quick stroll around to check out potential deals and see if I could find any coupons to add to my coupon stash. Bashas' is always great for a coupon hunt - they never disappoint!

I found Shamrock Farms milk - both varieties priced at $1 each, so use this .35/1 internet printable coupon to make them free!

I also found Lawry's Seasoning with hangtag MQs - .55/1 any Lawry's 8 or 16 oz. Seasoned Salt, 6 or 11 oz. Garlic Salt, or any size Garlic Powder. I've seen those items on sale at Fry's for a dollar recently. So, I'll hang onto these coupons and wait for a sale.

Double coupons on one item! Wowza.
1.00 off any one Sea Pak frozen item - no ketchup purchase necessary
.55 off any one Hunt's Ketchup - says DND, but it is coded with a 5, so you might get lucky.

Did you guys get your free sugar yesterday? I hope so!

Safeway Recon Mission

I am not Safeway's biggest fan right now after the lame shopping trip I had there last week, but I headed in there looking for the MDA coupon booklets, coupons, and any clearance deals. I ventured to a different store than I normally head to hoping to find those MDA booklets, but no luck.

That's okay, I found lots of things on clearance. For you Gilbert folks near the Safeway at Val Vista & Elliott, you may want to snag these awesome deals!

Bounty Single Rolls
50% clearanced from 2.99 to 1.49
Use .25/1 MQ from 8/1 PG to get these for .49 each!

Iams Healthy Naturals Cat Food
50% clearance from 8.99 to 4.49

10 pack Individual Boxed Kellogg's Cereals
50% clearance from 4.29 to 2.14
I know we all get a ton of cereal free or close to free, but this is a good price for the travel size boxes.

Old El Paso Super Stuffer Taco Shells
-.50/1 (excluding Refrigerated, Frozen or Soup products) MQ 7/11 SS

Just a few things I saw while I was out hunting around Safeway yesterday. Always check your clearance sections, you never know what you'll find!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2.95 trip to Target!

.84 Chef Boyardee can (4)
.78 Chef Boyardee bowls (5)
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (9) - print here
-.35/3 MQ 8/15 SS (3)
1.05 overage total

4.20 Women's C9 socks (5) - clearanced
-5.00/1 C9 Target IPQ (5) - no longer available
These are all beepers, but the cashier entered them manually at 4.20 each

2.24 Snyder's Pretzels (4)
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (4) - print here
-1.00/1 peelie MQ found at Fry's this week (4)
.24 each
Thanks Harold from SD!

1.88 Juicy Juice 8 pack (8)
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (8) - No longer available
These all beeped Item Not Found, cashier pushed them through
-2.00/4 Juicy Juice IPQ (2) - print here
3.04 for all 8 or .38 each

2.95 total (no tax) paid with a Target gift card

Note: Watch the screen to make sure the correct amounts are coming off for your manufacturer's coupons. According to multiple coupon boards, there was a register update which makes the register only take off the value of one item regardless of what the coupon value is. My 2.00/4 Juicy Juice IPQs only deducted 1.88 each because that's how much one 8 pack was. I had the cashier correct it at the register, but make sure you check those receipts!

Did you get your 8/29 Red Plum insert in the mail?

I did! It comes on Tuesdays with the Food City & Sprouts ads.
If you are not receiving your Red Plum insert in the mail, click here to read a post about signing up. Sheryl has a great write-up with links and if you are in the selected areas, you can receive your coupon insert in the mail too!

Anyway, if you did get your insert in the mail, clip this coupon to score a free 4 lb. bag of C&H Sugar at Bashas' - the sugar is only priced at 99 cents today, so get over there today!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Last Fry's Mega Run = 7 cents back to me!

Cellfire reloaded a bunch of the EQs I had already used during the mega sale this morning! So I loaded my card back up and headed to Fry's for one more Mega run.

After reading about Sheryl's Pillsbury Biscuits scenario, I knew I had to get to Fry's before the end of the day! I did 2 seperate back to back transactions to use both my Fry's and my Kroger cards and maximize all the EQs I could. If you want in on these deals, you have to get there tonight! The new sales start tomorrow morning - see "My Favorite Deals" here for next week's sales!

1.99 Pillsbury Sweet Moments*
-1.00/1 MQ 8/8 GM
-1.00/1 EQ - load here
.01 overage

.99 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls (2)*
-.50/1 IPQ - print here not sure if there are any prints left
-.40/2 EQ - load here
.21 overage each

1.49 Gardetto's*
-.50/1 IPQ - print here
-.50/1 EQ - load here
.01 overage

.49 Bumble Bee Tuna (3)*
-.55/1 blinkie MQ (3) DND
.06 overage each

2.99 Powerade 8 pack*
-2.00/1 Fry's EQ - load here

.49 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits (8)*
I used 2 .99 Pillsbury Grands Safeway in-ad Qs to make them 99 cents each BEFORE the Mega Discount. So, after the $4.00 deduction (wyb 8), each roll of biscuits was 49 cents.
-.30/2 MQ 8/8 GM (4)
-.30/2 EQ (2) - load here and here
.08 overage each

1.52 Fuji apples (1.79/lb.)
1.99 Kroger cheese cubes

3.24 subtotal + .25 tax = 3.49 paid with 3.50 OYNO
Cashier gave me the penny back!

#2 -Almost identical to the first, except one less tuna with a Chex Mix added in.
1.99 Pillsbury Sweet Moments*
-1.00/1 MQ 8/8 GM
-1.00/1 EQ - load here
.01 overage

.99 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls (2)*
-.50/1 IPQ - print here not sure if there are any prints left
-.40/2 EQ - load here
.21 overage each

1.49 Gardetto's*
-.50/1 IPQ - print here
-.50/1 EQ - load here
.01 overage

.49 Bumble Bee Tuna (3)*
-.55/1 blinkie MQ (3) DND
.06 overage each

2.99 Powerade 8 pack*
-2.00/1 Fry's EQ - load here

.49 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits (8)*
I used 2 .99 Pillsbury Grands Safeway in-ad Qs to make them 99 cents each BEFORE the Mega Discount. So, after the $4.00 deduction (wyb 8), each roll of biscuits was 49 cents.
-.30/2 MQ 8/8 GM (4)
-.30/2 EQ (2) - load here and here
.08 overage each

1.49 Chex Mix*
-.50/1 MQ 8/8 GM
-.50/1 EQ - load here
.01 overage

-.22 subtotal + .16 tax = -.06 cashier gave me the 6 cents back!

FINAL SUMMARY: 3.43 cost, but I am 7 cents richer!

My Favorite Deals - 8/25/10 edition

Look how proactive I am! :) I've got "My Favorite Deals" posted a day early! These sales run Wednesday, 8/25 through Tuesday, 8/31/10.



CHEAPEST EGGS: 1.49 18 ct. Lucerne eggs at Safeway
CHEAPEST BREAD: 1.00 Bashas' or Fry's Sandwich Bread

For complete coupon match-ups, click here to view Pinching Your Pennies.
All coupons are worth $1 at Albie's this week!

I like that .25 Hunt's Tomato Sauce price! 

1.00 Marcal Single Paper Towels - Thanks KC!
-1.00/1 MQ 8/22 SS

1.25 Marcal Napkins - Thanks KC!
 -1.00/1 MQ 8/22 SS

1.99 Nabisco Wheat Thins
-1.00/1 IPQ - print here

1.50 Hefty Foam Plates (50 ct.) or Easy Grip Cups (30 ct.)
-1.00/2 5/16 RP
1.00 each wyb 2

1.77 Capri Sun
-1.00/2 IPQ if you printed it last week - no longer available
1.27 each wyb 2

4.77 Charmin Basic Double Roll Toilet Paper 12 pk. (with in-ad Q)
-.25/1 8/1 PG

.10 Maruchan Ramen, with in-ad Q (limit 24)
.25 Hunt's 8 oz. Tomato Sauce, with in-ad Q (limit 10)
.50 Michaelina's Frozen entrees, with in-ad Q (limit 4)
.69 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, with in-ad Q (limit 4)
.99 6 oz. Driscoll raspberries (limit 4)
1.67/lb. fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast (sold in family pack).
1.88/lb. seedless grapes
2.22 Pepsi 12 pk. wyb 4 + get 2 free bags of Ranchito Tortilla Chips (in-ad Q)

All coupons are worth $1 at Bashas' this week!

If you missed out on the free Breyer's ice cream at Albie's last week, don't worry! It's free at Bashas' this week! Also, make sure to grab your free C&H Sugar on Wednesday!

1.00 Breyer's Ice Cream pint
-1.00/1 MQ from Circle K tearpad

1.00 Totino's Pizza Rolls
-.40/2 MQ 8/8 GM or print here
.50 each wyb 2

1.00 Totino's Frozen Pizza
-1.00/2 blinkie MQ found at Fry's
.50 each wyb 2

1.00 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta
-1.00/2 IPQ - print here
.50 each wyb 2

1.00 Dole canned fruit
-.50/2 Dole canned Mandarin Oranges MQ 6/20 SS
-.50/2 Dole canned Pineapple MQ 6/27 SS
.50 each wyb 2

1.50 GM Cereals wyb 4
-.55/1 Cocoa Puffs IPQ - print here
-.55/1 Trix IPQ - print here
.50 each wyb 4 and use 4 coupons

1.00 Chef Boyardee Pasta
-.35/3 MQ 8/15 SS
.66 each wyb 3

1.00 Old Orchard Frozen Juice Concentrate
-1.00/4 IPQ - print here
.75 each

.99 C&H Granulated Sugar (4 lb. bag) - Limit 1
-.50/1 any C&H sugar 2 lbs. + IPQ - print here use zip code 90210

3.99 Bashas' 8 piece fried or baked chicken - Limit 2

13.99 Budweiser, Coors, or Miller Beer (24 pk.)

1.77/lb. fresh 80% lean ground beef (sold in family pack) - Limit 2

.25/lb. bananas - Limit 4 lbs.

2.99 Northern 6 double roll Toilet Paper - Limit 2

3.88 Dozen Donuts fresh from Bashas' bakery - Limit 4

1.00 Bashas' 1/2 gallon milk, Bashas' Sandwich Bread, Bashas' Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns

All coupons under $1 equal $1 again this week!
Fry's is accepting competitor's coupons for a limited time!
Bring your reusable bags for a 5 cent discount per bag!

1.00 Country Crock Spread
-.40/1 IPQ - print here

1.00 Dial Liquid Hand Soap or 2 ct. bars
-.35/1 MQ 8/15 RP

1.00 Right Guard Deodorant
-1.00/1 IPQ - print here

1.49 Ortega Taco Sauce, Green Chiles, or Taco Shells
-1.00/1 tearpad MQ found in hispanic foods aisle at Fry's
.49 each

1.00 Chef Boyardee Pasta
-.35/3 MQ 8/15 SS
.66 each wyb 3

1.99 Nabisco Wheat Thins
-1.00/1 IPQ - print here

2.00 Vlasic Spears or Stackers
-.55/1 IPQ - print here

3.99 Hostess Multi-Packs BOGO
-1.00/1 IPQ - print here use 2 coupons
.99 each wyb 2 and use 2 coupons

1.66 Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies
-1.00/2 MQ 8/15 RP
1.16 each wyb 2

1.00 Fry's 1/2 gallon milk, chocolate milk, Kroger Lemonade
1.00 Kroger sour cream, cottage cheese, dip
1.00 Fry's Sandwich Bread, Kroger Peanut Butter, Kroger Grape Jelly
1.49 Oroweat Dutch Country Bread
1.50 Kroger Shredded, Bar, or Deli Thin Sliced Cheese (6-8 oz.)
2.25 Pepsi 12 pk wyb 4 + Free Tostitos! 

All coupons under $1 equal $1 again this week!
View Safeway's NEW coupon policy here!

Beware if you are planning to combine EQs and MQs at Safeway. They are really starting to crack down on that. I will still list them out, but you've been warned... they may shut you down!

.88 Dial Liquid Hand Soap
-.35/1 MQ 8/15 RP

1.99 Febreze Air Effects (with in-ad Q)
-1.00/1 MQ from Home Made Simple home mailer
-1.00/1 EQ - load here
.01 overage

1.00 Chef Boyardee Pasta
-.35/3 MQ 8/15 SS
.66 each wyb 3

1.99 Snyder's Pretzels 16 oz.
-1.00/1 peelie MQ found on Snyder's bags at Fry's

1.99 Mix & Match Frozen Foods Promo
Buy 5 Ben & Jerry's pints of ice cream at 1.99 each wyb 5
-.50/1 tearpad MQ found at Circle K (5)
Pay .99 each or 4.95 total
But wait, there's a Catalina deal! ...
Through 9/15/10, purchase 3 Ben & Jerry's ice cream pints, get $2 OYNO
Get back $2 OYNO
.59 per pint!

1.99 Honey Nut Cheerios or Lucky Charms
-1.00/2 MQ 7/18 SS
1.49 each wyb 2 Honey Nut Cheerios

4.99 Lucerne Shredded or Chunk Cheese, 32 oz. - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY
-.55/1 Real CA Dairy product IPQ - print here Must have CA seal on cheese!

2.99 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese 5 pack - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY
-Free Capri Sun wyb 5 pack of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese peelie MQ found on Mac & Cheese
2.99 for 5 boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese + a free box of Capri Suns!

Buy 3 Juices, Get 2 Snacks Free Promo
Limit 4 groups of 3 juices and 2 snacks per transaction.

V8 Red or V-Fusion 46 oz.
Tree Top or Mott's Apple Juice 64 oz.
Izze Sparkling Fruit Drinks 4 pk., 8.4 oz.
Langer's Cranberry Juice 64 oz.
Capri Sun 10 pk.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 8-10 ct.
Kellogg's Pop Tarts 8 ct.
Rice Krispies Treats 8 ct.

Here are some coupons you can use with this promo:
1.00/1 V8 V-Fusion 46 oz. IPQ - print here and here
1.00/1 Tree Top Trim 46 oz. - print here if the "Trim" variety is included
1.00/2 Capri Sun IPQ - if you printed it last week no longer available
.75/2 Quaker Granola Bars MQ 7/25 RP
1.00/2 Pop Tarts MQ 7/11 RP
1.00/2 Rice Krispies Treats MQ 8/15 RP

We don't have any published prices yet, but this should give you a good head start on getting the best deal out of this promo. As soon as I can check prices, I will update this post.

.89 Safeway pasta 12-16 oz.
.99 Lucerne Cream Cheese (8 oz. brick or soft)
.99 Fresh Express Spinach, Shreds, & Salad
1.25 Cheez-It Crackers - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY
1.49 Lucerne 18 ct. eggs (with in-ad Q)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Mail Call Monday - 8/23/10 edition

FREE MAGAZINES: Professional Pilot, Flying, OK!, Spin, & the one I am most excited about.... the September issue of Parenting - Early Years which included another Amazon diaper code! Maybe if I can round up 2 more codes, I'll get some more free diapers!

  • Albie's- All coupons equal $1 again this week! Get those rainchecks before Tuesday night if your store is out of Skippy Peanut Butter, Ragu Pasta Sauce, or Breyer's Ice Cream... like my Albie's!
    • .25 Hunt's tomato sauce (with in-ad Q)
    • .69 Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (with in-ad Q)
    • .50 Michaelina's frozen meals (with in-ad Q)
  • Bashas- Quadruple coupons continues for another week!
    • 1.00 Breyer's-use those Circle K 1.00/1 MQs to make these free!
    • 1.00 Barilla Pasta, Basha's bread, Totino's Pizza - use 1.00/2 MQ for .50 pizza!
    • WEDNESDAY- .99 C&H Sugar, SUNDAY- .25/lb. bananas
  • Fry's- All coupons are $1 & accepting competitor coupons again this week!
    • 1.00 Goldfish crackers, Fry's bread, Country Crock butter
    • 1.49 Oroweat Dutch Country bread
    • 1.00 cantaloupe
  • Safeway- All coupons are still $1!
    • 1.99 Honey Nut Cheerios & Lucky Charms
    • Buy 3 juices (Capri Sun, Motts, etc.), get 2 snacks (Quaker granola bars, Pop Tarts, etc.) free
    • 1.49 18 count Lucerne eggs (with in-ad Q)

Have you entered these give aways?

KC over at Desert Deals Diva did a great post about all the current local give aways today - have you entered all these?

Make Your Own Gummies Kit - Arizona Thrify Mom. Ends 8/27. Enter here!

$15 CVS Gift Card - LivingTheDomesticLife. Ends 8/27. Enter here!

$100 Safeway Gift Card - Lanaye. Ends 9/17. Enter here!

$25 Safeway gift card + 50 Boxtops - TheCraveTo$ave. Ends 8/31. Enter here!

$25 Safeway gift card + 50 Boxtops - Student Savings Bucks. Ends 8/28. Enter here!
Plus KC is giving away a 16 X 20 Rolled Canvas Print & a Juppy Baby Walker!

That is a huge list - someone has to win! It may as well be you!

Getting My Hair Done - On the Cheap!

I've talked about the Brillare Hair Academy before, but since I just went again last week, I'll recap why I love them so much!

I was able to get my hair shampood, cut, blow-dried, & styled for twelve dollars total! I have never had a bad experience at the Brillare Hair Academy. This is no Super Cuts hair cut either. These hair stylists are highly trained and supervised and they use super high quality hair products. I always come out super happy with my hair and even more happy that it was so inexpensive!

While I was there, I saw signs advertising military discounts of 25%!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bookman's - 3 Disney DVDs FREE!

Yep, these Disney DVDs that are currently locked in the Disney Vault, were all free for me from Bookman's!
I have been taking my free magazines to trade in at Bookman's every week for about a month now, slowly gathering Bookman's store credit here and there. Every week when I am there trading in magazines, I always check the kid's DVD section to see what people have traded in. I am always on the hunt for Disney DVDs because I'm trying to stock up on Disney movies for my 2 year old. I want her to love all the Disney movies like I do. :) You all know Disney locks up their DVDs in the "vault" and then they release them randomly for a limited time at RIDICULOUS prices. This is a much better way to grab those movies. They are used, but Bookman's gives you a 30 day guarantee so you can make sure the discs will play properly. That's good as new to me!

Ok, onto the transaction... I had about $40 in trade credit saved up, so here's what I did:

10.00 A Bug's Life
7.00 The Incredibles
16.00 Mulan (this was a brand new 2 disc set, so it was more pricey)

33.00 subtotal -10% Bookman's kid's club discount = 29.70 paid in Bookman's trade credit

Awesome deal! I was so excited to bring these home for my daughter. She is absolutely enthralled with "A Bug's Life" and watches it multiple times during the day. Thank goodness, we needed a break from Toy Story 2. :)

If you've never been to Bookman's, click here to learn all about it! It's addicting...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

140 Huggies diapers shipped to my door FREE!

They actually came about 4 days ago, but I am super late posting this! :)

They were delivered Fed-Ex to my house two days after I placed my order. In case you missed my original post, I got this huge box of 140 diapers for NOTHING! You can too - you'll just need some Amazon diaper discount codes from the "Parents" or "Parenting" August & September magazines!

Click here for full details of my order - this deal is good through 8/31/10!

Organization Time!

I have been avoiding my chaotic coupon situation for far too long. I use the file folder method but I am WAY behind on pulling out expired coupon inserts. So, this week, I spent an hour pulling out expired coupon inserts and re-organizing my file folders to make sure they were in the correct order.

After I pulled everything out, this was my pile headed to the recycling bin...

Holy cow, that is a TON of expired coupons! My coupon file box looks a million times better now and I can actually find coupons I need! Organization ... what a concept. :)

I used this expired coupon insert list on Pinching Your Pennies. It's one of my favorite features on the PYP website and when I am disciplined, it really helps me keep my coupon stash up to date.

I know you guys don't procrastinate organizing your coupons like I do... right?? ;)

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Couple of Depressing Shopping Trips...

Well, I headed out during my lunch to stop by Albie's for free Breyer's ice cream and then I was going to swing by Safeway (for the first time in months!) to get some more freebies.

Let's start with Albie's....

I remembered why I hate Albie's today. I went in with the plan of getting 4 Breyer's ice cream pints and a gallon of milk. After coupons, my total would have been 19 cents. I should have known when the older, grumpy looking manager opened her lane, that I should have just stayed put. But, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and headed over. Before I even put my ice cream on the belt, she already had the ad out informing me it was a limit of one per transaction on the "Buy 4" deals. I was pleasant and told her no problem, I'm only getting 4 ice creams.

After scanning my 4 ice creams and milk, she didn't want to accept 4 of my Breyer's coupons because it was doubling too many of the same coupon. At this point, I was getting annoyed... I wasn't doubling any coupons and it wasn't as if I had wheeled up to her register with my cart overflowing in ice cream pints. I told her that I wasn't doubling any coupons and Albertson's did not have a coupon policy showing they wouldn't accept more than one like coupon at face value. She was mad, but she didn't have a coupon policy to show me any differently, so she took my coupons.

Then her face lit up like a Christmas tree and she said she wouldn't take them anyway because the ice creams were only 50 cents each, so I'd be making 50 cents on each one. This is true. I asked if she would adjust them down. She said no because that would be coupon fraud.

Ok, game over. When I am accused of coupon fraud, I'm done. If anything, Albertson's should exhibit some customer service skills and adjust those coupons down. Plenty of grocery stores do this across the valley and it is not coupon fraud. Coupon fraud is photocopying coupons or making coupons up on Photoshop. I abandoned cart, voided the order, and left.

I was irritated because I had come out in the heat to get the ice cream, but whatever. I'll still swing by Safeway...
Here's my Safeway transaction:

.88 Dial Hand Soap (3)
-.35/1 MQ 8/15 RP (3) tripled up to 88 cents each

1.99 Hostess Donuts
-1.00/1 MQ - print here
-1.00/1 EQ - load here
.01 overage

-.01 subtotal + .10 tax = .09 total

Here's what I had to go through to get that transaction done...

The dirty rumors about Safeway clamping down on coupon policies are true. I hadn't experienced this first hand, but holy cow. I felt like an absolute criminal when my cashier saw my coupons. My normal happy-go-lucky Safeway has turned into a war crimes tribunal. She asked to see them first - okay. I handed over my 4 coupons. She didn't want to take my 3 Dial soap coupons because it would triple up to a dollar and give me overage. I already know the Safeway registers are smarter than this, they don't generally allow overage and I told her this. She called the manager up and they sat there for several minutes trying to figure out how to make sure I didn't get overage. I repeated several times they should just scan it and they would see it would only multiply up to the item's value. After brushing me off a few times, they decided to scan the coupon and then add back on the difference as a grocery item. Ok... low and behold, when they scanned the .35/1 coupon, it only took off an additional .53 adding up to (everyone together) 88 cents off the 88 cent soap.

Ok, we got through that fiasco... now onto the next one.

The cashier saw I had a 1.00 EQ come off so she asked me which item it was for. I told her it was for the Hostess Donuts. She said if she scanned the Hostess IPQ and it beeped, she couldn't take it. Ok. She scanned it - no beeps. But she still didn't want to take it. At this point, I just told her to take the donuts off because I already knew walking into Safeway this was a possibility. She said she would let me do it just this once, but that they wouldn't allow combining of EQs and MQs anymore. So, I ended up keeping the donuts on my order.

Wowza.... I feel like I just wrangled a 2000 pound steer to get the bag of donuts and 3 soaps! Now that I am aware of the craziness at Safeway, I will be continuing to spend more time at Fry's. New coupon policies and grumpy cashiers don't get under my skin, but I do feel bad for you newbies who are just starting out. There is no reason to make you all feel like you're stealing stuff off the shelves. So, Safeway may just be on my dislike list with Albie's. If you are going to shop Safeway, be aware of the new coupon hysteria going on among the cashiers over there.

4 Winners! Box Tops for Education & Redbox Codes!

Okay the results are in....
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Thanks to everyone for entering this quick give away!

Thrifty Tidbits - 8/20/10 edition

I am so happy its Friday! I haven't been doing a ton of grocery shopping because I am still pretty well stocked from my Fry's trips last week, but I do plan on scoring some free Breyer's ice cream and all the other freebies available this week.

Have you been searching on Swagbucks today? I have been and I've been gathering Swagbucks here and there, slowly racking up enough to cash in for Christmas presents! Remember, today is Mega Swagbucks Friday when more Swagbucks are awarded and in higher values too! If you aren't signed up yet, click here to sign up today! If you're already searching online, you may as well be rewarded for it while you're at it!

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What thrifty activities are you guys up to today?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chain-of-Friends Grand Prize Hampton Give Away!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.


Okay, we talked earlier today about the "Win a Weekend Stay" give away Hampton is hosting, now how about an even better prize? The Chain-of-Friends Grand Prize to be exact. The grand prize winner will receive a free stay for themselves and 100 of their friends at a Hampton for one weekend. The winner will also receive $5000 to help pay the tax for the weekend! Wowza! A hotel party for all of your closest friends & family? What a party!
What you would do with an entire hotel full of all your friends? Would you play hide and go seek throughout the rooms? Would you race on bell hop carts throughout the hallways?
The sweepstakes is open to everyone, not just those that are Hilton Honors members or those that have previously stayed at a Hampton. So, get over to their site and enter now!

Terms and Conditions:
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Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes

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Arizona Blog Hop!

I am so excited about this new weekly feature - I know all you local deal scouts will love it too!

Introducing.... the Arizona Blog Hop!
Each Thursday (by 8 pm) we will be blogging about an Arizona specific deal, event, store, tip, etc. We would love any other AZ bloggers to also participate by linking up below. Come back every Thursday for a new set of tips!
Your AZ Blog Hop Hosts:

How to participate:
  1. If you have a great Arizona tip to share, then link up below! Then link back to one of the AZ Blog Hop Hosts. We're looking for local deals, tips, and things to do....on the Fun & Frugal Side!
  2. Copy the Arizona Blog Hop button into a blog post on your site.
  3. Come back and post the direct link to your blog post here into the linky form below.
  4. Follow as many participants as you would like, leave them a comment letting them know your are following them.
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In other words...... Follow and be followed!


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