Thursday, October 27, 2011

RIP Chi Hair Straightener

Today is a very sad day. I plugged in my Chi hair straightener this morning, just as I have each morning for the past two years. As it warmed up, it started to smell really bad - like it was about to catch on fire. Then I heard a click and the red light turned off .... and it hasn't turned back on. There was only a one year manufacturer's warranty, so in the trash can it went.

My unruly hair is not allowed out of the house unstyled so I need a replacement ASAP! I jumped on Amazon this morning and found this amazing deal!

Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron
$53.45 with free shipping!

I already bought mine - this is seriously a SMOKING deal! These are normally $190!

Hurry and get yours before it sells out!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Sorry this is late! I had this set to auto-post and obviously it did not!

We have a winner!
sbphair, it's your lucky day!

Here's what she said...

I like to bake pumpkin bars, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, etc. anything with pumpkin. Makes me think of fall except it's still warm in sunny AZ!
Thanks so much for entering and happy fall baking!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Albie's Doublers Trips!

I feel like the Albie's doublers came around fast this time! It is lots of work, but there are good deals to be had! I filled a prescription at Albie's using the in-ad Q and got a $25 gift card. I only paid $3.00 for the prescription, so before I even started filling my cart, I had made $22!

I always stop by the clearance section on my Albie's trips and I hit the Glad trash bag jackpot! I have NEVER been able to get any great deals on garbage bags - it's like the unattainable deal for me. It makes this deal even more exciting. I found these Glad trash bags on clearance for $2.00 each! I also found this box of Mylicon for 4.00 - great price! I just paid $12 for a bottle at Rite Aid last week :(

2.00 Glad Trash Bags (4)
-1.00/1 MQ Vocal Point
-.55/1 peelie MQs found at Rite Aid (3)
-4 doublers
2.70 for all 4 or .68 each - WAHOO!

4.00 Mylicon
-1.00/1 MQ from inside Vicks Vaporizor box

2.99 Kraft Cheese
-1.00/1 Kraft First Taste Home Mailer MQ + doubler
.99 needed this for dinner

So, for trip #1, I spent 5.69 from the gift card.

Trip #2 was a little more pricey, but I got a lot more too.

MIX & MATCH SALE - Buy 6, Save $3
1.99 Rice Krispies (4)
1.99 Pop Tarts (2)
5.08 green seedless grapes (2.49/lb) - terrible price, but yummy grapes!
1.50 Albertson's marshmallows (2)
-1.00/2 Kellogg's Cereals MQ (2) found inside Nutrigrain Bar box
-1.00/2 Pop Tarts MQ also found inside Nutrigrain Bar box
-1.00 off 2 pounds of fresh produce (2) also found inside Nutrigrain Bar box

-Free Marshmallows (up to 1.50) wyb 2 boxes Rice Krispies peelie (2)
-5 doublers
7.02 for 4 Rice Krispies, 2 Pop Tarts, 2 lbs. grapes, & 2 bags of marshmallows - not too bad!

2.29 Nature's Own Bread
-.75/1 IPQ - no longer available

1.50 Sierra Mist (2)
-1.00/2 MQ from Moments to Save 10/2 insert
.50 each - needed these to make sparkling strawberry lemonade for a baby shower

3.89 Dove Shampoo, Conditioner (4)
-BOGO 10/2 RP (2)
-.75/1 IPQ (2)
-2 doublers
Pay 4.78 OOP, earn $5 OYNO
.22 profit on 4!

1.69 Albertson's Bakery Cinnamon Bread
-Free Bakery Bread Catalina Coupon from previous transaction (up to 1.09)
FREE - My cashier took off the whole amount - yay!

12.99 subtotal + 1.35 tax = 14.34 out of pocket
Earned $5 from Dove

And the best part is, I still have 4.97 on the RX gift card and $5 OYNO to spend on the last 2 days of doubler deals!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Betty Crocker Give Away!

To My Faithful Blog Readers...

I feel like you should be rewarded if you are still reading this blog, so let's do a give away! You guys have stuck by me through this strange, transitional time in my life. You've followed me from my Arizona to California move and you've watched me shop in California, but still maintain the Arizona Savings name .... it's been weird! I'm still not sure what I want to do with this couponing blog - if I want to do a Southwest theme or a California theme... I'll figure it out eventually.

Love molasses cookies, but could do without the preparation and mess? Betty Crocker to the rescue! This fall, Betty Crocker is introducing a molasses cookie mix, making this year-round favorite easy to bake in less than 20 minutes.

With a delectably soft and chewy texture, and great spice cookie taste, new Betty Crocker® Molasses Cookie mix combines real molasses flavor with hints of cinnamon and spice for a homemade taste that you’ll love.

Look for Betty Crocker Molasses Cookie mix in the baking aisle of grocery stores this fall.

Betty Crocker is offering Arizona Savings readers a super awesome coupon to try Betty Crocker® Molasses Cookie mix! Click here for a printable coupon for $0.75 off the purchase of one (1) Betty Crocker® Molasses Cookie mix pouch today! That's a high value coupon for these cookie mix pouches - we may be able to score these free!

In the meantime, let's give away a baking gift set!

One lucky Arizona Savings reader will win a Betty Crocker® Molasses Cookie mix prize pack which includes a Betty Crocker apron, non-stick baking pan, and mixing spoon.

Here's how to enter:
All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you love to bake in the fall. Today is a gloomy, dark, rainy day in Southern California.... perfect for a pot of Baked Potato Soup and a batch of these Molasses cookies. What will you be baking?

The Rules...
1. One comment per person (you must include your email address!)
2. Give away is open to US and Canadian residents ONLY. 3. Give away will close on Tuesday, October 18th at 12pm AZ time
 4. The winner will be selected via and the winner will be contacted by email. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize.

Good luck!
Disclosure: I was given a Betty Crocker® Molasses Cookie mix prize pack to facilitate the review of this product. Thanks to Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark for providing the prize pack for the review and sponsoring the giveaway for one Arizona Savings reader. All opinions expressed are my own and no other compensation was received. The product, information and prize pack has been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clearance fun at Target!

This clearance sale could not have come at a better time for me! We are finishing up last minute things to move into our new house and I needed all of this! Curtains, rugs, curtain rods, a bedding set for my daughter.... I paid a fraction of what I was dreading paying for all this stuff.

Here's the first batch of treasures - curtains and Cascade on the left, twin sheets & quilt set on the right, with some curtain hardware on the bottom...

The quilt set is hard to see, so here is a picture of it from It's adorable in person! It has owls and squirrels and is just girly enough for my daughter.

And here's the last of it - 2 area rugs and 2 curtain rods.

.97 Cascade Trial Packs (6)
-1.00/1 MQ 8/28 PG
.03 overage each

Here's all the 75% off stuff:
4.98 Plum Eclipse Black Out Curtain Panels (2)
2.98 Curtain Holdbacks (2)
8.98 White Twin Sheet Set
7.48 Grey, White Curtain Panels (3)
4.74 Green Tie Back Shade
4.24 Green Curtain Panels
6.32 Curtain Rod
7.88 Curtain Rod
16.24 Circo Love N Nature Quilt/Sham Set

And the 2 area rugs were 30% off at 24.98 each.

I had a 5 off 50 Target Bed & Bath catalina coupon that I used.

Total was 131.57 + 11.23 tax = 142.80
Paid with $45 in Target gift cards and the rest cash.

This seems like a lot OOP, but I have window treatments for all of our windows, a complete bedding set for our daughter,nice fluffy rugs, and it's all super cute Target stuff - for less than a hundred dollars out of pocket. If you need any bed or bath stuff, check out your Target to see what treasures are hiding there!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Filling up the Freezer with Albie's Doublers!

We are just about ready to move into our "new" house, so I spent more out of pocket than I am used to (28.42!). I have an empty refrigerator and freezer to fill up! A lot of the extra cost was the Dasani water at 1.50 per case plus the dreaded CRV... California's extra tax on bottled and canned products. At 5 cents per bottle, CRV ran me 1.20 PER CASE! Thanks a lot state of California! :(

2.50 Tyson Grilled & Ready Chicken/Steak (10) - RAINCHECK PRICE
-1.00/1 peelies + 10 doublers
.50 each

3.50 Dasani Water (5)
-2.00/1 peelie wyb 2 Tyson Grilled & Ready Products
1.50 + 1.20 CRV = 2.70 per case
Dasani was the cheapest case of water this week

2.69 Mission Artisan Tortillas (2)
-1.00/1 IPQ (2) + 2 doublers
.69 each

2.99 Duncan Hines Amazing Glaze (2)
-1.00/1 IPQ (2) + 2 doublers
.99 each

1.00 Totino's Pizza Rolls (6) - RAINCHECK PRICE
-1.00/2 IPQ (2), .40/2 IPQ + 3 doublers
.10 each

.99 Betty Crocker Cake Mix (4) - RAINCHECK PRICE
-1.00/2 peelies (2) wish I could have found more for free cake mix! + 2 doublers

1.00 Michaelina's (10)
.60 each

28.42 total out of pocket

Friday, September 16, 2011

Doublers Time at So Cal Albie's Again!

My Albertson's lets me use more than 2 doublers per transaction ... yours may or may not. It's a good idea to check before you unload your cart onto the belt.

1.49 Ortega Green Chilis (4)
-1.00/2 IPQ (2) + 2 doublers
.49 each

2.29 Motts for Tots Apple Juice
-1.00/1 Vocal Point MQ + doubler - no longer available

2.50 Classico Pasta Sauce
-1.00/1 peelie MQ + doubler

1.34 Goldfish Crackers
-.55/1 MQ found inside previous Goldfish crackers bag + doubler

1.99 Keebler Cookies
-1.00/1 peelie + doubler
.01 overage

2.00 Danimals Yogurt Tubes (3)
-.50/1 MQ 8/31 SS (3) + 3 doublers
1.00 each

1.88 Lean Cuisine Meals (2) with in-ad Q
-1.00/2 IPQ + doubler
.88 each

6.84 total paid out of pocket!
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