Monday, August 9, 2010

A Blurry Mail Call Monday

I have no idea why this picture turned out so blurry! I didn't even look at it before I put everything away and uploaded the picture. Geez. So sorry about that!

Another fairly slow Mail Call Monday, but I did get a free copy of OK Magazine. Can we talk for a minute about this magazine? The quality of this magazine is a little... ridiculous. Last week, Jennifer Aniston was pregnant and now this week, she's stealing Brad Pitt back. Honestly. It's fun to flip through the celeb pictures in the magazine, but I don't take stock in anything actually written in it. Ok, back to the mail....

I also got the early grocery ads - and holy toledo, it's going to be a busy week in the couponing world!

ALBIE'S - Nothing too exciting here.... good, because the other 3 stores are crazy!

  • .77/lb. seedless red, green, or black grapes

  • .88 dozen AA eggs
BASHAS' - Quadruple coupons this week!

  • 1.67 Bashas gallon milk (limit 2)

  • .18/lb. watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew

  • .48/lb. Dole bananas

  • 1.69/lb. fresh ground beef - THURSDAY ONLY

  • 2 gallons of milk free wyb 5 Quaker products - I wonder if the 2 free gallons count towards the milk promo... hmmm.... :) I think there is a good chance they will!

  • 1.77 Tillamook cheese (8 oz.) - this is good quality cheese!

  • 1.00 Softsoap hand soap (free after MQ)
FRY'S - Still accepting competitor coupons and all manufacturer's coupons are $1.00!

I got a special flyer for the Grand re-opening at Fry's on Idaho & Main in AJ! Specials specific to that store include .33/lb. Dole bananas, .33 Fry's canned veggies, & 1.50 Sara Lee bread & bagels.

Super huge mega sale! Buy 8, Save $4 on TONS of items! I will start working on the freebies and
close to freebies ASAP. In the meantime, here are some other great deals I see:

  • .88 dozen AA eggs - I bet that's why my eggs rang up cheaper than the shelf price today :)

  • 1.00 Hefty One Zip storage bags

  • 1.50 Holsum & Nature's Own Bread
SAFEWAY - All coupons are still $1.00!

  • 1.68 Dairy Glen gallon milk (limit 2)

  • Buy 4, Save $4 Mix & Match Sale- the usual suspects are included: Nature Valley, General Mills, Betty Crocker, etc. Between EQs & MQs, I'm sure we'll get some freebies.

  • 1.49 Pillsbury Crescent & Cinnamon Rolls

  • 1.99 Kraft Miracle Whip & Mayo

  • 1.00 Softsoap hand soap (free after MQ)

  • 5.99 Tide & Tide Stain Release (possibly free after MQ & EQ?)

  • .59 Safeway pasta

  • 1.29 Lucerne eggs (18 ct.)
Check back Wednesday morning for "My Favorite Deals" list!


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  1. How do you get the ads mailed to you on Monday? I live on the west side and mine don't come until Wed. afternoon in the mail.


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