Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is a new record... $84.36 profit at Wags!

Did you know you can stack Wags Qs? Neither did I. With all the different Wags coupon booklets floating around, it's not surprising that like coupons overlapped somewhere. A very helpful cashier told me about this a week ago, but I didn't try it until I saw Christine on the Crazy Coupons blog make serious money doing this exact thing! You can check her post out here... and here's the deal:

12.00 Theraflu (3)
-6.00 2/1 Wags Q #1 from Healthy Savings booklet
-6.00 2/1 Wags Q #2 from another booklet Christine found.
(You can print out both Qs from her website. That's what I did - worked like a charm.)
0 subtotal, pay .97 tax
Earn $8RR
SUMMARY - 7.03 profit!
I did this transaction 12 times (paid $11.64 in tax, earned $96 RR) and made $84.36!

I was skeptical about stacking Wags Qs, but both cashiers I had today said as long as the bar codes are different (and they are) they can take them both. No beepage either! Yay! Both stores I went to (Greenfield/Southern & Higley/Southern) had plenty in stock when I left, so don't worry Mesa, AZ couponers, there is enough for everyone!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wags - $3.52 profit, $55 RR rolled

#1 & 2 - Repeated twice
4.00 TheraFlu (3)
2.99 Chapstick
6.99 Vaseline lotion
8.99 Gillette Fusion razor
1.00 Halls cough drops
.10 (2) & .15 fillers
32.32 subtotal
-2/1 Wags TheraFlu Q- took off $6 for 3
-1.50/1 Vaseline IPQ
-4/1 Gillette MQ
-.75/1 Halls MQ
20.07 subtotal + 2.60 tax
Paid with $20RR & 2.67 cash
Received $25RR
SUMMARY - $2.33 profit

#3 - This transaction went haywire because I didn't have any more Vaseline or Halls Qs and I only had $15RR left to roll.
4.00 TheraFlu (3)
2.99 Chapstick
8.99 Gillette Fusion razor
1.00 Halls cough drops
1.99 labels for yard sale
26.97 subtotal
-2/1 Wags TheraFlu Q- took off $6 for 3
-4/1 Gillette MQ
16.97 subtotal + 2.17 tax
Paid with $15RR & 4.14 cash
Received $18RR
SUMMARY - $1.14 cost

FINAL SUMMARY - $3.52 profit & $55 RR rolled for 2 more weeks

$5 Printable Coupon for ANY "Baby Einstein" DVD!

If your kids are like mine, Baby Einstein DVDs are a lifesaver when I need 5 minutes to do the dishes without my one year old running off with the utensils.

I received an email from Disney Movie Rewards this morning with a link for this awesome, high-value coupon! Click here for the link. Remember to push the back button to print it twice.

It's too bad this coupon wasn't available last week when Babies R Us had this rockin' deal on Baby Einstein DVDs. Oh well, everything can't be free all the time. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another $2 EB expiring today!

I have got to keep better track of expiration dates! I found another $2 EB that expires today!
Off to CVS I went...
1.00 Wheat Thins (4)
.99 CVS chocolate nuts (2)
.99 CVS cashews (2)
1.50 CVS cookies - clearance (4)
.99 candy corn - filler
.09 seeds - filler
15.04 subtotal
-$2/10 CVS brand purchase CRT
-1/1 Wheat Thins IPQ (4)
-2/2 CVS nuts CRT
-1/2 CVS nuts CRT
-1/1 CVS cookies CRT (4)
2.04 total - paid with $2eb & .04 cash
I had a 5/15 CRT I was planning on using, but realized it was expired while I was in line.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Burning through expiring extra bucks...

I had a big, fat, ugly $15.16 extra buck expiring today and no good deals to roll them. Batteries are always good to have and so is baby Motrin. So, I'm okay with this trip. And the clearance make-up was a great find!

5.99 CVS batteries (2)
8.29 CVS baby motrin
.99 CVS nuts (2)
.64 & .79 Maybelline clearance
.99 candy corn - filler
.33 caramel - filler
25.00 subtotal
-5/25 CVS Q
-2/10 CVS brand CRT
-1/1 Maybelline MQ
-2/2 CVS nuts CRT
15.00 subtotal + 1.12 tax
Paid with 15.16 extra bucks (adjusted to 15.00), tax paid with gcard.
No EB received :( - it was sad to not have any EB at the bottom of my receipt, but I'm happy with my free motrin & batteries.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Safeway & Bashas - FREE!

.50 Campbell's soup (20)
10.00 subtotal
-1/2 Campbell's soup IPQ (10)
0 subtotal

1.50 La Vic enchilada sauce (6)- raincheck price
1.99 milk (2)
1.47 bananas
14.45 subtotal
-$4/2 La Vic rewards IPQ (3)
Should have been a total OOP of .46, but the cashier forgot to ring up 2 of the enchilada sauces. I couldn't figure out why there was so much overage, so I added a second gallon of milk. My total was still negative .55, but I didn't get the change back. As I was driving home and studying my receipt, I realized she only rang up 4 of the enchilada sauces for a total of 6.00 instead of 9.00.

Bashas only had 6 La Vic enchilada sauces left so I still have my enchilada sauce raincheck for when they restock. I love rainchecks... they take the stress out of shopping.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

$2.41 at Target & a great mail day!

I took a quick trip to Target today. I was really searching for $1.52 pop-tarts for some overage, but mine were priced at $2.49 for an 8 count box. No thank you.

5.99 Purina One dry cat food (3) .99 each
.99 Crystal Lite - On The Go (6) .01 overage each
.50 2 pack Rayovac batteries - Needed these for my work keyboard, they were marked $1, what a nice surprise!
.40 string cheese (10) FREE all 10 Target Qs were entered as a group so, no .20 overage each. That's fine, didn't have to deal with beeping and all the drama that causes.
28.41 subtotal
-$3/1 Purina One MQ (3)
-2/1 Target Purina One IPQ (3)
-1/2 Market Pantry cheese products (5)
-2/2 Crystal Lite MQ (3) I think he scanned one twice, 4 were taken off.
1.41 subtotal + 1.00 tax = $2.41 paid with Target gcard

I also used my $1 off any Target Cafe item CRT to get the $1 popcorn/drink combo free. The cashier had to force it through because it was only taking off .46 cents. Not sure why, but wanted to let you all know in case you try it.
And I was delighted to find this in my mailbox today...
A free 30 minute massage from a referral for my doctor's office and my coupons for ten free Nestle cases of water! I was beginning to wonder about this bottled water deal I did a few months ago, so I was happy to see these coupons show up. And a free massage? That was totally unexpected! I didn't even know my doctor's office had a referral system. I don't know who I referred, but boy am I glad I did!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When you HAVE to buy something that's not on sale...

We were out of baby Motrin and my poor little Maddie has 6 teeth cutting through right now - 4 of those are molars! There is no waiting for a stock up sale in this type of situation.

So, instead of heading to Wal-Mart like the old me would have done, I went to CVS to create as little out of pocket as possible.

8.99 CVS brand motrin - egads! That is SOOOO expensive!
.49 & .50 CVS tissues FREE
4.99 Air Wick FREE
.79 clearanced Glade refill FREE
2.99 Colgate .01 profit
.99 CVS lotion 2.01 profit
.50 candy corn - total splurge! These are so yummy!
20.24 subtotal
-5/15 CRT
1/2 CVS tissues CRT
-3/1 any skin care CVS CRT
-6/1 Airwick MQ - adjusted to 4.99, I was hoping for overage on this!
-1/1 Glade MQ- adjusted to .79, I was hoping for overage on this too!
-1/1 Colgate MQ
4.46 + 1.20 tax = 5.66 total (paid with 3.98 eb, 1.68 on giftcard)
Received $2eb
SUMMARY = 3.66 cost

Notes -
1. My tax was definitely higher than it should have been because the cashier added a 1.98eb on as a non-taxable item twice and then took off the 1.98 twice as a cvs mfr coupon. Irritating.

2. I wasn't planning on so much out of pocket. I had a 3/10 any CVS brand purchase CRT that I didn't realize expired! Gotta watch those dates!

All in all, 3.66 is not bad for a full size bottle of motrin, plus all the other stuff I got. Especially considering I didn't have to actually pay anything out of pocket. Much better than just paying $5 or $6 for the equate brand.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wags Triaminic Trip - $16.54 profit!

I headed over to Wags today to do this Triaminic deal (thanks Common Sense with Money!). I made $16.54 and rolled all $36 of my RR!

Here's the deal...

$10 wyb two Triaminic Night Time Cold and Cough Syrup (UPC 3 0043 6344 04 5)
-$4 when you use the coupon in the Healthy Savings Coupon Booklet
=$6 out of pocket and get TWO $5 Register Rewards!
The best part about Wags store coupons is you don't have to deal with filler items because they don't count as manufacturer's coupons. I had to throw a couple of fillers in on some transactions because I wanted to roll all of my RR and they didn't all nicely add up to $6 every time. So, I added in a clearance .10 ruler and a super cute clearanced beach chair for my baby.

This deal also works with the Triaminic Allergy Thin Strips UPC# 3 0043 6383 14 3. I didn't mix and match, so I don't know if doing that will generate 2 $5RR. I bought 2 identical items each time, just to be on the safe side.

There were no more of either UPC # at the Mesa Greenfield/Southern location, but there was tons left at the Higley/Southern Wags. Time to stock up for the cold/flu season!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free Powerades at Fry's again!

Superstition Ranch Market
.99 pineapple
.79 strawberries
2.99 grapes (4 lbs!)
4.77 total, no tax - paid cash

.59/lb bananas 1.53
1.00 Barilla pasta (6) FREE
.99 Bashas bread FREE
1.50 La Vic salsa (4) .50 each
1.39 Shamrock sour cream .39
2.00 Skippy PB (2) 1.50 each
19.91 subtotal
-.50/1 Barilla MQ (6)
-Bashas in-ad Q, Buy 2 Skippy PB, get free bread (up to 1.50)
-1/2 Skippy PB MQ
-.50/1 La Vic salsa IPQ (4)
-.50/1 Shamrock sour cream
6.41 total - paid cash
I also picked up some rainchecks for the Lawry's seasoning packets & La Vic enchilada sauce.

Powerades are on a case lot sale for 47 cents each. Combine this with the .75/2 tearpad coupons for .03 profit on each Powerade purchased! I figured out at the first store, the register will only double the first 10 identical coupons. The other 10 didn't double. So, I had out of pocket on that transaction. After that, I split the transactions into 20 Powerades each and had no problems paying nothing OOP. One transaction, I even got 1.54 back! I also picked up 1.00 raspberries at Fry's too. In total, I paid $4.91 for 98 powerades and 1 carton of raspberries. I'm happy to see the case lot sale on Powerades again - we actually just ran out from the last sale they had a few months ago.

Paid $16.09 for $109.67 worth of groceries = 85% savings

Old El Paso Moneymaker at Albie's!

$4.54 cents cost, .54 out of pocket I had 2 more $5RR from the Zyrtec that were expiring yesterday. (I've become a slave to the RR system!) I had already been to Wags several times and decided to roll them in with the Old El Paso deal at Albertsons. I wasn't sure if they'd let me use both RR in one transaction, so I split my purchases into 2 orders.
Transaction #1
1.25 OEP beans (3)
1.25 OEP tostada shells (3)
1.19 Lawry's seasoning mix (3)
1.50 Toaster Strudel (4)
.64 Stride gum
17.71 subtotal
-3.00 instant savings wyb 6 Old El Paso items
-.60/2 Old El Paso IPQ (3)
-1/1 Toaster strudel IPQ (4)
-Free OEP seasoning packet wyb 2 OEP items (3) They were out of OEP seasoning, so when I asked for a raincheck, the cashier just had me grab another brand. Took off 1.19 x 3 = 3.57
5.34 subtotal
Paid with $5 RR & .34 cash
Received $3 OYNO cat
I forgot there is no tax at this Albies, so my total was 4.70 after coupons and discounts and I really needed to use my $5RR. I threw in some clearance gum, but I should have thrown in another toaster strudel. That's what I did for my next transaction.

Transaction #2
1.25 OEP beans (4)
1.25 OEP taco shells (2)
1.19 Lawry's seasoning mix (3)
1.50 Toaster Strudel (5)
19.82 subtotal
-3.00 instant savings wyb 6 Old El Paso items
-.60/2 Old El Paso IPQ (3)
-1/1 Toaster strudel IPQ (5)
-Free OEP seasoning packet wyb 2 OEP items (3) Took off 1.19 x 3 = 3.57
5.20 subtotal - Paid with $5 RR & .20 cash
Received $3 OYNO cat

I could have done these deals for a lot lower OOP but I was able to get rid of those RR and make some money back.

For the lowest OOP, I would purchase 6 of the .75 Old El Paso products (beans pouch, rice pouch, tostada shells, 12 ct taco shells). Use .60/2 IPQs, pay $2.70 out of pocket, get back $3 OYNO cat = .30 profit. Then, keep rolling it for more Old El Paso products!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Target Trip - $6.30 profit!

The cereal cup Target coupons expire tomorrow so I made it my mission today to use them all up. I went to 2 different Targets. The first store didn't give me any overage, but everything came out free after coupons. They also had me split my purchases into 4 different transactions. I found the golden cashier at the other store. He took all 49 of my coupons in one transaction, gave me overage on everything, & let me put money on a gift card when my total was going to go negative - TWICE! I should have given him a bag of Skittles. :)

Here's the first store breakdown...
.52 Skittles (10)
.95 cereal cups (10)
2.48 clearance Crest Strips
17.18 subtotal
-1/1 Skittles Target IPQ - adjusted to .52 (10)
-1/1 GM cereal Target IPQ - adjusted to .95 (10)
-3/1 Crest whitestrips MQ - adjusted to 2.48
Here's the second store breakdown...
.52 Skittles (10) .48 overage each
.95 cereal cups (29) .05 overage each
.40 string cheese (20) .10 overage each
40.75 subtotal
-1/1 Skittles Target IPQ (10)
-1/1 GM cereal Target IPQ (29)
-1/2 Market Pantry (10)
My subtotal was going negative so my best friend cashier had me put $5 on a giftcard twice. I ended up paying $3.70, but left with $10 on a giftcard. So, I made $6.30! I feel like this perfect transaction was my reward for having to fight with Target for 3 hours a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cost of rolling $32 in RR = $9.74 :(

My Zyrtec $5 RRs all caught up with me today & I had to make a choice. Do I just spend the RR on diapers or a DVD? Or do I attempt to roll them? I rolled them... at a cost of $9.74. Was it worth it? I don't know... it seems like a high cost to me.

3.50 Crest toothpaste (2)
.20 hair accessory (filler)
7.20 subtotal
-.75/1 Crest MQ (2)
5.70 subtotal + .58 tax
Paid with $5 RR + 1.28 cash
Received $5 RR
SUMMARY = Cost $1.28

I repeated this transaction 4 more times. Then, I bought...

5.99 Glade sense & spray
2.00 Glade candle (2)
.20 hair accessory (filler)
10.19 subtotal
-4/1 Glade IPQ
-2/1 Glade IPQ (2)
2.19 subtotal + .82 tax
Paid with $2RR + 1.01 cash
Received $3RR ($2RR sense & spray, $1RR candles)
SUMMARY = Cost .01

2.00 Glade candle (2)
1.99 Carefree
4.00 clearance Tylenol (2)
.20 hair accessory (filler)
14.19 subtotal
-2/1 Glade IPQ (2)
-1/1 Carefree MQ
-2/1 Tylenol MQ (2)
5.19 subtotal + 1.14 tax
Paid with $5RR + 1.33 cash
Received $3RR ($2 carefree, $1RR candles)
SUMMARY = 3.33 cost
I was expecting a $5RR from the Tylenol, but it didn't print out. I realized that I paid with a $5RR from the Zyrtec deal - which was distributed by McNeil. McNeil also distributes Tylenol. Darn it! I should have made a profit of $1.67! Oh well. I met a super nice cashier at the beauty counter who gave me coupons she had and did 7 seperate transactions for me. She was so nice! I wish all the Wags cashiers were as helpful as she was!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

CVS & Wags - Cost $3.41

I have lots of EBs and RRs expiring this week and not a lot of good deals going on at either store. Oh well, here's what I got...

.69 clearance citronella candles
1.29 clearance pool
6.99 Schick razors
.50 CVS tissues (2)
2.99 Lifelock DVD
2.99 Huggies wipes
1.00 cookies (4) filler
19.25 subtotal
-4/20 CVS ready fill Q
-$1/2 CVS tissues CRT
-$2/1 Huggies wipes CRT
-3/1 Schick MQ
-.50/1 Huggies MQ
8.75 subtotal + .96 tax = 9.71 paid with 9.71 EB
Received $6.99 eb
SUMMARY = $2.72 cost

5.99 Glade sense & spray
.20 rubber bands
6.19 subtotal
-4/1 Glade IPQ
2.19 subtotal
Paid with $1 RR & 1.69 cash
Received $2 RR
SUMMARY = $.69 cost

The Glade RR didn't print out and the cashier tried to tell me it was because I paid with a RR. The $1 RR was from Velveeta, so that didn't make sense. I talked to a manager who just printed out my $2RR. Lovely! I have $37 in RR expiring today and I'm trying to figure out if I can roll them or if I should just spend them at Albie's. I wish there were some decent deals going on this week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Frys Mega Deal - Cost 31 cents!

I have been neglecting my blog because I've had family in town, but that doesn't mean I haven't been out taking advantage of great deals! I stopped by Wags late last week and picked up some clearance Tag deodorant spray for $1.29 and used a $2/1 coupon for some serious overage.
I haven't been grocery shopping for a long time because, frankly, I think the deals have been lackluster lately. The Fry's Mega Deal (for example) was not very "mega" in my opinion. I think I have been spoiled in the past by multiple freebies and I have become snooty in my opinion of a good deals. I took my sister in law Gwynne shopping yesterday so she could see the coupons in action. We found some good deals...

Trip #1
1.00 Dial hand soap (7) FREE
2.00 Keebler cookies (3) 1.00 each
1.99 milk FREE wyb 3 Keebler items
.88 Bounty paper towels (8) FREE
.88 Hefty storage bags (4) FREE
2.39 clearance Shout gel 1.39
1.00 Nursery water FREE
1.00 king sized Reese's (2) 1 for free, so $1 for 2
.50 candy bar (filler)
31.44 subtotal
NOTE - I had to throw some candy in at the register because the cashier went off subtotal instead of total with tax and the milk came off instantly so that didn't contribute towards the $30 total either.
-$3/30 F&E Q
-.35/1 & .40/1 Softsoap IPQs (7)
-.55/1 (2), $1/2 (1) Keebler IPQ
-.25/1 Bounty Q (8)
-.55/1 Hefty MQ (1), 1/1 Hefty IPQ (3)
-.55/1 Shout MQ
-.55/1 Nursery water MQ
-.55/1 Reeses candy MQ
1.41 subtotal + .88 tax = 2.22 OOP

Trip #2
.88 Hunt's ketchup (3) .08 each
1.00 Fry's chips .35
1.25 Country Crock (2) .25 each
6.14 subtotal
-.20/1 Hunts MQ (3) quadrupled
-.65/1 Shortcuts ecoupon
-.55/1 Country Crock IPQ doubled (2)
1.09 subtotal + .05 tax = 1.13 total
Paid with Wags $3 RR, got back 1.91 change!
What? First of all, I didn't think the cashier would take my RR because it wasn't a competitor listed in the Fry's ad. But it was expiring today and I didn't feel like going to Wags. Then, I thought I would definitely have to bring my subtotal up to $3, but she gave me cash back. Wow. I need to remember tha cashier's name!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Target (Round 2), CVS, & Wags

Well, it has been a few days, so I decided to return to the Target battle today. The Schick deal lured me in. My friend, the crazy shift leader, was not there (so sad), which means ... I had a GREAT trip!
Target - $1.50 cost
CVS - $2.07 cost
Wags - $1.90 profit
SUMMARY - $1.67 cost
1.00 GM cereal cups (5) FREE
.52 skittles (6) .48 overage
6.94 women's Schick Quattro razor 1.06 overage
6.99 men's Schick Quattro razor 1.01 overage
8.49 women's Schick Quattro refills .49
8.27 women's Schick Quattro refills .27
8.94 men's Schick Quattro refills (2) .94
1.29 bread- to cover overage, just in case
57.98 subtotal
-4/1 Target Schick MQ (6)
-4/1 Schick MQ (6)
-1/1 Skittles target IPQ (6) - 1 adjusted to .43/1 to avoid negative subtotal
-1/1 GM cereal Target Q (5)- 1 adjusted to .55/1 to avoid negative subtotal
0 subtotal + 1.50 tax = 1.50 paid OOP
The nice younger male cashier told me I could only use one coupon on the razors because it said one per purchase, but I politely explained to him that a purchase is one item and I was using one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon per item. He was okay with that explanation and he pushed my beeping cereal coupons through. I'm so relieved I didn't have to call corporate again. One of the cashiers recognized me and she was watching me like I was concealing a weapon.
I also stopped by Wags and CVS.
At Wags, I needed to roll a $2 RR that was going to expire today. I grabbed a toothbrush and earned a $3RR.
CVS was out of Glade candles, so I just did the Nabisco cookie deal. Buy 5 for $1 each, get $1 eb. I used 2 $1/2 MQs, so I paid $2 for 5 boxes of cookies. I paid with EBs and .07 cash.
I don't want to press my luck, but maybe I'll try Target again later in the week. I am LOVING the free cereal and skittles!
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