Monday, November 30, 2009

Free canned pineapple at Frys!

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with family and great food!
I took a break from blogging and couponing and just enjoyed family. It was great, but now I am back and ready for some deals. I called Frys to make sure their pineapple was still $1 and it is! The sales weeks are all crazy because of the Thanksgiving holiday, so I wasn't sure. I used 6 .50/1 Dole IPQs and paid 5 cents tax for all 6. Yay! If you want free pineapple too, head out tomorrow. The new sale week starts Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not a good CVS day

I really wanted to grab the money making contact solution because I have been squeezing the last few drops out of my current solution bottle. I had good intentions of getting in and out quickly with little OOP. Things quickly went south for me...

I planned on buying these in 2 separate transactions so I didn't end up with a huge $17.98 EB. My first transaction was one contact solution. I planned on using a 1/1 MQ and a 6.99 EB making my OOP somewhere around $1. Well, turns out my 6.99 EB expired Saturday and I do not have friendly CVS stores that will take expired/beeping EBs.

So, I had to rework everything... In hindsight, I should have abandoned cart and left.

I had a 5/20 from taking a Medicare quiz on the CVS website in my car, so I ran out and grabbed that. Then, I grabbed a Glade Lasting Impressions (free after my MQ) and a CVS antibacterial gel (filler) to get my total over $20. This would have worked out great... my OOP was only going to be 13 cents and was going to get 8.99 EB back. No go. The 5/20 beeped and said the coupon had already been used on 11/7/09. What!? I just printed it out last week and I haven't even been to CVS in November. The manager said he couldn't take it and told me to call CVS customer service when they opened.

Grr... Again, in hindsight, I should have certainly left at this point, but for some reason, I just paid for it and left. What was I thinking? Paying real money instead of EB?

Then, I felt like I was in so deep, I should just grab the second contact solution to roll the first 8.99 EB & reach the limit. AND I FORGOT TO USE MY 1/1 MQ! Oh man.

Things did not go well for me tonight. I have been rehashing all of this in my brain since I got home - its funny how spending $5 OOP can drive me right up a wall. I've decided I am going to return everything tomorrow and try to repurchase it again without all the problems. And I am going to call CVS customer service about their beeping coupon. I do not have time for this drama... I am trying to get ready to go out of town tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but somehow, this has been therapeutic typing this all out. Ah, I feel better now. :)

UPDATE! I just got off the phone with CVS Customer Service and after talking with several different representatives and about 10 minutes of repeating myself, they are crediting my CVS card with a $5 EB. Yay! My world is complete again. :)

Quick Wags Trip from Last Week

I just realized I never posted this from last week! I hesitated even posting it because you won't be able to do last week's deals, but decided to post it anyway. I had one more $2/1 Welch's IPQ and I found some clearance Halloween Lofthouse cookies. Those cookies are so yummy.
2.50 Welch's Sparkling Juice - 2/1 IPQ = .50
1.00 clearanced Lofthouse cookies (2)
1.00 Ricola -.50/1 Wags Qs (2), received $1RR = $1 profit
I used a $3RR to pay that was expiring the same day.
On a side note, I won something! I entered Desert Deals Diva's giveaway for a $50 Safeway giftcard and won! I cannot wait to see how far I can stretch it with coupons and sales. She is doing another giveaway with another $50 giftcard on her blog - hurry and enter here!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

12 cent TP at Wags!

Almost free for me... possibly free for you!These Cottonelle 4 packs of toilet paper were ringing up at .95 each, but were marked full price on the shelf. Have a cashier check your Cottonelles - they may be on a secret clearance sale too! I had $1/1 Cottonelle IPQs, but when I tried to use 6th Q, the smart register would only take 5, darn it! So, I only used 5 Qs and got each pack for 12 cents each. Not bad. But maybe you can do better. Some registers are not smart and don't realize when there is coupon overage. I hope you have one of those stores near you. ;) I did the same toothbrush and Ricola deals I did yesterday.

Here's my transaction...

.95 Cottonelle toilet paper (6) -1/1 Cottonelle IPQ here and here (5) = .12 each
1.00 Ricola -.50/1 Wags Q #1 and .50/1 Wags Q #2, earned $1RR = $1 profit
7.99 Crest Spinbrush -3/1 IPQ, earned $3RR = 1.99
14.69 subtotal before Qs
5.69 after Qs
Paid with $5RR and 1.69 on Wags gcard (.69 subtotal + 1.18 tax)
Cost 1.69

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I had $12 in RR expiring today and wanted to grab a couple of new Crest Spinbrushes. Ours are in need of replacing & 1.99 each is not a bad price. I forgot to bring a second coupon with me, so I only grabbed one.

7.99 Crest Spinbrush -$3/1 Crest Spinbrush IPQ, earned $3RR = 1.99
2.50 Welch's sparkling juice (3) with in-ad Q -$2/1 Welch's IPQ (3) = .50 each
1.00 Ricola -.50/1 Wags Q #1, .50/1 Wags Q #2, earned $1RR = $1 profit
.12 Christmas pencils (5) fillers
20.00 Wags giftcard
37.09 before coupons
27.13 after coupons, paid with $27 RR
.13 subtotal + .86 tax = .99 paid on Wags gcard
This trip cost me $3.13, but I didn't pay anything out of pocket & now I don't have to worry about those RR expiring!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's shopping!

I am still alive! Sickness has arrived at my house (not the dreaded H1N1, thank goodness) & coupon shopping has been on the back burner. But I went out for some deals today. CVS
Picked up 2 Glade Lasting Impressions for free using Free Lasting Impression Qs found inside refill packages. I paid .84 tax on a CVS RX transfer giftcard & earned $4 EB = $3.16 profit!

There is another cleaner deal that rivals the Mr. Clean deal I did last week...
7.96 Buy 4 Scrubbing Bubbles cleaners 1.99 each (sale price wyb 3 or more)
-4.00 Use 2 $2/2 peelie Qs found on bottles
-3.98 BOGO sale (deducts when you scan your Safeway card)
.04 profit!
I did 8 in one transaction and had .08 profit to eat into my tax.
Paid .67 in tax

The key here is to scan the coupons BEFORE you scan your Safeway card. Otherwise, the last coupon will beep and if you have a grumpy cashier, this deal will go south. Two different cashiers tried to tell me I couldn't use coupons on free items. Sigh. You could get into the whole "I am purchasing 4 items and paying for 2" debate, but its much easier without the beeping. I'm just saying...

I went to Fry's in search of BOGO Hasbro card games to pair up with my BOGO Hasbro card game MQs from the USA Weekend in yesterday's papers. Neither Fry's I went to even carries Hasbro card games, but Yahtzee was on BOGO sale for 6.99 which also happens to be the max value of the MQ. The cashier said I could use the Qs for that product since it was the same manufacturer and they didn't have the correct item. So, I walked out with 4 Yahtzee games for free, paying .27 in tax each! Family & friends... if you get Yahtzee for Christmas, know that I bought it with love... and awesome coupons! :)

I also had 2.75 in Fry's cats expiring today so I grabbed some canned veggies on sale for .50 a can. I used 3 1/5 MQs and paid .25 total out of pocket after my Qs and cats.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lots of last minute Tuesday shopping!

I always find myself running around like a crazy person on Tuesdays trying to get all the deals I have procrastinated on before the sales turn over on Wednesdays.

1.00 Del Monte Pineapple (3) FREE
1.30 bananas .59/lb
4.30 subtotal
-1/1 Del Monte pineapple IPQ (3)
1.30 total
Paid with $1 Fry's cat & .30 cash

3.98 BC frosting B2G3F
1.90 grapes .88/lb.
5.88 subtotal
-.50/1 BC frosting MQ (5)
.88 total paid on SW gcard

I am kicking myself now for not checking my coupon binder more closely. I had a Fry's cat for $1 off a Ghirardelli brownie mix! And a Fry's Q for 1.00 off a BC potatoes box! I could have used these instead of MORE lint rollers and sponges for fillers. Oh well. I need a break from Fry's after all this mega deal craziness.
.99 Uncle Ben's rice (7) .01 overage each
.99 3m lint roller .01 overage
.50 Scotch Brite sponge (2) FREE
9.05 subtotal
-1/1 Uncle Ben's rice MQ (7)
-1/1 3m PDF Q
-1/2 Scotch Brite PDF Q
.06 paid OOP

On a side note, I did go to customer service about the issues I had during the mega event (detailed in this post). The girl at customer service was the same cashier who would not adjust my Fritos down to .88 to match the Safeway price! What are the chances? I think she remembered me. :) She told me competitor coupons are not accepted on mega deal items. What?!? I used a Bashas store Q on the I Can't Believe its Not Butter! I went back and forth a little bit, but didn't have time to wait for a manager so I just left. I got a cash refund back of $5.55. Next time, I'm in Fry's I will talk to a store manager. $2 is $2!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bayer Run at Walgreens - $14.68 profit

I ran out early this week to make sure I could cash in all 4 of my Bayer Qs for the RR deal this week. Mission accomplished.

I did 4 identical transactions that looked like this...
14.99 Bayer Contour/Breeze 2 monitor
-14.99 Bayer MQ
0 subtotal + 1.33 tax paid with giftcard
Receive $5 RR

I paid 5.32 in tax and received $20 in RR, so I made a profit of 14.68!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Target & Fry's

I went back to Target one more time for the amazing Buy 3, Get 1 Free Kellogg's cereal deal. I did it right this time - I bought 4 Special K with Red Berries at 2.66 each, used 4 $1/1 IPQs from the Kellogg's website, 3 $1/1 Kellogg's Target IPQs and paid 98 cents for 4 boxes! I did 2 identical transactions - so I got 8 boxes of cereal for 1.96! This is probably a good time to start the Special K 2 week challenge to drop a jeans size! Note- Don't try to do this deal, it ended on 11/7.

Then I headed over to Fry's to do another mega deal with the free Safeway breakfast item Qs. This may have been the last one, I am getting low on participating coupons! I took a $10/50 AJ's q with me (courtesy of Desert Deals Diva! Thanks KC!) to really bring my OOP down. Print your Q here.

2.88 Kroger brand OJ -Free Safeway in-ad Q, -$1/1 Safeway OJ Q from Safeway "Stay Well" coupon booklet = $1 profit
1.77 Kroger bacon -Free Safeway in-ad Q = FREE
1.38 Fry's eggs -Free Safeway in-ad Q cashier took off 1.88 instead of 1.38, -.75/1 peelie on eggs wyb BC Cookie Mix =$1.50 overage
1.99 BC Cookie Mix -.40/1 MQ, -.40 EQ = .59
1.99 Fry's english muffins -Free Safeway in-ad Q = FREE
1.49 milk (2) = 2.94
2.99 egg nog (just because it's time for egg nog to be in the fridge!)
1.25 ground beef 1 lb. roll (3) -.50/1 ground beef IPQ = .25 each
1.00 3m lint roller (2) -1/1 PDF IPQ = FREE
1.00 Reach floss (2) -1/1 Reach MQ (2) = FREE
.99 Kleenex (4) -2/4 Safeway in-ad Q, -2/4 Safeway "Stay Well" Q, -.50/3 MQ = .26 overage each
1.99 canned pumpkin
2.49 5 lb. Gold Medal flour -price matched to Bashas in-ad Q (1.28), -.50/1 IPQ (2) = .28 each
1.49 PB Simply cookie dough (4) -1.25/1 IPQ (4), -$2 EQs = .24 each
4.19 Poligrip (2) -Free MQ up to 3.99 (2) = .20 each
.69 cupcake liners
-$10/50 AJ's Q
When everything was calculated, I owed $2.78. I was expecting overage so I knew something was off. The cashier (while entering comp Qs) accidentally kept adding on 2.20 for deli hot foods and 4.20 for a mocha something. He took those off, but I still owed $2.78. I just paid it so i could go home and study the receipt. I bolded the errors I found...

1. The free english muffins Q was missing.
2. One of my floss Qs was missing.
3. The cashier took off 1.50 for the 2 flours instead of 2.42 for both.
4. Older issue I haven't dealt with yet... the Fritos price matching Q was not applied.
So I will go back on Monday and get $7.77 back for these things.

I also did one more transaction for the 3rd gallon of milk to get the 1.47 price. So, all in all, I paid 4.28 on a giftcard, but after I visit customer service, I will have an overage of 3.49.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lots of little shopping trips...

Yesterday, I went to Fry's and was pleasantly surprised to find the shelves restocked. I did a small 10 item run...
1.00 Playtex gloves -1/1 Fry's Playtex gloves cat = .50 profit
1.50 3m lint roller -1/1 PDF MQ = free
.99 Gatorade -Free Gatoradee MQ from Wags = .51 profit
1.00 Ricola (2) - B1G1F (cashier took off $1) = .50 each
2.50 Nestle chocolate chips -1.02 1.48 Bashas in-ad Q, -.50/1 MQ = .48
1.49 Kleenex (4) -2/4 Safeway in-ad Q, -2/4 Safeway pharmacy coupon booklet, -.50/3 MQ = 1.04 profit
-5.00 mega event savings
.10 tax
Subtotal should have been -5.47, I was going to get some fillers or a giftcard, but the cashier entered the Safeway kleenex Qs incorrectly. After I gave her the Safeway in-ad Q, she voided them all out and re-rang them at $2 each. I told her the coupon was for $2 off 4, but she wasn't listening. Then, the $5 mega savings came back on the order because she was voiding and un-voiding the Kleenex so many times. :( Finally, the manager came over & just took off the $5 savings manually and I ended up 1.92 negative. This could have all been avoided by her paying attention to what the coupon said or by listening to me. Ugh.. The manager didn't give me the cash back. But, I went back to customer service today and got garlic toast with the overage. I also stopped by Safeway with my receipt showing I purchased 4 Pillsbury items, so I got my free OJ.

Today, I went to Target for the Kellogg's buy 3, get one free cereal deal. The best way to do this deal is to buy 4 Special K Red Berries (priced the lowest at $2.66) and use the $1/1 IPQs from the Kellogg's website. I didn't have those, but I did have 3 Special K Blueberry 1/1 IPQs & 1 Frosted Mini-Wheats 1/1 IPQ.

3.29 Special K Blueberry (3)
3.05 Frosted Mini-Wheats
-3.05 deducted for buying 4 Kelloggs (takes off the lowest price)
-1/1 Kelloggs Target IPQ (3) I had 4, but the register beeped & said I couldn't use a Target Q on a free item. Darn those smart registers! :)
-1/1 Kelloggs cereal IPQ (4)
2.87 paid on gc

If you want in on this deal, make sure you get to Target before the end of Saturday. Their new ads reset on Sundays. If you print 4 of the Special K Red Berries 1/1 IPQs and 3 of the 1/1 Target IPQs you can get all 4 boxes for .98! I might have to go back tomorrow!

I also stopped by Wags and grabbed 6 more free Hunts tomato sauces = OOP zero!

The Safeway OJ made a repeat appearance in picture #2 because I forgot I already pictured it with yesterday's stuff. :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to stock up on baking supplies at Safeway!

I took a break from the mega sale at Fry's and headed over to Safeway to try out the "Home for the Holidays" promo. Basically, buy $25 participating items, receive $5 OYNO. I forgot there is another promo going on ... buy 4 participating Pillsbury products, receive a free Safeway OJ! I'm going back today for my free OJ.

1.50 Gold Medal flour (3) -.50/1 IPQ (3), cashier suppressed the double :( = 1.00 each
2.50 Bisquick -.60/1 MQ, 1.20 EQ = .30
3.29 Progresso broth (2) B1G1F -.50/1 MQ (2), -1.50 EQ = .21 overage
1.69 C&H sugar (5) - .35/1 MQ (5) = .69 each
2.49 PB crescents (2) - .50/2 MQ, -1.00 EQ = 1.99 each Had planned to use 1/1 Qs, but they were expired :(
1.69 BC Cookie Mix -.40/1 MQ, EQ didn't come off :( = .69
25.43 Home For The Holidays subtotal
Other things not included in promo...
.99 PB Halloween sugar cookies (2) -1/2 MQ, -3.50 EQs! = 2.52 overage! Not sure if these are included in the promo, I will check with CS today. If so, AWESOME deal!
3.78 BC Frosting (5) B2G3F - .50/1 MQ (5), -1.50 EQ = 2.72 overage!
1.00 Hamburger Helper (3) - .75/3 MQ, -1.50 EQ = .17 each
1.25 Dannon yogurt clearanced - 1/1 MQ = .25
2.00 Fiber One yogurt clearanced - 1/1 MQ, -1/1 EQ = FREE
1.26 bananas .59/lb
1.62 grapes .88/lb
9.10 subtotal
Used $3 Kleenex cat & $3 PB cat, paid $3.10 on gc
Received $5 Home for the Holidays OYNO

My subtotal was definitely supposed to be lower. I added on the fruit & clearanced dairy, so that probably contributed. I was also expecting another 3.15 to come off in EQs & I am a little irritated the cashier suppressed the flour Qs from doubling. I have read several other couponers are contesting the double supression when the store advertises all MQ are worth $1. I'll try it out today and report back. Even if I don't get anywhere with that, I am really excited to have snagged 10 lbs of sugar for 3.45! What a steal! Bring on the holiday baking season!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wags Trip - Money Making Almay!

The Almay is ringing up at B1G1F, but it is supposed to be B1G1 50% off. This fluke could be "fixed" at any moment, so get to Walgreens now if you want in on this money making deal!

9.99 Almay Pure Blends foundation
6.99 Almay Pure Blends mascara
6.99 Almay One Coat mascara (8)
.99 Hunt's tomato sauce (9)
4.00 Tag body spray (2)
$20 Wags giftcard
3.70 tax
111.80 subtotal
-34.50 RR
-B1GIF Tag spray MQ ($4.00)
-2/1 Tag spray MQ
-1/3 Hunt's IPQ (3)
-B1G1F Almay mascara - took off 34.95
-4/1 Wags Almay Q from November Q book - took off 24.00
-3/.99 Hunt's in-ad Wags Q - took off 4.20
1.45 subtotal + 3.70 tax
Paid 5.15 OOP, earned $17RR
Cost $2.65
I did a second transaction for 2 more Tag sprays and one more $2RR- cost 2.64 for 2. These aren't the best deal, but my husband likes them.
FINAL SUMMARY - 5.29 cost

Another Fry's Run - .68 profit!

I made another run to Fry's last night. This trip went a little haywire because I had a grumpy cashier at self check-out. She suppressed all my DND Qs, wouldn't take my $3/30 F&E Q with my $10/100 Albie's Q, wouldn't price adjust my Fritos & she missed several Qs. I didn't have time to deal with it last night, but I'll be back today to get some money back. Here's what I did...

1.47 Chex Mix (6) -.50/1 MQ (6), - .50/1 EQ (3) = .27 each
1.00 Playtex gloves - 1/1 Fry's Cat = FREE
2.00 Kotex - 1/1 MQ, -1/1 EQ = FREE
1.99 Pillsbury Simply cookie dough (6) - 1.25/1 IPQ (3), -1.00/1 IPQ (3), -1/2 EQ (3) = .49 each
1.00 Colgate toothbrushes (3) -.75/1 MQ (3) = FREE
1.00 Colgate toothpaste (8) -1.00/1 MQ (8), -1/1 Colgate Fry's Store Q (3) found near pharmacy = .38 profit each
1.47 Fritos (4) -.88 each Safeway Q (4), -B2G1F Fritos tearpad Q in front of Fritos = .05 for all 4
1.00 Rolaids (6) -4/2 MQ (2), 1/1 MQ (2) = .67 profit each
.49 Gatorade - Free MQ = .51 profit
.88 Sunny Delight - .25/1 MQ = .12 profit
1.99 Pillsbury pie crusts (2) -.50/2 IPQ (2), -.50/2 EQ = .74 each
.99 Cheez-Its (4) -1.50/2 MQ (2) = .24 each
.50 Scotch Brite sponges (6) - 1/2 IPQ (3) = FREE
.50 Carnation milk (4) - .50/2 IPQ (2) = FREE
1.49 Gushers fruit snacks - .40/1 IPQ = .49 (.40 EQ should have come off)
1.49 Go Gurt yogurt (2) - .35/1 MQ, -.80/2 EQ = .09 each
1.49 Yoplus yogurt - 1/1 MQ = .49 (1/1 EQ should have come off)
1.99 Kraft string cheese
1.00 3m Lint Roller (3) - 1/1 IPQ (3) = FREE
.99 I Can't Believe butter (8) - .75/1 IPQ (8), 3/4 Bashas store Q (2), rec'd $2 OYNO = 1.01 profit each
2.99 Snuggle - 3/1 MQ = .01 profit
.49 Dole canned fruit (5) -.55/1 IPQ (2), received .75 OYNO = .06 profit each
.89 Hormel chili (4) - $2 off wyb 2 Hormel & 2 Fritos tearpad MQ in front of Hormel (2) = .11 profit each
1.00 Nursery water - .55/1 MQ = FREE
15.49 Purina cat food - FREE Q from writing to manufacturer = FREE
1.00 Yakisoba dinners (2) - .50/1 MQ = FREE
.77 subtotal + 1.30 tax = 2.07 on giftcard
Used 10/100 Albie's store Q
Received $2.75 in cats = .68 profit
I am headed back to Fry's today to contest the DND coupons, find out why some of my Qs got skipped over, why my Pillsbury OYNO didn't print, and why they wouldn't adjust the Fritos down to the Safeway price. I'll let you know how it goes...
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