Monday, August 31, 2009

:( No more doubles at Kmart! (sniff, sniff)

Cost $15.12

Since my Kmart was already cleaned out by Monday morning, I decided to make a diapers deal out of the last double coupon event this year. I had a $5 Kmart cat that was going to expire today so I rolled that into this deal.

19.99 Huggies diaper box
-$2/1 Huggies PDF Q (2) doubled
15.99 subtotal
-5.00 cat
10.99 + 1.05 tax = 12.04 OOP
Earned $5 Kmart cat wyb Huggies box

4.39 Tag body spray .39
2.19 Dentek flossers .19
2.00 Nature's Source cleaner (4) FREE
1.00 Reese's 8 pack FREE
9.99 Huggies Supreme 5.99
25.57 subtotal
-2/1 Huggies PDF Q
-2/1 Tag body spray MQ
-1/1 Nature's source peelie (4)
-.55/1 Reese's MQ
-1/1 Dentek IPQ
6.57 subtotal
-5.00 Huggies Kmart cat
1.57 subtotal + .87 tax = 2.44 OOP

2.69 Degree deodorant (4)
10.76 subtotal
-2/1 Degree MQ (4)
0 subtotal + .64 tax = .64 paid OOP

SUMMARY = $15.12 cost (not bad for over 100 diapers)

CVS'ing in California - Cost $1.27

I stopped by CVS in California while we were visiting family this weekend. They had a much better clearance section than the AZ CVS stores I go to.

2.00 Poise (Last one to finish the Poise deal)
2.50 Clorox (3)
2.75 Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber (3)
1.90 Scrubbing Bubbles refills
19.65 subtotal
-4/20 CVS Ready Fill Q
-.75/1 any Scrubbing Bubbles product MQ
-3/1 Scrubbing Bubbles starter kit MQ (3)
-1/1 Clorox MQ (3)
-2/1 Poise IPQ
.90 subtotal + 1.37 tax = 2.27 paid on rx transfer gc
Earned $1 eb for Poise deal
SUMMARY - $1.27 cost

I really hate Target on Gilbert & Southern.

My bad Target experience happened on Friday and here I am on Monday still fuming about it. I won't give you a play by play, but here's the short version...

The crazy shift leader would not take any coupon that beeped. She talked over me when I tried to explain to her why the coupon was beeping (it was an overage, she just needed to adjust it down). She said she would only accept coupons for the items pictured on the coupon no matter what the wording said. I really really really want to black list her name all over this blog, but I think that's slander.
Bottom line: I spent over 3 hours trying to educate 2 Target cashiers, 1 shift leader, and one store manager on their own corporate coupon policies. I had to call corporate from the red "bat phone" on the wall at guest services. Corporate informed the crazy shift leader that she needed to accept my coupons. She huffed and puffed, slammed my coupons on the desk... the whole bit. Whatever. I walked out with my freebies.

The most ironic part of this whole ordeal was when she finally accepted that they would have to take my coupons, she sent me through a younger teenage guy's lane who, wouldn't you know it, pushed through everyone of my coupons with no complaint, combined everything into one transaction, and gave me overage too! Too bad he wasn't on the clock when the whole fiasco started 3 hours earlier. I love Target and their inconsistent coupon policies. *sarcastic tone*

1.00 General Mills cereal cups (5) FREE
.52 Skittles (4) .48 overage each
.97 Dove deodorant (3) .03 overage each
.97 Clean & Clear face wash (3) .03 overage each
4.24 Gilette razor (4) 2.24 each
.99 Cottonelle wipes FREE
2.94 Kotex .06 overage
6.80 subtotal + 1.18 tax
7.98 paid OOP (6.02 giftcard, 2.01 cash)
I headed over to CVS to grab some more Poise pads...
2.00 Poise - they only had one left
1.69 CVS soap - free gift via email
1.29 CVS paper towels (2)
-$1/2 CVS paper products CRT
-$1.50/1 Poise CVS Q
-$2/10 CVS CRT
-1.69 free soap email
.08 subtotal + .61 tax = .69 total paid OOP
And I hit one more Wags store for the clearance Zyrtec. I literally have more than 20 bottles of this stuff. My total profit from the Zyrtec deal is over $40. That makes up for the Target disaster I had to deal with on Friday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I made $27 at Wags today!

Low points from today's Wags trip...
1. The Pop-Tarts are NOT generating a $5 RR wyb 4 as advertised on several blogs.
2. The Listerine RR deal ($3RR wyb 2) is unreliable and I am done gambling on whether or not it will pop out a RR.
High point from today's Wags trip...
Children's Zyrtec on clearance is a MONEYMAKER!

4.00 Listerine (2)
5.99 Got2B (2) - on a B1G1F sale
3.99 Fructis 3 Minute Treatment
3.29 Children's Zyrtec for Hives (2) CLEARANCED FROM $12.99!
1.79 Reach toothbrushes (2)
28.14 subtotal
-$5/25 Wags IPQ
-1.60 for in-ad Wags Q on toothbrushes - took off 1.60 making them .99, it worked this time!
-$3/2 Reach products MQ - gave me $1 overage (I think she scanned this one twice)
-$2/1 Got2B IPQ -The cashier only would take 1 because it beeped. She thought it was because of the B1G1F sale, but I think my coupon/item ratio was off. I've used 2 coupons on a B1G1F sale before.
-$1/1 Listerine MQ
-B1G1F Listerine MQ - took off $4
-$1/1 Garnier product - peelie found in store
-$3/1 any Zyrtec product IPQ (2)- these scanned at $4/1, but the cashier corrected it... darn it. :)
-$1/1 Listerine Wags Activity Book Q - should have taken off $2, but the manager only took off $1 for it because my subtotal was going to be negative. Normally, I would have fought him on that, but he had already been working with me before to use my other coupons. And, I didn't want him to dig TOO deeply and find out that I used the $5/25 first instead of after MQs. That $5 in savings is more valuable to keep than the $1 that didn't get taken off.
.54 subtotal + 1.49 tax
2.03 total paid OOP
Received $7 RR ($2 Garnier, $5 Zyrtec) & $3.24 cash for the Listerine RR.
Once again, the Listerine RR didn't print out. So, the manager had to come back up and deal with me again. He was nice, but is uninformed. He said my RR didn't print out because I used coupons. This is the usual response. I politely explained to him that I understood his logic, but I used coupons on both the Zyrtec & the Garnier and those RR printed. He rang up 2 Listerines, voided the sale, and STILL nothing! So, he just gave me $3.24 cash. I don't know where he came up with that amount, but it was .24 more than I was expecting to get, so win win for me!
SUMMARY - $8.21 profit!
Now onto my Zyrtec Hunt...
Once I realized the Zyrtec was making a profit of $3.89 every time I bought 2, I started making the rounds. I went to 4 different Wags and picked up 10 more. These are PDF coupons, so print away!
Here's what each transaction looked like...
3.29 Children's Zyrtec for Hives (2)
-3/1 Zyrtec IPQ (2)
.58 subtotal + .53 tax = $1.11 OOP
Earned $5RR
SUMMARY - $3.89 profit!
I'll be donating these because I don't have any children 6 and older. Would any of you be able to use this medication? The expiration dates range from 10/09 - 3/10. Let me know... I have plenty. And I have 8 more coupons to use... I love PDF coupons.
SUMMARY FOR THE DAY - $27.66 profit!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Albie's - cost $1.20!

I went to Wags this morning armed with my $5/25 IPQ and had a bad experience! I had 5 of the $5RR from my wipes deal to use before 8/31, so I thought I would stock up on diapers at Wags while the $5/25 Q was valid. Wrongo! The register beeped and said only 1 Wags coupon could be used per transaction. Other register rewards worked, but not the Walgreens Dollars. So sad. I ended up having to rework everything. I threw in some toothbrushes for some overage, but it was ugly. I didn't even take a picture of my purchase because I was so irritated about it. Here's what I bought...

11.49 Huggies (2) Holy toledo! That is a HORRIBLE price on diapers!
.99 Reach toothbrushes (2) - The in-ad Q worked this time
.25 pen (2) fillers
25.46 subtotal
-5/25 IPQ
-3/1 Huggies (2)
-3/2 Reach MQ
11.46 total (paid with $9 in RR & the 2.46 OOP)
Not a terrible OOP but I burned through the wrong RR. The only reason I would buy diapers at Wags is for the deals. So, I had to find another way to use up the Walgreens dollars.

Off to Albie's I went...Good thing Albie's takes RR. They had a pretty good price on paper towels, so I stocked up. We go through SO MANY paper towels. I have tried to convert the boys to drying their hands on a dishrag, but no luck so far.

3.99 Bounty Basic paper towels (2)
1.99 milk (2)
11.96 subtotal
-1/1 Bounty MQ (2) I got these from the Kmart coupon books
-$5 Wags RR (2)
-.04 subtotal + .64 tax = .60 OOP

I repeated this transaction twice, because there is a limit of 2 on both the paper towels and the milk.

I'm sad to see so many RR burned up, but I am happy with my paper towels stockpile. I tried to find ways to roll my RR into another deal, but nothing I figured out would work. I wish they had a longer expiration date like CVS extra bucks. Oh well. I'm sure another smoking deal will come along and I will build my RR reserves back up.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wags & CVS - Profit of $10.46

Wags #1
1.00 Kraft Velveeta Cups (4) Have you tried these? They are gross, but free is free!
1.59 Reach toothbrush (3)
4.00 Listerine mouthwash (2)
.94 tax
17.71 subtotal
-B1G1F Velveeta Cups MQ (2)
-B1G1F Listerine MQ
-$5/3 Reach/Listerine MQ
-$1/1 Listerine IP Q
-$1/1 Listerine Wags Activity Book Q - took $2 off
-$1/4 Velveeta Wags Back to School Q
-1.20 Reach Wags in-ad Q*
.57 subtotal + .94 tax
Paid 1.51 OOP
Earned $4RR ($3 Listerine, $1Velveeta)
SUMMARY - $2.49 profit
*I just noticed, the Reach in-ad Q only brought the toothbrushes down to 1.19, instead of .99 each. It took off .40 per toothbrush. What the heck? Maybe it was the order I handed them to the cashier. Even more strange, on the next transaction, the in-ad Q only took .30 off per toothbrush, making those toothbrushes 1.29. Very weird.

Wags #2
1.59 Reach toothbrush (2)
4.00 Listerine mouthwash (2)
.76 tax
11.94 subtotal
-B1G1F Listerine MQ
-$3/2 Reach/Listerine MQ
-$1/1 Listerine IP Q
-$1/1 Listerine Wags Activity Book Q - took $2 off
-.60 Reach Wags in-ad Q
.58 subtotal + .76 tax
Paid 1.34 OOP
Earned $3RR (Listerine) - This RR didn't print out. I talked to the manager who verified I purchased the correct items. He re-rang up my 2 Listerines, voided the sale, & gave me the $3 RR that printed. I don't why the previous sale didn't generate the RR, but my twin sister in Utah had the same exact thing happen to her. The 1st transaction generated the RR, but the 2nd did not.
SUMMARY - $1.66 profit

1.00 Kraft Mac n Cheese (4)
2.50 Glade Candle Holder (2)
2.50 Glade refills (2)
2.00 Poise (4)
22.00 subtotal
-$4/20 CVS Ready Fill Q
-$1/2 Kraft Mac n Cheese MQ
-$1.50/2 Poise MQ
-$2/1 Poise IP (3)
-$2/1 Glade Candle Holder MQ
-Free Glade refill wyb candle holder (2)
-$3/1 Glade Lasting Impressions - I forgot to actually grab a Lasting Impressions, but accidentally gave her the Q for it! I didn't realize it until I was typing this breakdown out. Oops!
Total -.30 + .99 tax = .69 paid with rx transfer giftcard
Earned $7 eb
SUMMARY - $6.31 profit!

Monday, August 24, 2009

CVS - profit of $10.16!

5.00 Glade Sense & Spray (2)
2.50 Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder (2)
2.50 Glade Scented Oil refills (2)
2.00 Poise liners (2)
1.53 tax
25.53 subtotal
-$5/25 CVS Q
-$4/1 Glade 8/23 SS MQ (2)
-Glade Buy 1 Candle Holder, get refill free - made refills free (2)
-$2/1 Poise (2)
3.53 total OOP - paid with rx transfer giftcard
Earned $7 eb
SUMMARY - Profit of $3.47

.98 Palmolive (3)
.01 Gel pen (wyb any stationary product)
.99 Composition book (2)
3.79 Carefree liners (4)
1.30 tax
21.45 subtotal
-$4/20 CVS Ready Fill Q
-1/1 Palmolive IP Q (3) - she adjusted one down to .94 and the rest rang through at $1/1
-1/1 Carefree IP Q (4)
10.45 total (paid with $9 eb, 1.45 on rx transfer giftcard)
Earned $17.14 in eb
SUMMARY - Profit of $6.69

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love the farmer's market!

Don't you just feel healthier walking into a farmer's market? I love all the fresh smells & vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables! I got a lot of different types of fruits and veggies so Maddie can try out everything and get a taste for lots of different varieties of produce.
.50 honeydew
.25 lettuce
.99 blueberries
.50 strawberries
1.19 carrots
1.50 apples
.18 broccoli
.31 peach
.20 kiwi
.34 bell pepper
.14 plum
.18 nectarine
.38 tomato
.25 corn
.27 orange
1.50 pineapple
1.29 potatoes
2.54 seedless watermelon (13 lbs!)
12.93 out of pocket - what a deal!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

33 tubs of wipes = $22.21 profit!

I think I am stocked up on wipes for the next 2 years.I went to 5 different Walgreens stores, so I didn't clear any shelves. Don't worry... although it doesn't look like it, there are still Huggies wipes left in Mesa, Arizona.

Most of my transactions looked like this:
3.29 Huggies wipes (8)
2.70 tax
29.02 subtotal
-$1.50/1 Huggies product IPQ (8)
-$2/1 Huggies back to school Wags Q (8)
.56 paid OOP
Earned $5RR
SUMMARY - Profit of $4.44 (repeated 5 more times)!

I added a Softsoap in there on one of them and I found a package of clearance Pampers wipes (.75!) and used a $1/1 Q I got ealier in the day from a Wags catalina.

SUMMARY - 22.21 profit! I have $30 in RR - holy cow.

Wags Wipes Deal #1 - Cost $3.56

I was super excited earlier in the week when this Huggies wipes deal came up. It made the wipes .29-.79 each. Wait until you see what my wipes deals from later in the week...

3.29 Huggies wipes 4 @ .29-.79 each, 1 @ full price
3.99 Softsoap FREE
2.99 Conair brush .99
2.13 tax
27.56 subtotal
-$2/1 Wags Huggies wipes Back 2 School Q (took off $10 for 5 wipes)
-$1/1 Huggies MQ (2)
-.50/1 Huggies MQ (2)
Paid 14.56 OOP ($12 in RR, 2.56 cash)
Earned $11RR ($5RR wyb $25, $4 Softsoap, $2 Conair)
SUMMARY - Cost 3.56

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kmart Double Coupons!

This month's double coupon event was not as great as some of my past adventures. Some of my deals did not work out as planned and I spent more out of pocket than I wanted to.1.99 Nature's Source cleaners (3) FREE
3.50 Scrubbing Bubbles (2) FREE
1.59 Sharpie Markers (5) FREE
4.79 Aveeno baby wash (2) .79 each
4.29 Axe body wash (9) 1.29 each
2.00 Ziplock bags (4) .50 each
4.99 Irish Spring body wash (2) FREE
1.99 Hartz cat treats (2) FREE
6.00 Duracell batteries (7) 1.00 each
4.99 Whiskas cat food (2)
Subtotal before coupons = $147.17
Total paid out of pocket = $27.70
Earned $5 catalina & 3 free movie tickets
All in all, with the movie tickets at $9 these days, I consider this a wash... maybe even profitable!

Here are my notes from my 4 seperate transactions...
Problem #1 - I found an online deal on batteries that ended up not working out. With the deal, the batteries were supposed to be 29 cents each (after catalina). They ended up being $1 each - still not a bad deal.

Problem #2 - The Lindsay/Main Kmart was enforcing the 10 coupon limit, but the Power/Southern Kmart was not. I had to rework some scenarios on the fly which made for some higher out of pocket totals.

Problem #3 - Some crazy coupon lady kiped all the Ponds face wipes from both Mesa locations within 24 hours of the coupon event starting! I was at Kmart when they opened on Monday and they were both cleaned out of Ponds. Oh well, I can't fault a fellow couponer for scoring a good deal. Especially, when I got 9 Ponds packages last month. But I will say that I never cleaned out a shelf. I went to 3 different Kmarts so there were enough for all of us crazy coupon ladies! I'm just jealous. :)

High Points - I earned 3 movie tickets and $5 in catalina savings!

Friday, August 14, 2009

CVS - $15 worth of candy for $3

I finally made it over the $15 candy limit today. Once I figured out that all of the clearance PB M&M's count towards the deal, I was only about $5 away from $15.

.50 assorted Mars candy bars (7)
2.00 Gum
5.50 subtotal
-B1G1F Mars tearpad Q (3)
-Free Mars candy bar mailer (3)
-1/1 Wrigley's gum
1.50 OOP (paid with rx transfer gc)
Received $5 eb
After all of my candy transactions, I paid $3 and some change out of pocket for all the candy.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Candy Hunt at Target & CVS

I was not specifically craving candy today, but that's what I got! Target
.52 Skittles (15)
8.99 Onesies - Maddie needed new onesies, the 6-9 month ones aren't cutting it anymore
0 tax
16.79 subtotal
-1/1 Skittles Target IPQ (15)
1.79 OOP
These coupons say 1 per transaction, so I was prepared to split them all up. AND this is the first time a Target cashier did not adjust the price of the coupon down to the item's price. So, for each bag of Skittles I bought, I made 48 cents. Wahooo! The overage mostly paid for the pack of onesies.
.99 PB M&Ms (4)
.09 tax
4.05 subtotal (paid with rx transfer gc)
These M&Ms were not 39 cents like the ones I bought yesterday, but $1 a bag is still a good deal while I am working towards my $15 candy total to get the $5 eb.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CVS - My first experience with transferring prescriptions - SUCCESS!

My new health insurance doesn't start for a few weeks, so I had to buy a prescription with cash. The cash price at CVS was $29.99 with their Caremark discount plan. I had initially planned on filling the rx at Walmart because I was sure they would be cheaper, but then I remembered the $25 gift card for transferring prescriptions. So, after some planning, I filled the rx at Wags, then transferred the rx over to CVS. I used a Rite-Aid coupon and got my $25 CVS giftcard! So, my rx cost $5 instead of $30.

29.99 Rx 4.99
.99 Sharpie highlighters (3) .01 profit each
.39 clearance PB M&Ms (3)
.24 tax
34.37 subtotal
-1/1 Sharpie PDF Q (3)
Paid 31.37 OOP, Received $25 giftcard
Cost 6.37

I also found the Ready Fill coupon booklets back by the pharmacy. There are all kinds of great CVS coupons in there, including 2 $4/20!

Free board games at Target!!!

I don't know why this picture is up on its end, but I don't want to fight with it anymore. So turn your monitors sideways. :)This is a smoking deal I found here and you need to get in your car and drive to Target now before these are all gone! All of the Partini board games are clearanced down to $5.00. Pair this amazing sale price with the $5/1 Hasbro game Target printable coupon and you've got yourself a free board game! I printed out 5 coupons and headed down to the Target on Gilbert & Southern and they had at least 25 games left on the shelf. They are not stocked with all the other board games. I found them all on the clearance toy aisle. I was able to use all 5 coupons in one transaction and not pay one penny. Beware, the coupon says one per transaction. So be prepared to split up your transactions. Also, sometimes Target limits the number of like coupons. Most of the time, they accept 3 of the same coupon. But this is Target we are talking about... they change their coupon rules based on the weather and their mood. Hurry - go stock up for birthday/Christmas presents!

CVS deals in California!

I've got my mother-in-law hooked on couponing, so while I was on vacation last weekend in California, we hit up CVS. I was so excited to find Electrosol on the shelf because it was cleared out everywhere in Arizona. I only had 2 coupons, but that was ok because I wanted to see if the EBs would print out anyway like they did for Precious. It didn't work for me, but that's ok. $2 per box is ok, especially since I used a gc to pay.

2.29 gallon of milk (not pictured)
7.99 Blink tears - rang up at 9.99
4.50 Electrosol - rang up at 5.49
.99 J&J First Aid Kit (2)
.99 Gold Emblem candy (2)
1.45 tax
24.69 subtotal
-3/1 Blinks Q
-2.50/1 Electrosol Q (2)
-1/1 J&J product (2)
-2/2 CVS candy CRT
13.69 total (paid with 6.83 eb, 6.86 on gc)
Earned $7.99 eb for Blinks & $1 eb for milk - these did not print out, the cashier had to manually print them.

I realized halfway through my transaction that I was trying to do AZ deals in CA. The ads are different, but luckily I had the AZ ad with me and the cashier honored the deals for both me and my mom-in-law. I know the CA CVS stores are in the process of switching over from Longs, but hopefully they get on the same page soon. I'm in CA a lot and this is confusing!

Wags is back! Profit of $15.42!

Walgreens has been lacking for several months now, but this week there is a serious money maker going on! 1.09 Reach clearance toothbrush (3)
.99 Children's Activity Book (2)- full of high value coupons!
.42 tax
5.67 subtotal
-$5/3 Reach/Listerine Q
.67 paid oop, earned $6 RR

I repeated this twice. On the second transaction, the cashier handed the $5/3 coupon back to me. I didn't realize it until later and I decided to press my luck and try for a third round. Bad idea. This is what I call bad coupon karma. I went to a different Wags near my work and they were out of the clearance toothbrushes. I was excited to find clearance floss. I purchased 3 of the flosses for $1.29 each, re-used my $5/3 Q, but no register reward printed out. After studying my receipt, I realized the floss I bought was not included in the deal. The manager wouldn't give me my coupon back because it had already been surrendered, but she did refund me the price of the 3 flosses ($4.67). I should have left well enough alone - that's what I get for trying to be sheisty!

CVS - Cost $6.66

I was in desperate need of diapers, so this week's CVS Huggies deal was great timing for me!
18.00 Huggies (2) 1 not pictured
2.00 Extra Gum - working towards $5eb wyb $15
.58 tax
20.58 subtotal
-4/20 CVS Q from pharmacy booklet
-$2/1 Huggies PDF Q (2)
-$1/1 Extra tearpad Q
11.58 total (paid with $9 eb & 2.58 oop)
Earned $4 eb (Huggies)
SUMMARY - Cost $7.58

2.00 Extra Gum - working towards $5eb wyb $15
9.99 Revlon foundation
6.99 Bic Soleil refills
.50 Milky Way (not pictured) - working towards $5eb wyb $15
1.09 tax
20.57 subtotal
-4/20 CVS Q from pharmacy booklet
-1/1 Revlon Q
-3/1 Bic Soleil Q
-FREE Mars Candy Bar Q
12.07 total (paid with $4eb & 7.07 oop)
Earned $12.99 eb
SUMMARY - Profit of 92 cents

Notes - One of the gums did not apply towards my $5eb wyb $15 candy deal at the bottom of my receipt, even though it is the same exact gum pictured in the ad. The cashier said once I am up to $13.00, she would manually print out the eb's for me, since $2 in credit for the gum is missing.

72 ice cream cones for $6 total!

I forgot to take a picture of these before I put them away. So, here is a picture of all 72 of them in my freezer! This was last week's deal, so don't go out and try to duplicate it. Alby's had these 4/$12 and I had $1.50/1 IP Qs from last month's Blue Bunny deal. There have been so many great deals for free or cheap ice cream this summer that I am running out of room in my freezer!
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