Friday, January 29, 2010

Target & Safeway

Well, the free Pampers at Target were a no go today. I realized the $10/1 Pampers Qs were actually for mega packs which are the boxes of diapers. I ditched the diapers deal and did this Lean Cuisine deal. I only had 4 $1/1 Lean Cuisine Target Qs, so I ended up paying $9.00 on a giftcard, instead of $5.00 as outlined by the Krazy Coupon Lady. I still think this was a great deal. Basically, each item cost $1. I dropped the 8 freezer meals and Skinny Cow ice cream off at my work freezer, so they are not pictured.
I needed some milk and had some eQs stacked up, so off to Safeway I went...
3.00 BC cookie mix -.40/1 MQ, -.80 eQs = 1.20
2.00 BC brownie mix -1.00 eQs = 1.00
2.50 Nestle chocolate chips -.50/1 MQ, -1.00 eQs = .50
2.29 PB toaster strudels (2) -.35/1 MQ (2), -1/2 MIT SWQ, -1.65 eQs = .04 overage each
2.19 milk (2) -.55/1 Real CA milk Q (2) = 1.19 each
16.46 subtotal before Qs
5.21 total after Qs - paid with $4 OYNO + 1.21 on giftcard
The MIT Safeway Q I referenced is from the "Make it Tonight" recipe/coupon booklet out at Safeway stores now. There are 3 pages full of Safeway coupons you can stack with MQs, so hurry and find one at your Safeway!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free diapers at Wags & the not so mega sale at Frys

Guess what came in the mail yesterday? My BOGO Huggies diapers MQ from Recycle Bank! Perfect timing with all the diaper deals this week. I also had a BOGO Huggies wipes MQ I got from Recycle Bank earlier in the month. If you are not using Recycle Bank, check my post out here! Start now so you can start getting amazing coupons too!

Here's what I did at Wags...
8.99 Huggies diapers (2)
2.50 Huggies wipes (3)
25.48 subtotal
-BOGO Huggies diapers MQ (8.99)
-BOGO Huggies wipes MQ (2.50)
-3/1 Huggies diapers home mailer MQ
-1/1 Huggies wipes MQ from Safeway pharmacy booklet
-1/1 Huggies diapers Wags children's activity book Q (2.00)
-1/1 Huggies wipes Wags IVC - print here if not in your store (3.00)
4.99 subtotal + 1.89 tax = $6.88 on giftcard
Received $5 RR
SUMMARY = 1.88 cost!
I had 2 of the $1/1 Huggies wipes Qs, but the second one beeped and said item not on record. I don't think it was a coupon to item ratio because that usually has a different error message. Weird. Oh well, 1.88 in Wags money for 2 packs of diapers and 3 tubs of wipes is FANTASTIC!

I don't know about you, but I'm not that impressed by this round of the Fry's mega deal. I had a hard time getting 10 items together for a low OOP.

The prices listed are after the $5 discount is taken at the end...
1.49 Chex Mix .01 overage
1.49 Quaker granola bars (2) .01 overage each
1.49 Kraft dressing .50 overage
1.99 Mamma Bella garlic toast .99
.99 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (5) .01 overage each

Not included in mega sale...
1.00 Wholly Guacamole (4) Free

16.90 subtotal after $5 mega discount
-.50/1 Chex mix eQ
-.50/1 Chex mix IPQ
-$3/2 Quaker products (home mailer Q)
-Free Kraft dressing Fry's home mailer Q (took off 1.99)
-.50/1 Mamma Bella peelie Q
-1/1 ICBINB IPQ (5) - I was able to print 5 from 1 computer!
-1/1 Wholly Guacamole MQ (4)
.20 subtotal + .21 tax = .41 paid OOP

Guess what came in the mail today? My 4 $10/1 Pampers MQs that I blogged about here earlier in the week! I will be heading to Target tomorrow to get in on the $5 giftcard deal with my free Pampers Qs - yay!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Last minute Tuesday round up!

As usual, I ran around today trying to soak up the last of the sales week. Turns out the only sale ending was at Safeway, but that's ok. I got a lot of shopping done.
I grabbed 7 free Marcal paper towels with the free MQs from 12/13 & 1/3 SS. I paid .56 in tax.

I found one more lonely clearanced Axe shower gel to finish up the $5 EB deal.
2.85 Axe shower gel
7.99 Crave NX
9.99 Glade Lasting Impressions
.33 caramel (filler)
21.16 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
-1/1 Axe IPQ
-free Glade Lasting Impressions MQ
5.17 - Paid with $5 EB (CVS advisory board survey)*
1.06 on giftcard (.17 + .89 tax)
Earned $13 EB ($8 Crave NX, $5 Axe)
SUMMARY = $6.94 profit
I'm so glad I was able to find that clearanced Axe - that made each one only .18!

*I signed up to be on the CVS advisor board after seeing Desert Deal Diva's post about it here. Today, they sent my first survey. It took about 2 minutes to complete and I earned $5 EB! Well worth my time. You should become a CVS advisor too! Thanks for the tip KC!

Lots of great overage on the Pillsbury cat deal, free Blistex, & major eQ overage! I love it when a plan comes together. :)

2.50 Fiber One muffin mix .50 overage
2.00 Barilla manicotti - for dinner tonight
1.49 PB Grands Jrs. (2) .59 overage each after cat
1.89 PB cinnamon rolls (2) 1.68 overage each after cat
1.69 PB crescent rolls (2) .48 overage each after cat
1.47 Lucerne sour cream .47
2.49 Lean Pockets breakfast .95
3.49 Sargento cheese .49
1.00 Blistex (5) FREE
1.66 bananas .59/lb.
$5 Safeway giftcard to eat up overage
.17 tax
33.92 subtotal
-9.25 in eQs
-2.00 Safeway in-ad Sargento Q
-.99 Safeway in-ad Hot Pockets Q
-1/2 PB products (3) from Make it Tonight booklets
-.50/1 Fiber One MQ
-.50/1 PB IPQ (4)
-.25/1 PB crescent rolls MQ
-.35/1 Blistex MQ (5)
-.50/1 Sargento MQ
-.35/1 Softsoap MQ
-.55/1 Real CA dairy product (not doubled, weird.)
2.65 subtotal paid with giftcard
Earned $4 OYNO from purchasing 6 PB items
SUMMARY = $6.35 profit!

Monday, January 25, 2010

CVS & Target

I heard a rumor that Target baby clearance was going to 75% off today- Gilbert & Southern did! I was able to grab another 2 pack of sleepers for 2.48 instead of the 4.38 they were marked last week. I used a $1/1 Gerber apparel IPQ (print from either Target's site or Gerber's site) so I got 2 sleepers for 1.48 or .74 each! Smoking deal! I saw a ton of other baby stuff on clearance too. I also grabbed 2 pairs of super cute yoga pants for my daughter - they were $1 each on clearance! In total, I spent $3.48 on a gift card.

Well, in case you don't have enough soda from last week's deal, you can do one more round! I maxed out 4 deals last week and I was able to do a 5th one today.

6/$20 Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, & Sierra Mist
2.85 Axe body wash clearanced (2)
1.25 Hershey's bliss chocolate clearanced
26.95 subtotal
-5/20 CVS IPQ no longer available
-1/1 Axe IPQ (2)
19.95 + .37 tax = Paid $19.95 EB + .37 on CVS giftcard
Received $10 EB for soda & $1 EB for green bag tag
SUMMARY = $9.32 cost.... but wait! I am working on the Axe deal. They only had 2 clearanced shower gels left, so I am hoping to find a third one so I can end up paying .18 for each shower gel. My husband loves Axe so whenever I can find a deal I grab them, even if it's not always a MM.

How I got diapers for $3.64 per pack at Wags...

I knew there was a sale starting this week on Huggies, so I printed out all the Huggies coupons I could find. The best one being 2.50/1 Pure & Natural Huggies - but unfortunately, I couldn't find any of those at Wags. I don't even think they make the P&N diapers in a size 4. Oh well. I had a $5/3 Reach MQ from a free Weight Watchers magazine so that 2.03 overage helped bring my total down. Here's what I did...

8.99 Huggies (3)
1.79 Reach floss (3)
2.40 tax :(
34.74 subtotal
-2/1 Huggies IPQ available on (3)
-1/1 Huggies Children's coloring book Wags Q - took off $3
-2.40 in-ad Wags Q for Reach floss - makes them .99 each
-5.00/3 Reach - beeped, but cashier pushed through
18.34 total paid with Wags gcards
Received $5 RR for spending $25 in Huggies products
SUMMARY: $3.64 per pack of diapers, plus free floss (before tax)

If you don't have the $5/3 Reach Q, you can still get your diapers for 4.32 per pack- not bad at all!

The Wags deal is not as great as this 3.33 per pack Pampers deal going on at Target this week but I am not a fan of Pampers (more on that later) and it looks like the Pure and Natural diapers may be contained to sizes 1-3 only. Speaking of Pampers, I used the pack I got from Target a few weeks back during this Target baby deals run and the tabs kept ripping off when I tried to put the diapers on my daughter! So irritating. It seriously probably happened to at least 10 diapers in the package. I was irritated, so I emailed P&G corporate about it. I was inspired by Born 2 Save's post here - thanks for the reminder that it pays to speak up! I received a response to my email within a few days. They apologized for the problem and they are mailing out 4 $10/1 Pampers MQs! Wow! That is great customer service and I am happy to try Pampers out again. I am praying those coupons get here before the end of the week so I can combine them with the $5 Target giftcard deal for a moneymaker!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free fruit snacks at Safeway!

Sorry for the red tint in this picture. Between 2 different Wags stores, I wasn't able to get any more meters today, but I did grab some rainchecks.
My best deal today (by far) was getting 24 boxes of fruit snacks & 6 Reese's candy bars free at Safeway! I feel bad posting this so late because the Betty Crocker catalina deal ends tomorrow, so if you want free fruit snacks make sure you get there by the end of the day tomorrow. They are free in conjunction with the $4 off wyb 4 deal.
Here's what I did (6 times):
8.00 Betty Crocker fruit snacks (4)
.44 Reese's Whips candy bar - filler to keep from going negative
.08 tax
8.52 subtotal
-4.00 store discount wyb 4 participating items
-.50/2 BC fruit snacks (insert Qs & IPQs) (2)
2.52 paid with $2.50 BC cat and .02 on giftcard
Receive a $2.50 cat to roll into the next purchase
And on and on it goes until you run out of coupons! Don't clear any shelves, that's bad coupon etiquette and it will only attract bad attention to yourself when you wheel your cart overflowing with fruit snacks up to the register.
I ended up with 24 boxes and NO $5 DISCOVER CASH CARDS! What the heck? Oh well, free is good enough! And for those of you wondering, yes these will all get eaten at my house. I made sure to get the longest expiration dates (December 2010 or January 2011) so we can use these this summer during lake trips. However, I would be very surprised if these make it until summer.
I also got my $10 Nabisco rebate check in the mail today! That didn't take long at all. I will update my rebates section on the right side of the blog.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

More meters & Super Bowl snacks

I love this rainy weather, but trying to coupon in it is exhausting!
Imagine 6 12 packs of Diet Pepsi in this picture as well. I dropped them off at work, so they didn't make it in the picture.
I found 8 more meters today... crossing my fingers for a few more before the end of the week. After tax (paid on a giftcard), so far I have 39.67 profit from this deal. I know some people are running into cashier problems using both coupons, but I've been lucky. Use this Wags inventory checker before you go out in this weather to see if your Wags has any meters left. Just click on "Find in Store".

Heard a rumor the Pepsi/Tostitos deal was expanded to a limit of 4! It's true! Here's what I did:
6.00 Soy Joy (3) limit 6
7.99 Crave Nx limit 2
.50 Skittles (2) fillers
.52 tax
27.51 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
22.51 subtotal paid with 21.99 EB & .52 on gcard
Earned 26EB (18 soy joy, 8 crave nx)
Summary: $3.49 profit

3.00 Stacy's pita chips
3.50 Tostitos (3)
3.69 Tostitos queso dip (2)
20.88 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
-Free Stacy's pita Q (from becoming a fan on Facebook)
-1/1 Tostitos IPQ (3)
-1/1 Tostitos dip wyb 2 Tostitos chips
8.88 subtotal paid with $8 EB & .88 on gcard
Earned $10 EB
Summary: $1.12 profit

3.33 Diet Pepsi & Pepsi Max (6)
5.99 CVS batteries (needed these & needed to get over $18 total to use soy joy $18 EB)
.39 tax
26.38 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
21.38 subtotal paid with $18 EB & 3.38 on gcard
Earned $10 EB
Summary: 11.38 cost

Final CVS Summary: 6.77 cost which is basically, the cost of the batteries plus tax. And, as KC at Desert Deals Diva always reminds me of, it's all paid for with EB & giftcards, so it's not real money out of pocket anyway. :) So, I am happy with today's CVS deals.

I stopped at Frys to see if I could find any more free Tostito dip Qs before I went to CVS. I didn't find any free ones, but I was able to grab some $1/1 Tostitos dip wyb 2 Tostitos bags of chips. Not as great as the other ones, but still a good deal. While I was there, I also found a new coupon booklet for "Bud Light Bud Bowl". There are some pretty good MQs in there plus some rebates with Bud Light purchase. Look for them near the coke/chips display next time you're at Fry's.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Safeway, Wags, Bookman's, & Target

I am loving Safeway today, even though those pesky eQs are so unpredictable. There is a fantastic Buy 4, Save $4 deal on select cereal, fruit snacks, & granola bars. If I *'d the item, that means it was a participating item. I am listing the individual prices before the $4 discount to show how it rings up on the receipt.

3.00 Fiber One bars* -.40/1 Fiber One MQ, -1.20 eQs = .20 overage
2.00 Fruit by the Foot & Gushers* -.50/2 Betty Crocker MQ, -1.00 eQs = FREE
2.00 BC fruit shapes (2)* -.40/1 BC IPQ (2), -.40 eQ = .20 overage each
2.50 Cinnamon Toast Crunch* (2) -1/1 Big G cereal IPQ (2), -.55 eQ= .45 each
2.00 Life cereal* -1/1 Life cereal MQ from inside Quaker oatmeal box=FREE
.99 BC potatoes -.35/1 BC potatoes MQ, -1.20 eQs = 1.20 overage
1.50 Lean pockets w/ in-ad Q 1.10 in eQs were supposed to come off :(
.19 tax
20.68 before Qs
12.68 after 2, $4 deductions
.33 paid on giftcard after Qs, received $2.50 OYNO = 2.17 profit!

There is a major money making deal at Wags this week, if you can find the elusive Aviva meters on sale for 9.99 this week. Pair those up with the free Aviva MQ 11/15 SS plus the 5/1 Aviva Wags Q from the Diabetes & You booklet for $5 overage. Make sure you have items to cover the overage because the registers won't go negative. I found 2 today and grabbed a $10 giftcard. I had to throw in a .33 caramel because the D&Y Wags Q rings up as a MQ for some reason- its not. I paid $2.12 on a giftcard and walked out with a $10 giftcard, so $7.88 profit. Now, if I can just find some more meters... Note- Do not buy the compact plus kind. Its been reported the D&Y Q beeps on that one.

My husband and I watched "The Prestige" on TV this weekend and remembered how much we love that movie. I was going to grab it at Target today for $12, but remembered Bookmans. I found a used copy (guaranteed to play with a 7 day return window) for $7! I didn't have any credit there, so I just paid cash, but still a great deal!

I stopped into Target today for some clearanced Gerber sleepers I saw last week. I didn't grab them last week because I wanted to use the Gerber $1/1 IPQ. I used that and paid $3.98 plus tax for 2 sleepers. Great deal!
I also had a great mail day today. I got 2 free magazines, a Free Q for Stacy's Pita chips (from becoming a fan on FB), a new Home Made Simple Q book, and a free calendar from Betty Crocker. I love when there are more freebies than bills in the mail. :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love free milk!

So, I needed some milk and I had to stop by CVS anyway because they charged me for 7 12 packs of soda instead of the 6 I actually got. They refunded my money in cash (my favorite!) even though I paid with EBs and a giftcard yesterday. Yay!
Here's what I did...
2.29 milk (2)
2.49 chocolate milk
6.00 Soy Joy (2)
.99 CVS aspirin
20.06 subtotal
-5/20 CVS Q
-1/1 CVS brand pain reliever CRT
-free chocolate milk wyb 2 gallons
11.57 + .06 tax = 11.63 paid with $10 EB & 1.63 on giftcard
Earned $12 EB = .37 profit!
I had some Soy Joy Qs, but I only had EBs in $10 increments, so I had to keep the subtotal around $10 to keep my out of pocket low.
I also grabbed some rainchecks at Fry's for 1.00 Pillsbury grands and .88 Chef Boyardee meals.

CVS - Free Chips, Salsa, & Soda!

CVS has an awesome sale going on this week- time to stock up for the Super Bowl! My favorite is $10 EB wyb $20 in Tostitos/Pepsi and other products. I also purchased 6 12 packs of soda (3 Diet Dr. Pepper & 3 Pepsi Max) but it was raining last night when I got home. I was not about to haul 6 12 packs of soda into the house for a picture, just to put them back in my car so they can go to work with me.

Here's how I got 4 bags of chips, 2 dips, & 6 12 packs of soda for free...

3.50 Tostitos (4)
2.99 & 3.69 Tostitos dips
20.68 subtotal
-5/20 CVS IPQ (print here)
-1/1 Tostitos IPQ (4)
-Free Dip wyb 2 Tostitos chips products tearpad MQ (2) found these at Fry's
5.00 paid with $4 EB & $1 on giftcard
Received $10 EB = $5.00 profit!

3.33 Diet Dr. Pepper (3) 6 for $20 soda sale
3.33 Pepsi Max (3) 6 for $20 sale
19.98 subtotal
-5/20 CVS IPQ
14.98 paid with EB, earned $10 EB = 4.98 cost

FINAL SUMMARY = .02 profit!

If you do this deal, check the right side of my blog for the Coors rebate to make even MORE money!

Friday, January 15, 2010

.18 Frozen Veggies & .05 Hunt's at Fry's!

I made a quick trip to Fry's today for some more .88 Bird's Eye frozen veggies. There are lots of .35/1 MQs (check the right side of my blog for insert dates) which double to .70, making these .18 each. I've seen these free before, but .18 each isn't bad either.
I also grabbed some Hunt's tomato sauce with this .50/2 Hunt's IPQ (either here or here.) They were .59 each, so .04 each after doubled Q. There is also a Shortcuts eQ for .45/3 Hunts tomato or pasta sauce. I thought it might come off, but it didn't. I use a lot more tomato sauce than canned tomatoes, so I stuck with the sauce.
Last but not least, there is a money maker deal on Pillsbury Grands. They are 10 for $10. Use this .50/1 Pillsbury IPQ. Also, load the cellfire & shortcuts .30/2 eQs to your card. The IPQs make these free, all the eQ deductions will be overage. I had these in my cart today, but I got a strict cashier who wouldn't double these for me. I put them back until I can find a more lenient cashier & make some $!
Today, I also stopped by Target for the great 75% off toy sale. By the time my lunch rolled around, both Targets were completely picked over. I really was looking to grab a Playskool Sit n Spin for .98 after Q, but there were none to be found. There wasn't anything really worth spending money on. My daughter is still pretty young & has no concept of presents yet. I am safe to be cheap for a little while longer. :) Check out KC and her AWESOME haul at Desert Deals Diva! Great job!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.04 Healthy Choice meals at Frys & major overage at Safeway

I haven't been to Fry's in months! It was good to get back in there for some deals. If any of you are looking for some healthy frozen meals.... I have a smoking deal for you! 6 Healthy Choice meals for 4 cents each! Here's how to do it, courtesy of my coupon friend Eve-

There is a $5/5 any Healthy choice dinners or entree's Fry's EQ on their site HERE. Click on "All new Digital Coupons" Sign In or Sign up to place the EQ on your card. Print $5/5 on any Healthy Choice Frozen Meals You have to sign up to see this coupon. Also, load your card with the .75/1 Shortcuts eQ for a Healthy Choice mixer.
Buy 5 and load your Fry's card with the $5/5 and print $5/5 MQ. Plus use get any ONE Healthy Choice Mixers wyb (3) Healthy Choice Meals (1/3/10) SS
Subtotal = 14.94
Total OOP after all Q's = .20 for 6 products or 4 cents each!

Card #1
3.79 Fiber One granola bars 1.20 profit
.88 Birdseye frozen veggies (5) .18 each
1.00 Rosarita refried beans (3) .50 each
2.19 Healthy Choice frozen meals (5) .04 each
3.99 Healthy Choice mixer .04
.31 tax
26.44 subtotal
-Free Fiber One Fry's home mailer Q
-.35/1 Birds Eye MQ 11/15 SS (5)
-50/3 Rosarita MQ 12/13 SS
-5/5 Healthy Choice IPQ
-Free Mixer wyb 3 HC meals
-.40/1 Fiber One Cellfire eQ
-.50/3 Rosarita Shortcuts eQ
-5/5 Healthy Choice Fry's eQ
3.26 total paid with giftcard

Card #2
1.00 Rosarita refried beans (3) .50 each
2.19 Healthy Choice frozen meals (5) .04 each
3.99 Healthy Choice mixer .04
.27 tax
18.21 subtotal
-50/3 Rosarita MQ 12/13 SS
-5/5 Healthy Choice IPQ
-Free Mixer wyb 3 HC meals
-.50/3 Rosarita Shortcuts eQ
-5/5 Healthy Choice Fry's eQ
2.72 total paid with giftcard

If you load eQs to your card, you may have accumulated enough for some major overage. The great thing about using eQs at Safeway is multiple like eQs come off for one item purchases. This, combined with MQs, makes for major overage.
1.99 Quaker granola bars (2) .01 overage
2.19 milk (2) 1.19 each
2.49 chocolate milk FREE
2.60 Aveeno moisture bar 3.40 overage
5.49 John Frieda 1.01 overage
2.99 Craisins BOGO sale, 2.50 100 cal Craisins (2) .66 each?
.89 M&Ms BOGO sale (4) fillers
.79 tax
27.00 subtotal
-1.00 SW Quaker in-ad Q should have taken off $2 for 2 boxes
-1/1 Quaker IPQ (2)
-.30/1 Real CA dairy product IPQ (2)
-Free Chocolate milk wyb 2 gallons IPQ
-2/1 Aveeno SW eQ (2)
-2/1 Aveeno IPQ
-2/1 John Frieda SW eQ (2)
-2.50/1 John Frieda IPQ
-Buy Craisins, get 100 cal Craisins free MQ
-1/1 Craisins peelie MQ
I was figuring my total would be somewhere under $5, but it ended up negative. Actually, I'm not quite sure what he did. I kept adding M&Ms until my total wasn't negative anymore. In the end, I put 25 cents on a giftcard. But looking at my receipt, I think the cashier scanned some coupons twice by accident. There is an extra coupon for $2 & a free coupon for $2.15. I'll go back tomorrow because I don't want him to get in trouble.

Free Rubio's Fish Taco 2:30-close today only!

In honor of the Cardinals awesome win on Sunday night, Arizona Rubio's stores are offering a free fish taco to every customer today only from 2:30pm - close! Make sure you print this coupon and take it with you! Go Cards!

Kraft First Taste Program = Free Food MQs!

Are you signed up for Kraft's First Taste program? It's a site to introduce new Kraft foods and they give out very generous MQs to get you to try the new products. I signed up a few months ago and have received some high value coupons! I checked the site today and I have a new coupon for a free DiGiorno 200 calorie portion pizza! Free pizza? I'm in!

Sign up today so you can start receiving great deals from Kraft too!

Recycle Bank = BOGO Huggies diapers!

I found an awesome website called Recycle Bank that has partnered up with Kashless to promote green living. Kashless is similar to FreeCycle and Recycle Bank rewards you for being green. If you participate in their program and earn points, you can redeem them for super high value coupons. I joined the week of Christmas and earned a BOGO Huggies wipes MQ just from joining! I received the MQ in the mail very quickly - within a week or so. Desert Deals Diva earned 10 $1/1 Coke MQs just from joining!

Last night, I was able to rack up another 300 points which I will be cashing in for a BOGO Huggies diapers MQ. Wowza - that is a $10 value! These BOGO Qs are great for getting your subtotals higher for $5/20 CVS Qs or to qualify for Safeway in-ad Qs. It takes a little time, but is so worth it, in my opinion. They have all kinds of different rewards you can choose from like giftcards, coupons, & CVS coupons.

Get started today for major savings!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Safeway & Rebate Checks!

Quick trip to Safeway for some deals...
5.96 Cheerios & Trix 1.99 wyb 4 -.55/1 Gen. Mills IPQ (4), -2.20 in eQs = .24 overage
2.19 milk -.30/1 Real CA dairy product IPQ = 1.19
2.29 Craisins BOGO sale -1/1 Ocean Spray peelies (2) = .29 for both
5.99 Clean & Clear face wash -2/1 IPQ, -7.99 eQs = 4.00 overage!
1.99 string cheese with in-ad Q -.30/ Real CA cheese peelie = .99
6.00 BC fruit snacks (3) -.40/1 BC IPQ (3), -.80 eQs = 2.20, earned 1.50 cat = .23 each
3.00 tortilla chips (just needed these)
1.53 bananas (.59/lb)
1.49 paid OOP, earned 1.50 cat = .01 profit!
The Clean & Clear deal was a glitch, so if you want to try it out, do it sooner rather than later. It could be fixed at any moment! Load both Clean & Clear eQs onto your Safeway card at the Safeway site (see the link on the right side of my blog). Use with a 2/1 IPQ for major overage!
I was so excited to find my mailbox filled with rebate checks today! What a great mail day! I got all 3 of my $5 SC Johnson rebate checks and a Caregiver's Marketplace rebate check for 13.50 for buying diapers! A total of $28.50! Yay! Sad news on the Caregiver's Marketplace rebate program. Apparantly, Huggies has decided not to participate this year, so no more .75 rebates per pack of diapers purchased. I'm glad I sent my receipts in when I did!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Target clearance is now at 90% off!

I've been waiting for this blessed day! Unfortunately, the Mesa Target shoppers have not been waiting. Gilbert & Southern is pretty cleaned out, but I hit the jackpot with the .27 Oreos. There were still plenty left on the shelf and they were unmarked, by the way.

4.05 Oreos clearanced to .27 each (15) - 90% off
7.98 Playskool Activity Ball - 50% off
.64 tax
12.67 subtotal
-1/2 Nabisco Cookies MQ (6)
-5/1 Playskool Activity Ball IPQ
1.67 paid on giftcard

I was worried today was the last day of the Nabisco crackers "Buy 5, Save $5" deal. It actually goes through 1/7, so you can get free crackers through Thursday. I grabbed 5 more boxes with the $2/2 IPQs that were just released. I had to buy in multiples of 5, but I only had 3 $2/2 coupons. So, I grabbed 5 boxes of Wheat Thins and then a box of animal crackers for 1.29.

10.00 Wheat Thins (5)
-5.00 instant Nabisco discount
1.29 animal crackers
0 tax
6.29 subtotal
-2/2 Nabisco IPQ (3)
.29 paid with giftcard

This completes my second rebate for the Nabisco crackers, so this is actually a $9.71 moneymaker. Yay!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Are you guys using the AWESOME dairy Qs?

Because I sure am! I got milk for 1.19 per gallon, sour cream for .47, & cottage cheese for .69! I'll post the links to the Qs below so you can print them and use them too. They are PDF format and they don't expire until 1/31/10 - so print away and use them all month!

2.19 milk (4) -.50/1 Real CA half gallon or gallon milk IPQ = 1.19 each
1.47 sour cream -.30/1 Real CA dairy product IPQ = .47
1.69 cottage cheese -.30/1 Real CA cheese IPQ = .69
1.00 Rosarita refried beans (3) -.50/3 Rosarita MQ 12/13 SS = .67 each
2.29 Mission tortillas (I didn't have any Qs for these, just needed them)
2.12 top round steak
1.29 bananas .59/lb
.36 tax
13.00 paid with Chinet overage on Safeway giftcards

I heart the farmer's market! Here's what I got today...
.25 fresh cranberries
.59 blackberries
1.98 honeycrisp apples (.89/lb)
.36 tomato (.69/lb)
.50 lettuce
.69 5 lb. bag of potatoes
2.84 15 pound seedless watermelon!
Paid $7.21 OOP for more than 22 pounds of fresh, locally grown produce :)
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