Friday, August 13, 2010

Thrifty Tidbits - 8/13/10 edition

Are you a superstitious person? Does the date today make you nervous? I'm not concerned about it, but there are some people who really get worked up about Friday the 13th. I certainly will not let the date rain on my deals!

Speaking of deals...

I'm sure you have noticed that I haven't been to Fry's yet this week! It is killing me to see all you guys scoring AMAZING deals and not being able to join in the fun. Here's the reason... I didn't get any papers last Sunday, so I am missing a huge chunk of coupons needed for the freebies this week! Grr.... the one week I don't get a paper! I am hoping today's La Voz has some of those coupons so I can redeem myself. Hopefully there will at least be SOME items left on the shelf when I can finally pull together all the necessary coupons!

Have you entered my give away for the $25 Walmart giftcard yet? Hurry, hurry... it ends today at 3pm AZ time! Someone has to win.... it may as well be you! Click here for nine chances to enter!

Arizona Thrifty Mom is giving away a Karmin G3 Flat Iron! This give away ends today at 4pm AZ time. Click here to enter!

Cents'Able Shoppin' is giving away a $60 CSN Stores giftcard. Click here to enter - it ends Monday, 8/16 at 9pm!

Desert Deals Diva is giving away a fun baby accessory - A Juppy Baby Walker! Click here to check it out and enter to win! That give away ends Wednesday, 8/25 at 8pm!


Phew, this was a busy week for all of us Swaggernauts out there! Tons of codes were released yesterday with lots of Swagbucks awarded. Have you been searching on Swagbucks today? I have been because it is Mega Swagbucks Friday and you can win even more Swagbucks with a single search! Click here to sign up if you aren't already racking up those Swagbucks! Remember, if you sign up before the end of the day Sunday, 8/15 and enter the code BackToSchool you'll earn an extra 40 Swagbucks on top of the 30 you get just for signing up! Wowza- that's a ton of Swagbucks for not too much effort!

I have added a few new local bloggers to my AZ blogroll on the left side of the blog. There can never be too many scouts out there hunting up local deals! Here are our new friends - The Coupon Don, Clever & Crafty, and Michelle's Bargains & Freebies!

What thrifty activities are you guys up to today?

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