Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Did you get your 8/29 Red Plum insert in the mail?

I did! It comes on Tuesdays with the Food City & Sprouts ads.
If you are not receiving your Red Plum insert in the mail, click here to read a post about signing up. Sheryl has a great write-up with links and if you are in the selected areas, you can receive your coupon insert in the mail too!

Anyway, if you did get your insert in the mail, clip this coupon to score a free 4 lb. bag of C&H Sugar at Bashas' - the sugar is only priced at 99 cents today, so get over there today!

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  1. The RP that comes in the mail is controlled by contract through your local major paper. (ie Arizona Republic) If you are a subscriber and receive the Sunday paper and the free Wed. paper, yu will not receive your ad papers in the mail. You will receive them with the paper on Wednesday - and there will be no coupons. I got a really great deal 6 mos. ago on the Sunday paper but, it really sucks not getting my ads until Wed.


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