Monday, August 2, 2010

Super Cheap Morning Star products at Albie's!

While I am out of town, you readers are tearing up the deals for me! I got an email from Angel who found a great deal at Albie's this week. If you like Morning Star products, you already know how expensive they are. Angel found a way to stock up for close to nothing!

Morningstar Farms are on sale at Albies (ewww, I usually hate Albs) for $2 each wyb 10. There are also other items in the same promo. With this deal you get a $10 OYNO cat. About a month ago I found Morningstar Farms coupon booklets at just about every Safeway I went to. I grabbed 10. On the back of each booklet was a q for $2/2.


I bought 10 Morningstars
used 5 qs
paid $10.40
received $10 cat
And the cat rolls!
Now I'm buying 10 Morningstars
using 5 qs
using $10 cat
paying $.40
receiving another $10 cat!

All in all, I plan on doing this 5 times between 3 different Albs. My family is vegetarian and 50 boxes will last us a loooong time. I'm so excited because these are usually $4-$5 each when not on sale.
Thanks for sharing this deal with us Angel!
We'll be heading back to Arizona today and I'm hoping to find my mailbox full of early grocery ads, freebies, coupons, & free magazines!


  1. Do you know how long the CAT is going for?

  2. The sale price and $10 OYNO Catalina ends tomorrow. It's an Albie's promotion, so it only lasts as long as the sales week - which ends Tuesday night. Thanks for being a reader!

  3. didn't those coupons expire aug 1st and didn't they say one per customer on them?

  4. Yes, the qs expired on the 1st. They weren't limited to one per customer though.
    I ended up getting 30 boxes from 3 different stores and left my extra qs on top of the products so people could use them the last day. Wish I could have bought more but ran out of freezer room!


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