Monday, August 16, 2010

Mail Call Monday - 8/16/10 edition

Today's mail call was full of awesome grocery ads and lots of free magazines!

FREE MAGAZINES - Islands, Weight Watchers, OK!, Bloomberg Business, Forbes

FREEBIES - My Anthony's Pasta Meal Planner came today with lots of great coupons inside! This came super fast in the mail -I requested mine on August 6th. Looks like they are still available - click here to send off for yours!

GROCERY ADS - Oh man, everyone is quadrupling coupons this week!
  • Albie's - I think Albie's might be feeling the heat from Fry's amazing sales, so they're stepping it up this week! Double, triple, & quadruple coupons this week!
    • 1.00 Sara Lee bread, Albie's cheese, Barilla Pasta, Goldfish Crackers
    • .50 Breyer's 16 oz. wyb 4 - start hunting down those Breyers 1.00/2 tearpad Qs at Circle K! Free ice cream!
    • 1.00 Ragu, Skippy PB wyb 4 - both .50 each after MQs
  • Basha's - Quadrupling coupons this week!
    • WEDNESDAY ONLY - .99 Honey Nut & Multi Grain Cheerios -1.00/2 MQ = .50 each
    • TUESDAY ONLY - 2.98 Angel Food Cake with free lb. of strawberries! Yummy!
    • .87/lb. CA Gala apples - Fall must be coming, apple prices are coming down!
    • 1.99 gallon milk
  • Fry's - Still accepting competitor coupons & all coupons are still $1. Mega sale continues this week, but (as usual) some of the prices are increasing. Get rainchecks!
    • Capri Sun increasing from 1.27 to 1.49, Sunny D increasing from .50 to .78, etc.
    • Bumble Bee tuna, Lunchables, Old El Paso, Nature Valley, & Betty Crocker stay the same price
    • 1.00 Dial liquid and bar soap - free after MQ
    • .77/lb. organic seedless grapes
    • 1.00 Goldfish crackers
    • I got a special ad again this week for the grand re-opening of the AJ Fry's on Idaho & Apache Trail - here are some highlights:
      • 1.47 Fry's gallon milk
      • .99 Fry's 18 ct. AA eggs
      • 1.67 Nabisco crackers
  • Safeway - I haven't been to Safeway in sooo long, but they are still making all coupons $1.
    • .78/lb/ seedless grapes
    • 1.99 Life and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal
    • BOGO Classico Pasta Sauce
    • 1.99 Sargento cheese (with in-ad Q)
What treasures did you find in your mailbox today?

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  1. Thanks for the headsup on the ads. I really wish I got them on Monday, but I guess that's only for Phoenix area people :(


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