Friday, August 27, 2010

Fry's Trip = .72 back to me!

I didn't think I would stop into Fry's this week, because the sales there are so slow. Which is not necessarily a bad thing after 2 full weeks of mega sale events! I think my Fry's has probably seen enough of me. But then I remembered I had some Goldfish internet printables stashed away that would make them free this week. Some were for the regular Goldfish crackers and some were for the Goldfish Grahams. They all expire 8/29/10, so this sale came right on time!

1.00 Goldfish Crackers (7)
-.75/1 IPQ (7) - no longer available
-.75/1 Goldfish Grahams EQ - load here
.75 overage

1.00 Country Crock (2)
-.40/1 IPQ (2) - print here

-.75 +.03 tax = -.72 paid back to me by cashier

I didn't remember that I had a Goldfish EQ loaded on my card, so when I went negative, I grabbed a candy bar to balance the total out. But the cashier said she'd just give me the cash back - even better!

Also, I have been searching for the 1.00/1 Ortega tearpad MQs that Sheryl found at her Fry's, but after stopping at 5 different stores, I am giving up! Hopefully, you guys are having better luck out there!

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