Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Last Fry's Mega Run = 6 cents back to me!

And here's one more Fry's shopping trip from Saturday that hasn't made it to the blog yet... I promise this terrible pukey/exhaustion part of pregnancy is almost over. My second trimester is always the best! My stomach hasn't gotten the memo that I am in my second trimester, but hopefully, that will happen soon!
So, a little back story... I went to Fry's on Friday evening EQs loaded, armed with a stack of coupons, & ready to get some serious overage. I filled my cart, went through SCO, and bought a gift card to cover the overage. Well, my very attentive cashier got nervous when my total due came to 16 cents and he remembered I bought a $10 gift card. So, he calls the manager over who wanted to void the order and re-ring everything at a different register to make sure I was not making money on anything.

Grrr... I had already been checking out for almost 30 minutes when this happened, so my milk and other cold things had been sitting out. I didn't have a ton of overage on actual items, the $6 off $30 Fresh & Easy and $5 off 10 GM products Food City Q really gave me the bulk of that overage. I tried to explain it to him, but he didn't think I should only pay 16 cents for a $10 gift card and a cart full of groceries. I didn't want to deal with re-ringing everything, so I abandoned cart and left.

When I went back on Saturday... zero problems. Probably because I purchased actual food items instead of a gift card. I don't know why that makes cashiers nervous. To me, its the same thing ... $10 on a gift card or $10 spent on ground turkey and dairy. Oh well.

*'d prices show participating products from the "Buy 8, Save $4" promo and reflect final prices. Here's what I did for my second run...

.99 Old El Paso Refried Beans (2)*
-.50/1 MQ 7/11 SS - I only had one coupon left :(
-.60/2 EQ - load here
.19 each

.50 Sunny D (10)*
-.25/1 MQ 8/8 SS (7)
-.25/1 hangtag MQ (3)
.50 overage each

1.27 Gardetto's*
-.50/1 IPQ - print here
-.50/1 EQ - load here
.23 overage

1.99 Pillsbury Sweet Moments*
-1.00/1 MQ 8/8 GM
-1.00/1 EQ - load here or here
.01 overage

1.49 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel (2)*
-.50/2 MQ 8/8 GM
-.50/2 EQ - load here
.74 each

That was all the participating items for the "Buy 8, Save $4" promo. Here are the items I purchased to get up to $30 so I could use my $6 off $30 Fresh & Easy competitor coupon (which is now expired).

6.79 Cat's Pride Cat Litter
-Free MQ from some Facebook request a long time ago

2.99 Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon
-Free MQ from Kraft First Taste home mailer

3.49 Oscar Meyer Deli Meat
-Free MQ from Kraft First Taste home mailer

3.99 Jennie-O Ground Turkey
-.55/1 peelie found on package

.44 Kroger taco seasoning - I ran out of taco seasoning this weekend!
.27 Kroger tomato sauce (10) - I am ALWAYS running out of these little cans!
.79 Macayo's green chilis - I need these to make chimichangas for freezer cooking.
1.19 Kroger mandarin oranges - My 2 year old LOVES these!

Subtotal before MQs = 32.04 + .32 tax = 32.36

Used $6 off $30 Fresh & Easy comp Q

Total after all MQs scanned = Negative 6 cents!

AND the cashier actually gave me the change back! She was stunned and said she had never seen anyone get a cart full of groceries and have money owed back to them. Hmmm... you readers must not shop at the Fry's on Val Vista & Baseline very often! I love happy cashiers! And I love when grocery stores pay me to take groceries home!


  1. wow I think I need to start to shop at that frys. u did great! u got all 10 sunny d at once? the frys on gilbert and baseline would not my ip from fresh and easy because it was over $2..agh


  2. Did your EQs come off the second time you went? I've always wondered about that. If they void out the order do you get your EQs back?

  3. I think they gave you a problem before because of the gift card. I mean technically you could go in there and just buy a $30 gift card, use the $6 off $30 Fresh and Easy, and Fry's would lose $6.

  4. SICK!!!!!! :) amazing as always...

  5. Have you heard anything new about the EQ situation at Safeway? I live in Tucson, & my Safeway is a coupon haven. EQs come off like clockwork, even when I'm not expecting them to. But yesterday-- NOTHING!!! And I was doing the cereal & fruit snacks deals- which I had tons of EQs for. Grrr. Fry's is usually an EQ dead zone for me, but I had EXTRA come off, & for more $$ than the EQ was supposed to be for- like $.75 instead of $.40 for the Yoplait cups. Random, huh?

    Just wondering if you had heard what's goin' on.

  6. I don't know how you get away with using 10 of the same coupons. Everytime I go, they only let me use 3 and I thought that was the general rule. Also, typically cashiers wait till scanning all MQ's before they use the $5 off 30 and so on...If I went in and tried this, it would backfire.

  7. And that's how you get it done...way to go!

  8. You have enough room in your fridge to store all that Sunny D? I was going to buy more until I found out it had to be kept refrigerated.

  9. Teresa- Yes, I did all 10 Sunny Ds in one transaction. I was ready for the cashier to limit me to three, but she didn't. I would have argued with Fry's on Gilbert not accepting ANY competitor's coupon - even if its over $2. The front page of their ad that they will accept ALL competitor coupons. They don't mention any restrictions on the value of the coupons.

    Crystal - Yes, all the same EQs still came off the second order. As long as the initial order is cancelled, the EQs stay in your account.

    Anon- I see your point. I was just scratching my head because even with purchasing a $10 Fry's gift card, I would still be spending that money at Fry's. Oh well.

    Tausha- Thanks! :)

    Anon- I HATE when my EQs don't come off like I expect them to. I think there was some kind of glitch last night with the EQ system. There have been several reports of no EQs coming off for anyone last night. Try it again today with one or two items to see if its working again. Sorry about that!

    Anon- You are right, the general rule is that Fry's will only double 3 like coupons. I had 3 of the hang tag MQs and 7 of the insert MQs and my cashier quadrupled all of them. I think a lot of it depends on the store and cashiers. As far as the cashier waiting until all MQs are scanned to apply the $6 off $30, that would have been incorrect for this particular coupon. I checked the fine print and it did not have any restrictions that all other discounts needed to be applied or anything like that. The Albie's coupons usually have that wording. I wonder if you tried a different Fry's or a different time of day (with different cashiers), you might have happier cashiers. There have definitely been times when I've had to abandon cart & leave due to issues like you are describing. Try, try again... or just seperate your transactions so you are only using 3 like coupons.

    Macey - Thanks! :) And I love your name... I almost named my daughter that name. Same spelling and everything.

  10. Anon- I don't have that much fridge room, nor does my family like Sunny D that much. I gave most of it away - I only kept 3 bottles.


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