Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to School & Grocery Freebies at Target!

Sorry for the picture quality - it's from my phone.

I went to Target today for some Back to School freebies and some grocery deals too!

1.99 Simply Lemonade (on price cut this week)
-1.00/1 Target IPQ - print here

2.00 DiGiorno personal size pizza
-2.00/1 Facebook IPQ - print here

.87 Chef Boyardee Ravioli (10)
.95 Hunt's Snack Pack Puddings (3)
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (10) - print here auto-adjusts to item price
-1.50/4 Con Agra IPQ (3) - print here
-Buy 10, get 3 free MQ from Albie's ad this week - when scanned, this coupon only deducts for one pudding. Make sure your cashier deducts the full amount of 3 items. My final deducted amount was 2.85.
-1.00/3 Hunt's Snack Packs Pudding Target IPQ - print here
4.00 overage (Make sure to give MQs first, then Target Qs)

1.00 Bic Pens (3)
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (3) - print here

.50 Papermate Pens (2)
-1.00/2 Target IPQ - print here

1.00 Post It Notes (3)
-1.00/1 Post It IPQ (3) - print here

2.29 Wonka Chocolate Bars (2)
-1.00/1 IPQ (2) - print here
-1.00/1 Target IPQ (2) - print here
.29 each

$5 Target gift card

2.57 subtotal + .27 tax = 2.84 paid on Target gift card

2.16 profit!


  1. You bought the wrong Digiorno hehe. The coupon is for the deep dish variety.

  2. The only BIC coupon I saw on was $1 off two stationary items. Did they change it?

  3. Anon- You are totally right! Darn it! I was wondering why there were so many left.... thanks for catching that. If I make it back to Target, I will be more attentive. :) Thanks!

    Becky- I just checked the Target site & it DID change since I printed these yesterday! I still have a few 1.00/1 Bic Target coupons, so I know I'm not nuts. Good news, is there is a 1.00/2 Bic Products IPQ you can stack with the 1.00/2 Bic Target Q to still get them free. Here is the link to the IPQ Hope that helps!


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