Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bookman's - 3 Disney DVDs FREE!

Yep, these Disney DVDs that are currently locked in the Disney Vault, were all free for me from Bookman's!
I have been taking my free magazines to trade in at Bookman's every week for about a month now, slowly gathering Bookman's store credit here and there. Every week when I am there trading in magazines, I always check the kid's DVD section to see what people have traded in. I am always on the hunt for Disney DVDs because I'm trying to stock up on Disney movies for my 2 year old. I want her to love all the Disney movies like I do. :) You all know Disney locks up their DVDs in the "vault" and then they release them randomly for a limited time at RIDICULOUS prices. This is a much better way to grab those movies. They are used, but Bookman's gives you a 30 day guarantee so you can make sure the discs will play properly. That's good as new to me!

Ok, onto the transaction... I had about $40 in trade credit saved up, so here's what I did:

10.00 A Bug's Life
7.00 The Incredibles
16.00 Mulan (this was a brand new 2 disc set, so it was more pricey)

33.00 subtotal -10% Bookman's kid's club discount = 29.70 paid in Bookman's trade credit

Awesome deal! I was so excited to bring these home for my daughter. She is absolutely enthralled with "A Bug's Life" and watches it multiple times during the day. Thank goodness, we needed a break from Toy Story 2. :)

If you've never been to Bookman's, click here to learn all about it! It's addicting...


  1. Hey Kim! I feel on the DVDS... we are currently watching woody woodpecker (from the library) or tom and jerry (on tv) mostly... and by mostly I mean ALL the time. The back up movies are Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2 and Buzz Light Year Cartoon (which I broke down and bought from best buy). I was hoping to score it at Bookmans, but its a little obscure and we had already checked it out multiple times from the library.
    Quinn is a fan of Bugs Life too.. we haven't bought that at Bookmans yet, but we have checked it out from library multiple times!

  2. What do you do if the address thing is not a sticker, do you cut it off or do you just not trade those magazines?
    Thanks so much!

  3. What's the average credit you get per magazine? I have a huge box of magazines I've been thinking of taking down there but it's on other side of town for me so we never make the trip.

  4. I will jump in for Kim. I just use a ball point pen and scratch out my name/address really well.

    I would say $0.50 to $1 a magazine depending upon the magazine, how many they already have, the popularity of it and the buyer.

    You really have to take in very current magazines UNLESS they are popular ones that are hard to come by.

    For example my husband is big into Guitar World and I know they buy and sell older copies of that magazine. Like several years old.

    But in general I keep it to MAYBE the last month at the oldest.

  5. Hi everyone- Sorry, just got back from a quick out of town trip this weekend. Thanks for the comments!

    KC- I'm glad to hear Quinn watches movies all day too. I feel like a horrible mother keeping my child locked up in the house during the summer. But what else are you supposed to do when its 115 outside? And thanks for helping answer the questions for me while I was out on vacation. I couldn't have said it better myself!

    I black out my name and address with a big, black marker. And 50 cents to $1 per magazine sounds about right as far as trade credit goes.


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