Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick Fry's Trip = 39 cents!

I went to Fry's in search of the .25/1 Sunny D hangtags. There were a sea of them last week, but today ... no hangtags to be found. Oh well, that's what I get for not grabbing them when I saw them!

Here's what I bought today...
1.50 Febreze Set & Refresh (4) price reflects wyb 4 P&G Promo pricing
-1.50/1 MQ from Febreze House Party (4)
-1.00/1 EQ - load here
1.00 overage

1.00 Del Monte pineapple
-.50/1 IPQ - print here

.88 Fry's dozen eggs These were marked at 1.19 - what a nice surprise!

-.12 subtotal + .51 tax = .39 paid in change

I haven't seen next week's Fry's ad, but the "Buy 4, Save $4" P&G Promo has been running for 2 weeks, so I'm assuming it ends tomorrow. I grabbed a raincheck because they were out of a couple of scents I wanted. If you want to extend this deal, make sure to grab some rainchecks from your store too.

I received a couple of Catalina manufacturer's coupons today at check-out, but they look different to me. Do they look different to you?
I like the "Best Customer Coupon" wording in red! I like to think I am Fry's best customer. :)
Has anyone else seen this format? Just wondering...

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  1. I stopped by Fry's to get a few things and I got four "Best Customer Coupons." Not really sure what that is all about.


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