Friday, August 27, 2010

A Shameless Post!

This is a completely shameless post, but I am begging you readers out there!

Do any of you have any A or X codes for the diapers deal on

I have S and W codes I am willing to trade if you have an A or X code. With this new baby coming in January, I really need to get my act together with my non-existent diaper stockpile. Have you seen KC's diaper stash? Wowza. She is amazing. I feel like I am constantly running out of diapers.

So, if any of you have any A or X codes you are not using, let me know if you want to trade for an S or W code or maybe some other coupons if you don't need the amazon codes.

Thanks for putting up with my shameless post! Ok, back to regularly scheduled deal blogging...


  1. I have a A code my sister emailed me.(my 3 year old is pretty much potty trained)Coupons I am looking for are the target q for the juicy juice and the 1/1 Quaker oatmeal that will be in the redplum on sun. if u wanna trade u can email me

  2. I had an exchange to make at WM so I ended up buying the magazine I needed...too hard to pass up!

  3. I have been looking for these mags at WM and most places I shop and hadn't seen them :( I resolved to bid on them on ebay (ugh... WAY time consuming) it ends up costing quite a bit... unless you get really lucky. But after I was forced to buy diapers at Walgreens this week averaging .15 or so per diaper I'd take anything just to get my stockpile back up and not have to spend THAT much. WHERE ARE ALL THE GREAT DIAPER DEALS??!!! This Amazon treasure hunt is killing me!

  4. The previous six months or so have been loaded with diaper deals. For me I have a stock pile for the entire first year of my daughters life. She is now 5 days old. I didn't spend more than 5 dollars on any of the diapers I bought. (Most are the giant value diaper boxes) It was always funny to hear everyone say. You bought more diapers. How can you pass up deals like that? So it seems the deals are sadly seeming to dry up. Hopefully there will be another surge of deals before the year is up. So I can get her year 2 diapers just as cheap.


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