Thursday, August 19, 2010

You Asked! Emails from Readers

You readers have been filling up my inbox with all kinds of email love! I heart you all too!

Here are a few with answers... my comments are in blue.

From Stephanie-
First off, I hate Albertson's and almost never go there. Me too - Albie's is super expensive and lame! The one closest to me closed so it has to be something really special for me to drive there. Anyway, I have Circle K coupons for the ice cream and I want to get some Ragu and Skippy...BUT it says 1 reward per transaction. I want to buy a bunch of these while I'm there. Does that mean I'll have to do a million different transactions and are they going to give me grief about it? Can I use self check and do it? I just want to know if it will be worth it. That's pretty lame that it's one per transaction and it even says all price points so you can still only buy 4 at a time! Also do they have the Ben and Jerry's catalina like Fry's and Safeway because I think it's good until 9/5 and then I could use those at Fry's, right?

I have not personally tried it out myself (I will be soon), but I would definitely only try 4 ice creams per transaction. You can use SCO, but at my Albie's they have to scan the coupons anyway. Sometimes, its easier to go through an actual lane. As far as the Ben & Jerry's catalina, it's a possibility, but I doubt it. Our Albie's is owned by Albertson's Market which is completely different from the main national chain, meaning they don't run the same promos as the other national chains. If any of you test it out, let us know!

From a Super Awesome Target Employee!:
Clearance finds:
Air Wick I-Motion Kits $5.48 - $4 mfr coupon = $1.48 (I only saw the lavendar & chamomile scented one)
Glade Sense & Spray $3.98 - $3 mfr coupon = $0.98 (I only saw the apple cinnamon scented one)
Stock up price! :)

Also, if buying the bic soleil razors and using the BIGI free coupon, do NOT purchase with other bic products. I bought 2 razors and 2 bic white-out and the BIGI soleil razor coupon took off $1.24 for the Bic white out! Ooh, thanks for the tip! We'll watch out for that.

I saw many "coupon" items on the endcap by cleaning supplies at the Casa Grande Target. So, grab your coupons and go check it out. Cheap finds! :)

Glade candles, Air wick refills, tide stain release, cleaning supplies. Also garden center and patio items are almost all clearanced.

Thanks Target insider! Feel free to send us smoking deals anytime!

From Monica:
I shop mostly at Fry's. So, say when I am buying Lucky Charms cereal and there ad says they take any competitor's coupons and all MF coupons are a $1.00... How many different coupons can I use? I know I can use a Fry's one, Safeway and MQ. But are the MQs online the same as the ones from the paper? I guess thats were I get confused.... is how do I know when they are different so I can save as much money as I can?

In general, on one item, you can use:

1. Manufacturer's Coupon - You'll know its an MQ because it will say "Manufacturer's Coupon" at the top and it will have a remit address in the small print.

2. Store Coupon - This includes Fry's in-ad Qs and other Fry's Store Coupons

3. Competitor's Coupon - This includes all the other grocery store coupons. Usually, the cashier will adjust the item price based on what the coupon says. Either way, it has to be manually entered because it can't be scanned (its another store's coding, so the register won't recognize it).

4. E-Coupons - These deduct automatically at the register after you load them to your store card.

Good questions everyone! If any of you ever have questions, spot a deal, or have a comment, please contact me at Or on Facebook... Or on Twitter!

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  1. i went to albies yesterday for the ice cream/circle k coupons...and got 9 pints of ice cream and 2 klondike bars FREE! (using overage from the breyers coupons and YES, a $2 cat from the ben n jerrys!)


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