Monday, August 9, 2010

Have you joined the New Mom's Club at Basha's yet?

Look what I got in the mail over the weekend...

Sorry for the glare... it's a home mailer from Basha's for a free 8 inch single layer cake from their bakery - and it's good through 7/31/11! I also received a coupon for 1.00 off any Food club Supreme Ice cream (56 oz.). How exciting!

Here's the info from their website...

Bashas' New Mom's Club is a fun and easy way for new moms to receive valuable coupons and helpful parenting tips. Once enrolled, you will receive coupon mailers filled with valuable savings including a FREE cake for your baby's first birthday, plus a free birthday cake each year through age ten. Just fill out an enrollment form online or at your local Bashas' Customer Service Counter.

Two Options for How to Sign Up:
1.Click here to fill out the online application
2.Pick up an application at the Customer Service counter at your local Bashas' store.

Watch for money-saving coupons in the mail and at the register after you turn in your application. (Please allow at least 4 weeks for your first set of coupons to arrive).

Benefits and Savings
Enjoy money-saving benefits when you sign up for the New Mom's Club. Your child will automatically receive his or her first birthday cake FREE along with money-saving coupons for mom (by mail). Watch the savings add up while you shop for all your baby needs at Bashas'.

Participating Partners:
The Bump
Gerber Start Healthy Stay Healthy
Stroller Strides®


  1. Hey Kim, I just wanted to say sometimes the online form doesn't work... I had to complain to Bashas a couple times because I was never signed up. I am not sure if it was a temporary glitch in the online sign up for they fixed the issue. But if you sign up I would suggest calling and checking after 4 weeks to make sure you are truly signed up (unless of course you have already started receiving coupons!). Oh and the paper applications in store used to have Qs right on them. However I found them hard to come by... probably because of the Qs and lots of people taking multiple applications... :-)

  2. Thanks for the heads up KC! I'm wondering if they'll actually supply a free cake once a year up to age 10... the in-store form says it will, but the online form only mentions the first birthday cake. Hmm.... we'll have to wait and see I guess!

  3. Gosh... I don't recall with Quinn because of the mess up with my membership. I did recently receive more Qs, but I am not sure if its because of Elliot (and recent formula checks) or my original sign up with Quinn. Quinn's birthday is about 6 weeks away, so I guess we will see if they send us a coupon.


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