Saturday, August 21, 2010

Organization Time!

I have been avoiding my chaotic coupon situation for far too long. I use the file folder method but I am WAY behind on pulling out expired coupon inserts. So, this week, I spent an hour pulling out expired coupon inserts and re-organizing my file folders to make sure they were in the correct order.

After I pulled everything out, this was my pile headed to the recycling bin...

Holy cow, that is a TON of expired coupons! My coupon file box looks a million times better now and I can actually find coupons I need! Organization ... what a concept. :)

I used this expired coupon insert list on Pinching Your Pennies. It's one of my favorite features on the PYP website and when I am disciplined, it really helps me keep my coupon stash up to date.

I know you guys don't procrastinate organizing your coupons like I do... right?? ;)


  1. Oddly enough I was doing the SAME thing a couple nights ago and filled a wicker hamper to the TOP. I had so many expired coupons! So, I know the shock you were going through. I've never been this far behind before, but I've been a lazy little couponer lately.
    Funny that we both were doing this though ;) Hah!

  2. hey I just found out we can send our expired coupons to our military families over seas they can use them up to 6 months out of date so cool I am working of sending some soon . my church did send the last batch I will let everyone know


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