Friday, May 14, 2010

Yard Sale Time!

You've probably noticed I haven't been shopping much this week. I'm pushing all my shopping off until early next week because I am having a yard sale tomorrow morning!

I have SO MUCH STUFF and I hope I can get rid of all of it!

Here are some of my ideas of things I've seen other yard salers do:
  • Sell clothing by the shopping bag instead of per piece. I'm thinking $1 per bag.
  • Sell water bottles, sodas, & breakfast snacks (doughnuts, muffins)
  • Keep money and change in an empty wipes container. Heaven knows I have PLENTY of those!
Here are a few really helpful sites to help with planning, pricing, and carrying out the best yard sale possible:
Alright all of you frugal, talented readers ... what are your tips and tricks? What do you do to make your yard sales successful and profitable?


  1. We happened upon a great set of yard sale signs (the little ones from ace with arrows and stakes) on freecycle in the past. It was awesome and then we just freecycled them to another person when we were done. It might be worth watching for before your next yard sale.

  2. Just a couple tips...
    -list your garage sale on
    -give nearest crossroads (where signs will also be placed) or address
    -Tell them what time your sale is starting
    -Be friendly
    -It’s a good sign that you are overpriced if lots of people are asking about items, but leaving empty handed and you might want to re-think your prices or consider listing the higher priced items for sale on

    Those are just a few thoughts. I'm not an expert, but I feel these are some things to consider. Hope it helps someone.

    Oh... keep an eye on your cash and your things... not everyone is honest and garage sales are not safe from these types of people. I've seen people grab things and run and heard of people rapping items around others (more expensive items) to hide them & then purchasing the less expensive item. Don't be afraid to search their pile to be sure they are being honest... it's YOUR STUFF until they leave with it.

    Hope you have a successful garage sale!!! Wish I could come out, but it's not likely with my list of things to do :( Good luck though!!!

  3. We have had very successful yard sales (ie. $700 between 2 people) pretty much all from our stockpile. One thing is definitely the signs. We painted huge black arrows on bright orange paper and even taped sticks to the back to keep them from bending around the poles. We had all our signs be the same color so people knew where we were going. We also had an easel that we got at a yard sale and put a big orange sale sign with an arrow off the main road. Ironically enough our signs were stolen after our last sale...guess someone else thought they were pretty good!

    Another thing we do is have a $1 table. It is usually completely full of things for $1. People will try to offer you some rediculously low price to take everything. When you're selling your stockpile you have to stick with the will sell.

    Also, another note. We only have our sale on Friday morning. We pretty much sell all of our stuff and it doesn't dig into our Saturday family time.

    Having enough tables so that everything is off the ground is another good idea. If people have to bend down to pick something up they are less likely to get it.

    Give yourself plenty of time to get set up in the morning. There are people out and as soon as you open your garage they start coming and if you're not set up you could miss out on a sale.

    Watch the cash you're given....there are even fraudulent $5 bills out there.....

    Just some ideas...hopefully they help! We have people who have asked us to email them when we are having our next garage sale.

  4. Kim, I'm having one too :) I wish you luck! A friend of mine said "dont price your stuff too high...but not too low either. If you price it well, and you know it's priced right, it will sell, and you won't have to bend."

    I wish you luck :) I hope mine goes ok...I am worried I'll have to carry all my stockpile back IN the house................!

  5. Thanks so much for all of your great advice! I'll be organizing and pricing all night, but I'm excited to de-clutter! I'll let you all know how it goes!


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