Monday, May 24, 2010

Mail Call Monday 5/24/10

All kinds of awesome freebies in my mailbox ... as usual!
Due to popular demand, I will start including a quick preview of the weekly grocery ads that start Wednesday. 5/26. I wish I had a scanner so I could just post them online for all of you, but I haven't seen a coupon for a scanner recently. :)

Double, Triple, Quadruple Coupon Event Continues!
10% Military Discount all week!
  • 1.47 Capri Sun
  • 1.00 Shamrock Farms sour cream
  • .50 Kraft BBQ sauce or Van Camp's Pork & Beans
  • 1.99 seedless grapes
Quadruple Coupons! Yay! Bashas has finally caved in and joined everyone else in multiplying coupons!
  • 1.99 Bashas milk
  • .99 Shamrock Farms sour cream
  • .99 Sunny D - free after .25/1 MQ from 4/18 SS
  • .48/lb. bananas
  • 2.88 whole seedless watermelon
All MQs equal $1.00 again this week!
  • .58 Bar S hot dogs, limit 4
  • .88 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce, Van Camps Pork & Beans, Minute Maid Lemonade or Punch, Popsicles Novelties
  • .53 Powerade wyb 15 (Buy 10, get 5 free), limit 45 Powerades per transaction - .03 after .75/2 Powerade tearpad MQs at Fry's
  • 1.00 Betty Crocker cake mix & brownie mix
All MQs equal $1.00 again!
  • .99 Safeway hamburger & hot dog buns
  • 5.99 Jennie-O turkey burgers
  • 1.99 Best Foods Mayo (with in-ad Q) - .99 after .25/1 MQ in 5/23 RP
  • .99 Oscar Meyer hot dogs (with in-ad Q) - Free after 1.00/1 green peelies on packages
  • 1.29 18-ct. eggs (with in-ad Q)
  • 5.99 Tide Stain Release or Detergent (with in-ad Q) - Free after 3.00/1 MQ 5/2 PG, 3.00/1 PG EQ
Ok, that's a quick overview of the best deals I saw after a quick glance through the ads. Iwill have "My Favorite Deals" posted Wednesday morning. In honor of Memorial Day weekend, I will include a special section highlighting the best prices for all of your weekend BBQs! This is the week to stock up on all of your BBQ items - free hot dogs, 1.88 Doritos, lots of soda deals, plus more!

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