Monday, May 17, 2010

Thrifty Tidbits - 5/17/10 edition

Wouldn't this be great?
I don't know if I like the name "Thrify Tidbits" for this type of post. Does anyone have any better ideas? I'm not feeling very creative today. Hopefully, one of you are more inventive than I am!

Here's what I have done to be thrifty today:
  • I took 3 grocery bags full of magazines to Bookman's for trade credit. I have a ton of free magazine subscriptions so when my magazine pile starts to topple over, I bundle them up and head over to trade them all in. I got $14 in store credit today! I also found out I can donate the magazines they don't want to a Maricopa County prison reading program. Fabulous! I don't have to haul all the magazines back out to my car and an inmate somewhere gets to read Car & Driver! Win win! If you are unfamiliar with Bookman's, click here!
  • I took some yard sale leftovers to Goodwill. It's super easy for me to drop stuff off because there is a Goodwill right next door to my office. I feel good for donating and I feel even better having all that clutter out of my house! Click here to see where your closest Goodwill store is.
  • I loaded some new Shortcuts EQs onto my store cards today. There is another 3.00/1 Delimex Taquitos EQ! It's only good at Safeway. Now, I have 2 3.00/1 Delimex EQs loaded. Paired up with the 2.00/1 MQ from the 4/11 SS, I am seeing more free taquitos in my future! Load your Shortcuts EQs here! And check to see if you have any new Cellfire EQs or Safeway EQs available too!
  • I was going to submit my Motrin information for this massive McNeill recall on Tylenol, Motrin, Bendaryl products, but I realized I tossed the medicine without writing down the Lot # or the expiration dates. I just wanted to get that Motrin out of my house and I checked the site and didn't see anything about a lot #! Grr! :( McNeill said they will not issue a refund without that information. I'm so frustrated because I verified my 4 bottles were included in the recall and all lots are included in the recall, so really, what does it matter? I know McNeill has to put safeguards in place to make sure scammers don't abuse the system, but honestly! I have the receipts! I have contacted a few friends to find out if they have the lot number and expiration date so I can submit a complete form. Gosh, what an ordeal!
  • I am organizing my usual Tuesday round up shopping lists before the end of the sales cycle tomorrow. See "My Favorite Deals" here - they all end tomorrow night! Here's a rough outline of my plan for tomorrow:
    • SAFEWAY - Free Captain Crunch, .49 Lucerne cheese, cheap milk
    • FRY'S - .97/lb. grapes, cheap milk
    • ALBIE'S - I need to cash in rainchecks for free Suddenly Salad, Chex Mix, Yoplait greek yogurt before in case the $1 coupon event ends tomorrow.
I'm excited to check my mailbox and see what kinds of treasures are waiting for me. I'm hoping my grocery ads are in there so I can start My Favorite Deals list and I'm crossing my fingers that Fry's & Albie's are continuing the $1 coupon event for another week. Check back tonight for my "Mail Call Monday" post! It may be a little late ... I have to watch the Suns beat the Lakers Lakers beat the Suns at 6pm tonight! :(

What did you guys do to be thrifty today?


  1. I favor "frugal ramblings" not sure if that is any better than your idea though. I just started with that because I couldn't think of much at the time and I do tend to ramble a lot anyway. :-)

    I love that Bookman's recycles the magazines they don't buy. It makes it super convenient!

  2. KC- I LOVE your title of "Frugal Ramblings", but I didn't want to steal your idea! Thanks for all of your posts about Bookman's- they are great reminders for me to get my butt over there!

  3. I so need to go to Bookmans. I have boxes of magazines. That is interesting that they donate them to a prison. Oh well, one less thing for me to do.
    I have 8 bottles of Motrin and Tylenol sitting here that were recalled if you need the info from them. We probably bought them all around the same time anyway.

  4. Renee - Thanks so much for the offer! I may just take you up on that! One other couponing friend is checking to see if she has the lot code. If not, I will get in touch with you about those codes. Thanks!

  5. Quick question about Bookmans...I always cut the address label off the mags before I donate them to the library..will Bookmans take them that way? I'd feel weird trading them in with my name and address on them. If they don't mind, the library will get the leftovers Bookmans doesn't want!
    De-lurking here, found your blog about a month ago and check it often! Thank you for your awesome breakdowns and alerts!


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