Friday, May 21, 2010

Fry's, Wags, & Albie's = 1.24 cost!

I had some rainchecks for Bugles & Suddenly Salad to cash in, but as I stood in the check-out line, I realized my Bugles MQs expired on 5/15! Sad. Oh well. Probably didn't need those tasty, unhealthy snacks in my house. Also the Marcal 4 pack of toilet paper is priced at $1.00 through 6/1/10 and the Marcal paper towels (singe roll) is priced at $1 through 9/23/10! I got shut down on the 2.00/1 Marcal toilet paper MQs because they would have created overage. They wouldn't even take 3 coupons on 6 toilet papers making the whole transaction a wash. Fine. At least he let my DND .40/1 Suddenly Salad IPQs triple up to $1.

1.00 Suddenly Salad (4) - raincheck price
-.40/1 IPQ (4) - print here

1.00 Marcal paper towel (3)
-1.00/1 MQ 5/16 SS (3)

.99 Lean Pocket (with in-ad Q)
-.40/1 MQ (found inside previous package)
.01 overage

.59 dozen eggs (2) (with in-ad Q)
No coupon, but amazing price!

1.17 subtotal + .18 tax = 1.35 cash paid OOP


I don't think this is in the ad, but the Knorr Buillon Cubes (not the mini-cubes) are priced at 79 cents each! Pair that up with the .35/1 and .45/1 MQs from the La Voz Smart Source en Espanol from a few weeks ago (no date on the insert spine) and you've got FREE seasoning! I go through this stuff like water when I make Spanish rice, so I stocked up. I got 14 packs and made 2.80 overage! If you buy more than 10, make sure to split these up into seperate transactions. After 10, the register rings them up at 99 cents each.

.79 Knorr Buillon Cubes (10)
-.35/1 & .45/1 MQ La Voz (10)
2.00 overage

1.77 Farmer John bacon - raincheck price
-.75/1 IPQ - print here
-1.00/1 Shortcuts EQ - load here
.23 overage

1.00 Hunt's Ketchup (3)
-.20/1 MQ (3)
As previously reported, these only multiplied up to 80 cents. I had the cashier correct it so it took off the full $1 making the ketchup free.

.99 Sara Lee sandwich bread

1.00 whole pineapple

-.05 reusable bag credit

-.29 subtotal + .20 tax = -.09 total paid out to me by cashier

1.77 Farmer John bacon - raincheck price
-.75/1 IPQ - print here
-1.00/1 EQ - load here
.23 overage

.79 Knorr Buillon Cubes (4)
-.35/1 & .45/1 MQ La Voz (4)
.80 overage

.99 Sara Lee sandwich bread

-.05 reusable bag credit

-.09 subtotal + .07 tax = -.02 paid out to me by cashier.

SUMMARY: .11 profit

FINAL SUMMARY: 1.24 cost

1.00 Stride Gum (6)
-1.00/2 Wags Q from monthly Q booklet (deducted 3.00)
-BOGO Stride Gum (3)
No tax! I don't know if I've ever had a zero OOP at Wags!
Also, the Wags on Greenfield/Southern in Mesa is giving out free Cardinals magazines due to overstock with any purchase. Yay for extra, unexpected freebies!


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  2. I've noticed that Albertson's is never consistant with their coupon policy. One store will let you do a transaction, but another store down the road is very picky. And I've also noticed that it depends on the cashier in the store as well. What can you say, they are picky!


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