Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Printable Coupon Source - E-Centives!

Well, it's new to me anyway! E-Centives is a printable coupon site with tons of great coupons - Betty Crocker, General Mills, Yoplait... all the usual suspects. They have a lot of the same coupons as and, which is great for multiplying the amount of like coupons.

But here is why E-Centives is better...
NONE OF THEIR COUPONS SAY DO NOT DOUBLE! At least, none of the ones I've printed. :) 

We all cringe when we see this horrible black bar across the top with huge, blaring letters saying "Do not double or triple."  It kills deals! Even though it's coded with a 5 and will automatically double, if a cashier sees this wording, they are technically supposed to suppress the double (by pushing a button on the register). Sometimes, the cashier will just scan it, allowing it to double, but you never know! It's a total crapshoot and it makes planning shopping trips really difficult!

That's why I am so excited about E-Centives and the lack of doubling restrictions! I have updated the right side of my blog to include the link to E-Centives so you can start printing away!


  1. Ugh... I've been trying to print e-centive coupons from Windows 7 for the past few months and I keep getting We're Sorry blah blah blah. This works great in Vista and XP. TG I have all three :).

    Airwick coupons from their site is also e-centives, and a couple of other sites as well that has great printable coupons.

    If you noticed I stopped posting alot of Smartsource low end coupons because of the Screaming Blue bar that Reads "Do not Double" LOL!!

  2. Woohoo! This is the first I've heard of them I think :) Thanks!!!!


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