Monday, May 17, 2010

Dairy run at Safeway!

I was out of milk, so off to Safeway I went!

1.49 Lucerne shredded cheese (3)
-.55/1 Real California cheese IPQ (3)
These coupons beep but they are completely legitimate. The cheese packages have the Real California Dairy seal and they are above the minimum price of 1.25 as stated on the coupon.
.49 each

1.78 Dairy Glen milk - no coupon

.89 Reese's - filler treat for husband

4.14 subtotal paid with $4 Kellogg's OYNO and .14 gift card

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear that you didnt have trouble using your dairy coupons. i had an awful experience at safeway on saturday... they said they are making new rules and wouldn't accept ANY of my dairy coupons b/c they didn't scan in. They said there's a whole bunch of other bogus rules for IP's too. Sad day :( Hopefully it's just select safeways jumping on that bandwagon and not ALL of them :( I might try to venture out your way today and get some dairy. Thanks for posting :)


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