Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Target & Free Flashlights!

I ran over to Target today for a few deals. I wanted to replicate KC's awesome Venus razor deal, but sadly, the razors were only clearanced to 4.24 at the Target on Gilbert & Southern and Power & Southern in Mesa. I even scanned them to make sure. This still makes them a .52 money maker, but after tax, it would probably be a wash. I was hoping for a 2.04 money maker and honestly, I have enough razors. I'll wait and see if they'll come down in price at all this week.
3.00 Mountain Dew 12 pk. (5)
-1.00/2 Target Q (2) - print here - scroll down & click on "Coupons" at bottom
-2.00/4 MQ - print here A commenter reported this is a counterfeit coupon. It's not on the CIC list of fradulent coupons, but you may want to call PepsiCo to verify.
11.00 OOP, earned $5 gift card for purchasing 5 12-pks.
6.00 cost or 1.20 each
Thanks Hounding with FrugalSuz!
My husband likes Mountain Dew and at 1.20 per 12-pk., we're out of it, & 1.20 is not a bad stock up price for the summer.

.99 Bic 7-pk. pens (2)
-1.00/1 IPQ (2) adjusted to .99 each - print here

My sweet baby girl "needed" some clothing for her 2 year pictures. :) And she honestly needed a couple of church dresses. We have tubs and tubs of hand-me-down clothing she's been wearing since she was born, but there seems to be a lull in our supply around 2T. Remember how I said I was getting ready to do a mall trip? Well, I did, and I couldn't bring myself to spend $24 on a dress for my 1 year old. Or $12 for a pair of shorts. I mean, really. She's going to grow out of it in 6 months anyway. So, I ditched the mall idea and decided to head to Target. I used this $5.00 off 30.00 in Cherokee children's apparal IPQ and a couple of 2.50/1 Target hangtag Qs (finally found a couple of these!) to bring my OOP down. Here's how I did:

11.00 Brown & White Flower Dress - LOVE THIS!
4.48 puffy White Flowered Dress - clearanced
5.00 Pink Blouse
6.00 Plaid Shorts
2.98 C9 clearanced Girl's Shirt -2.50/1 hangtag found on Tide with Febreeze = .48
2.98 C9 clearanced Boy's Shirt -2.50/1 hangtag found on Tide with Febreeze = .48
32.44 before coupons, 22.44 after $5/30 and 2 2.50/1 hangtag Target coupons (in that order).
As much as it makes me want to puke to spend money like this, I am happy with what I got for $22.
Total Target Cost = 28.44 paid with Target gift cards

I also had 3 free LED flashlight coupons at Harbor Freight. They were in the Harbor Freight ad in the Sunday paper on 2/14, 3/7, 4/18, & 5/2. They do say one per customer, so I was worried I'd have to come back daily to collect all my flashlights. The cashier was super nice and gave me all 3 in one transaction. They are bigger than I thought they would be and I am excited to use these for emergency kits & stocking stuffers. Make sure you use up all those coupons and get your free LED flashlights too!


  1. We probably passed each other in the G&S Target yesterday because I was hunting the razors too!

    Using the Sunday papers (and we found a Q in the USA Today mag in Sunday's paper too), my DH has collected NINE of the free Harbor Freight flashlights. He's using them as prizes/bribes for the Boy Scouts he works with.

  2. Wow great price on the Mountain Dew! You did great! Cute clothes :)

  3. I hate to tell you this, but the Mtn. Dew coupon for $2/4 is a counterfeit. I just contacted Pepsi Co. to find out if it was legit and they said it was a fake.

  4. Vicki- I would have loved to see a fellow couponer at Target! I just found another 17 free flashlight Qs I had ... I wonder if my nice cashier would do 17 in one transaction .. hmmmm. :)

    Super Coupon Lady - Love the name! Thanks for the comment!

    Anon- OMG! I can't believe that! I feel awful! I thought it was fine because so many reputable bloggers were using it. Thanks for the heads up. I will get rid of the rest of those Qs I printed out. What is wrong with these people?

  5. Ya, thanks for the heads up on the flashlights. I completely missed that. I've never shopped @ HF before... so this is new :)
    Flashlights are going to be great for emergency kits and my son is always getting a hold of our flashlights and the batteries are dead by the time we need to use them. So a few back-ups would be nice! :) A very useful freebie! Hope I get 'em!

  6. Bummer! I was totally gonna get my hubby some Diet Mtn. Dew with that coupon. The graphics were a little blurry on the coupon when I printed it. I guess that should have tipped me off. Oh well.


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