Thursday, May 20, 2010

UPDATED! Mall Savings!

When I was a teenager, I would regularly go to the mall and blow through a couple hundred dollars, no problem. I lived with my parents and had a part time job with no bills. Wow, how times have changed! I would throw up if I spent that much money now. I am planning a trip to the mall in the next couple of days because I need to grab a new swimsuit for my daughter and I need some new work clothing. I am cringing inside thinking about having to spend real cash.

So, to make this as inexpensive as possible, I have been rounding up coupons to use. I'm planning on heading out to Arizona Mills in Tempe so I can shop the outlet stores for additional savings. Here are the coupons I've got so far...

Free Travel Size Signature Collection Item when you spend $5 or more (sign up req.)
20% off any purchase (exp. 5/23/10)
In my mail yesterday, I got what I've been waiting for ... a $10/30 purchase Q for Bath & Body Works! Only problem is, it expired May 9th! :( I'm taking it with me anyway! The worst they can say is no. Darn postman!

I found a Gymboree coupon for 20% off my entire purchase in my free Parents magazine. It came with a 3.00/1 Tide Stain Release coupon.

$1.00 flip flops this Saturday, 5/22 only while supplies last. Limit 5 per person. No coupon required.

Do you guys know of any other retail coupons floating around out there?


  1. Victoria Secret has a promotion going on facebook. If you like their page you can print a coupon for a free pair of panties with any purchase.

  2. Oh yeah you can also get free lip gloss at Victoria Secret with any purchase. Print coupon at

    expires May 26th

  3. Kim, just to let you know, you can not use those bath & body works coupons at the Arizona Mills location. It is a Bath & Body Works Outlet Store and all BBW coupons exclude the outlets. The only coupons you can use there are the survey coupons from the bottom of receipts. Hope that saved you some hassle!

  4. Bev- Thanks so much for the great additions to my mall coupon list! I actually printed the Victoria's Secret free panty Facebook offer (which I don't think is available anymore) and the design was weird. It was, like a Facebook logo on the butt. I don't think I'd wear them. But thanks for the reminder! And thanks also for the link to the free lip gloss!

    Beth- Thanks for the heads up! That would have been irritating to pick out all my items and then realize I can't use a coupon. I think I'll just go to the one in Dana Park or Fiesta Mall in Mesa. That definitely saved me some hassle!

  5. Bev- I'm an idiot! The FB promo IS still active. I updated the mall list. Thanks!

  6. has a HUGE list of retail coupons. Great site!

    Also, The childrens place will stack any coupon with their 15% off survey on the bottom of the reciept. This makes for much better savings!

  7. also, on previous Victorias secret free panty coupons they let me pick out ANY pair I wanted from the tables. So even if the picture is something you don't like...give it a try and see if they will let you choose your own pair!


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