Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last week's CVS & Wags Deals

I feel bad even posting this because we're already one day into the new sales, but I may as well... I went to one more CVS late Saturday night to try to find one more 2 oz. tube of sunblock to finish up the "Buy 2, Get $5 EB" deal. They had more than 10 sitting on the shelf! I just needed one, so I grabbed that and paid 2.19 on a CVS giftcard. I got a $5 EB for completing the sunblock deal (.62 profit) and I got a $1 EB for 4 scans on my green bag tag.

I had been avoiding Wags all week because I have a love/hate relationship with the Register Rewards carousel. Once you're on, you're on and you have to keep rolling those darn RRs every two weeks. And in Arizona, we are taxed on pre-coupon price, so even if I have a zero subtotal, I'm paying $2-3 in sales tax. Either way, I was almost out of shave gel and it was free after RR, so back on the carousel I went. And the free packing tape wasn't too bad either. :)

I did 2 transactions with 6 rolls of tape each and a Skintimate shave gel. I ended up paying over $2 in tax on each transaction, so it was definitely not profitable. Oh well. I paid in RRs and Wags gift cards. And I'll have smooth legs this summer.

Check back tomorrow for Mail Call Monday... can't wait to see what treasures are waiting for me!

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  1. I totally wanted some shave gel...but never made it over to do that deal. Hopefully CVS will run a deal on the shave gel soon...
    My mom did help me out and snag all of the bayer meters I needed with the last of my Qs... which is awesome since the Q expired on Friday. I had printed a few tape coupons too, but didn't manage to use them either. Hopefully another deal will pop up!


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