Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Smart Ones at Fry's 5/23 - 5/25!

Clear out your freezers!
Natalie left a comment with this AWESOME deal to share with all of us! And just in time for bathing suit season too! Our waistlines thank you Natalie!

There is a Smart Ones OYNO deal starting Sunday, 5/23. Here are the details:
Buy 6, get $3.00 off your next order
Buy 8, get $4.00 off your next order
Buy 10, get $5.00 off your next order

Here's the deal:
Buy 10 at $1 each = 10.00
-5.00/10 IPQ - print here = 5.00
Pay 5.00 OOP, receive 5.00 OYNO
Cost = FREE!

Then you repeat the above until you run out of 5.00/10 IPQs, using the $5 OYNO so you have no OOP and each time, you'll receive ANOTHER $5 OYNO!

This deal gets even sweeter if you have any additional Smart Ones MQs lying around. I have a booklet of Smart Ones MQs that came with my free insulated Smart Ones bag. They are all for a free Smart Ones product wyb 5 Smart Ones entrees, so I'll be using 2 per transaction. Hopefully, they'll auto and this will become a money maker, but if not, getting all these meals free is good enough for me!

I've tried all the different kinds of freezer meals and Smart Ones are my absolute favorite. I've been eating their Fettuccine Alfredo for the past couple of months after getting a ton free during the March Frozen Foods promo at Safeway. They are delicious and most of their entrees are under 300 calories.

Well, you know where I'll be ... in the freezer section at Fry's! See you there!


  1. SO EXCITED for this Sale! I've been wondering when more free goodies like this would come around :) THANK YOU! I finally fixed your button over at CG Couponista!

  2. Hmmmm....I did this this morning and it did not work. I got 6 in transaction 1, used the 3.00 off 6 from All You (June) -which by the way scans for six bucks (yep!! But my store quickly noticed) and got no catalina.

    Transaction 2, got 10 of them, and only got a cat for 4.00....anyone else have the same problem? HOW WEIRD!!

  3. I did this deal today. I have zero room in my freezer so I only purchased 6 of them. I used the $3 off of 6 from the June All You Magazine. That coupon scanned and auto deducted SIX BUCKS! I got a $3 catalina with no problems. LOVE IT!

  4. I had the same thing happen SC. I bought 10 and only got a $4.00 cat!

  5. If anyone is still planning to do this deal tonight, you might like to know that I found a "B5G1 Artisan Creations Grilled Flatbread" (up to $3.89!!!) coupon inside the box! Not sure if this is in them all, but if you buy any Smart Ones, you might want to check and make your follow-up orders more profitable with a little extra freebie!

    I had a little hang-up in my transactions too.

    My frys was WELL stocked today, so I was able to buy 40 (I promise there were TONS left when I was done) & we've invested in a lg freezer so we can make good on such deals :D.

    My first and second transactions of 10 printed a $5 cat, but the 3rd printed only a $3 cat. I explained it to the cashier and he got permission to give me an extra $2 off my next transaction. Then my fourth transaction of 10 printed another $5 cat.... hmmmm. Doesn't make sense to me. Luckily they were nice about it.


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