Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fry's Reconnaissance Mission

I wanted to check up on some prices and do a sweep of the store for clearance and tearpad MQs, so I headed into Fry's with no coupons! I felt naked!

Here are the findings of my trip:

  • BLINKIES & TEARPAD Q'S, WHERE ARE YOU? Either I am blind or the blinkie ladies missed Fry's on Val Vista & Baseline. I found a measly 3 coupons! I found blinkies for 1.00 off 1 Planters Peanuts 16 oz.+ (exp. 6/19/10) and 2.00 off any 1 Goodlife Recipe dry cat food (exp. 6/6/10). I also found a tearpad for 3.00 off any 1 Raid Max Bug Barrier starter spray (exp. 12/31/10). I'll file those away and hope for a sale!

  • NO FREE SARA LEE BREAD THIS WEEK! Sad news! I checked and the ONLY varieties tagged at 99 cents are the Honey Wheat & Whole Wheat. None of the varieties we have MQs for are on sale. And none of the special Toy Story promo packages are on sale either. Boo. Oh well, 99 cents isn't a bad deal. But free bread would have been better!

  • FREE KETCHUP! The 24 oz. size of Hunt's Ketchup (No High Fructose Corn Syrup) is on sale for $1.00. Pair that sale price up with the .20/1 Hunts Ketchup MQ from the 5/16 SS for free ketchup! An anonymous commenter also confirmed this works this afternoon - thanks! Be sure to check that your .20/1 MQ actually is multiplied up to $1. Lots of people are reporting this Q is only quadrupling up to 80 cents. This is a register programming error & it needs to be corrected at the register or at customer service. Their ad shows ALL COUPONS (even a 10 cent) coupon equals a dollar, so make them give that ketchup to you for free!

  • .49 LUNCHABLES! Lunchables (the smallest kind) are on sale for 99 cents. Pair that sale price up with the Fry's DBacks store flyer Q for 1.00/2 Lunchables. This makes each one .49 each wyb 2.

  • SARGENTO PRICES! Sargento Cheese is on sale for 40% off this week. I am not a fan of the percentage sales! I can't plan because I have no idea what the shelf price is. So, I had to go find out for myself and all of you! We have a .50/1 Reduced Sodium Sargento MQ from the 4/18 SS, but I couldn't find any of that at my store. If you find it, you can take $1 off each of these prices. Here are the prices I found:

    • 2.39 Sliced Swiss, all Shredded bags

    • 2.63 Sliced Provolone, Pepper Jack, Reduced Fat, etc.

    • 2.99 String Cheese
I will update my weekly deals to display this new-found information. Have you found any unadvertised deals while you've been out shopping this week?


  1. Great Finds! I've often wanted to go hunting for deals, but rarely have the time. I need ketchup, thx so much for looking!

  2. hey thanks Kim ~ all I know is that the Lucerne cream cheese at SW is .99, which works well for the coupon on the Real CA Milk site...thanks 4 checkin the Sargento, I hate percentage sales too !!

  3. K... I was SO EXCITED about the free ketchup that I had to run to Frys. It only quadrupled the .20/1 Q. I noticed that it was still charging me .20 per ketchup, so I mentioned it to my cashier and she went ahead and took off the exrta .20 per ketchup to make them all free :) Thanks for the great deal! Now I'm stocked on Ketchup til 2011 (they expire 12/11)!!! :)

    I also think I saw the Sargento Reduced Sodium Sliced Provolone at 2.63, but no other Reduced Sodium products.

  4. Janae - I've heard that the Hunt's MQ is only quadrupling from another reader too! I'll post a note on that deal so people know to get that modified. Silly Fry's... you think they'd make sure their registers were programmed correctly. I'll have to check a different Fry's for that reduced sodium variety. Thanks!

    SC- If you have a cashier that goes off original shelf price, you can totally use that coupon. Since the coupons all beep no matter what, my cashiers scrutinize these coupons. None of the Safeways I've ever been to will accept it based off original shelf price, so I didn't post that deal because I didn't want anyone to get shut down and be frustrated or embarrassed. Good for you that you have awesome, coupon-friendly stores! Stock up while its free!

  5. I was the anon reader who mentioned the ketchup- glad you found it! I should also mention that while there I noticed they have their kraft dressing on sale 3/$5. There should be a catalina starting tomorrow 5/21 for $1 wyb 2, $2 wyb 3, and $3 wyb 4. So with our coupons we should get free dressing!
    - Amanda


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