Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mail Call Monday 5/10/10

A day late in posting... sorry about that! We're just getting back from being out of town this weekend and I am still catching up.
Another great freebie arrived today! I signed up about a month ago for a free Weight Watchers Smart Ones insulated lunch bag and I just received it today. Freebies are lots of fun because I usually forget that I've signed up for them until I receive them in the mail. I love free surprises! The bag is actually really well made and I am excited to put it to use. Included in the package was a booklet of coupons for Smart Ones meals- hooray!

In addition to my freebie lunch bag, I also received my grocery ads and a free issue of OK magazine. I glanced through the grocery ads for just a minute but here's a sneak peek: Albie's, Fry's, & Safeway are continuing the $1 coupon event for another week and the "Buy 4, Save $4" P&G sale at Fry's is continuing for one more week. Check back Wednesday morning for a full list of My Favorite Deals.

What treasures did you get in your mailbox today?

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