Friday, May 28, 2010

75 Powerades for $3.00!

I wait for this Fry's Powerade sale all year and then I stock up! We were just getting down to our last case from last year's sale, so this was great timing! If you can find the .75/2 Powerade tearpad Qs, you can stock up at 3 cents per bottle! I have seen these coupons everywhere (Circle K, QT, & Fry's), but they expire 5/31/10, so you have to hurry and use them by Monday. The limit is 3 cases (or 45 bottles) per transaction, so I did 2 orders.

.80 Powerade (45)
-5 free wyb 10 store discount (.80 x 15 = 12.00 discount)
-.75/2 tearpad Q (22)
2.00 cost
My cashier doubled all of these, but YMMV. Their policy is 3 like coupons doubled per order.

2.24 Mirra make-up brushes (6)
-5.00/2 IPQ - print here
1.56 overage
You may or may not get the overage on these. If the cashier doesn't push these through, ask the cashier to adjust the coupon price down or just buy a Mirra product that is more expensive, like the Mirra cleansing cloths for 2.99 so you get over the 5.00 mark.

1.19 Bounty Basic paper towel
-.25/1 MQ 5/2 PG
This coupon expires 5/31/10, so if you have any left, use them up before Monday!

1.00 Right Guard deodorant (14)
-.55/1 MQ (14) from Safeway May 2010 HBA coupon booklet - found in beauty aisle
Again, my cashier doubled all of these, but YMMV.
1.88 milk

2.51 subtotal + .90 tax = 3.41 total
Paid with $3 Kraft Dressing OYNO and .41 on Fry's gift card
3.41 cost

.80 Powerade (30)
-5 free wyb 10 store discount (.80 x 10 = 8.00 discount)
-.75/2 tearpad Q (15) - My cashier doubled all of these, but YMMV. Their policy is 3 doubled per order.
1.00 cost

1.00 subtotal + .53 tax = 1.53 total paid on Fry's giftcard

FINAL SUMMARY: 4.94 cost


  1. GET OUT! What an amazing deal! Subscribing to your link immediately! My kids (teenagers) go thru Gatorade so fast, I am surprised they don't pee Blue! (or whatever the flavor of the day is!)

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Lesa - I'm so glad you found my blog! You can totally do this deal too. Go on a little coupon hunt to your local gas stations and then stock up on 3 cent Powerade by Monday! "I am surprised they don't pee Blue" ... you are so funny. :) Thanks for the comment!


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