Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Shopping!

I headed out this morning to do some Saturday shopping at Fry's (more Powerade!), WalMart (summer fun stuff!), & the Superstition Ranch Market (amazingly cheap fresh produce).
I filled up my car at the Fry's gas station using my 10 cent fuel rewards I have accumulated and paid 2.49/gallon - wowza! Then I headed inside for 2 more cases of Powerade. I used 15 .75/2 tearpad MQs for a total cost of 90 cents plus .03 tax. Paid .93 on a Fry's gift card.

I went to Wally World because we needed some summer essentials ... bubbles and a water toy! What is Memorial Day weekend without backyard fun? Well, I forgot the bubbles :( but I did find an awesome flower sprinkler that attaches to the hose and whips water all over the place on clearance for $3.00! I also picked up a pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts for 3.10 (price matched to Safeway) and 1.00 hamburger buns and hot dog buns. While I was there, I stopped by the RedBox and grabbed a free rental of "Dear John" to watch later tonight. My total was 8.10 paid on a WalMart gift card.

I have professed my love for the farmer's market before on this blog, but look at all that colorful, fresh produce! How can you not want one of everything? And I only spent 10.88 total!

1.42 red seedless grapes (.69/lb.)
1.19 5 pound bag of potatoes
.50 strawberries (1 lb.)
.99 blueberries
.99 yellow peach (.89/lb.)
.34 kiwi
.34 mango
.59 tomatoes (.69/lb.)
.34 iceberg lettuce
.31 nectarine (1.29/lb.)
.34 orange bell pepper
.25 yellow & red bell peppers
1.26 bananas (.59/lb.)
.57 green beans (1.49/lb.)
.17 cucumber
.10 white corn (3 ears @ .10 each)
.34 blackberries (2)
.92 seedless watermelon (.12/lb.)
TOTAL = 10.88

TOTAL OOP = 10.88


  1. Hey are the gas rewards stacking at Frys?? I thought I had to use each 10 cent discount separately!

  2. KC - I wish they wee stacking! I went back and re-read my post and my wording is misleading ... sorry to get you excited about nothing! I only got one 10 cent gas reward. If they stacked, I might just get free fuel after my Powerade runs this week. :)

  3. Do they let you use all 15 coupons at once and do they all double? I got 15 and want to go today and just wondering how you did it. thanks so much

  4. SB- I went to 2 different Fry's (Val Vista/Baseline & Apache Trail/Idaho) and both let me double as many coupons as I had. Obviously, it depends on your cashier, but I would definitely try it. :)

  5. Kim-
    As always, LOVE the blog! Have you seen any of these Powerade q's lately? I always kick myself by not stocking up on q's thinking that I won't need them and then this type of deal comes along! My parents have a farm and could totally use the Powerade to have for their workers who are in the heat all day!

  6. Wheat- Thanks for the comment! I've seen those tearpad Qs all over the place this week - Fry's, QT, Circle K. I would definitely try to find some. But hurry, those coupons expire Monday, so I'm sure they'll be pulling them down soon. Good luck!


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