Monday, May 24, 2010

Yard Sale Finds in California!

We were out of town visiting family this weekend in Southern California, where it was freezing cold & raining! What the heck? I don't think the So Cal meteorologists got the memo that it's almost June! My little sister and I went out and hunted down a few great yard sales.

Here's what we found:

1.00 Dress (worn once!)
.50 Children's Place Hats
.50 Old Navy Sweater
.50 I Spy Book

2.00 Closet Organizer
I am so excited about this! My daughter's pants are in piles on a closet shelf, but the piles always get mixed together. This will keep them seperate and organized! (This is my super cute little sister modeling the organizer!)

Get excited ... this is the most amazing find ever!
1.00 Antique Coupon Organizer FULL of Coupons with No Expiration Dates!
Look at these old, yellowed coupons! Some of them are so old, they don't even have bar codes at all! Wow. I wonder if the redemption addresses are still valid.
You know me. Coupons are my passion. I saw this little treasure sitting on a driveway for $2. I couldn't believe my eyes! I felt like Al from Al's Toy Barn (Toy Story 2) when he found Woody at the yard sale. As I was looking through all the coupons in speechless amazement, the yard sale woman said she would take a dollar for it! GAH! Is this woman crazy? She clearly had no idea what she had here! Well, I whipped out that dollar and tucked this little treasure under my arm. I can't wait to really take an inventory of what I have so I can start putting these to use. I just couldn't wait to post this because I knew all my couponing friends would share in my delight!

What have you found at yard sales recently?


  1. Awww!! You scored!! Totally!!! What a sweet find Kim!! GREAT JOB!! Gosh..I think I need to hit up the yard sales in SoCAL next time I drive out there to see family!!

  2. I DO love California yard sales :) They sale way nicer clothes & home decor for super cheap! You found some awesome deals! The coupon organizer is a super fun find! Could you imagine if she threw that away had you not come along???? Oh, that thought just made me puke a little ;) okay, not really, but it's a sad thought. Good work!

    Hey be sure to let me know the next time YOU have a garage sale and I'll buy that dress off you for exactly what you paid for it!!! ;) hehehe.

  3. My mom had some really old coupons in her closet. I got them out and have been using them. Some time I get sprange looks when I hand them over. I used 2 really old ones today at safeway for cinnamon roll. It was for 12 cents but all coupons are a dollar. That is cool!!!

  4. That is the greatest yard sale find ever. WOW! I'd be curious to know just how much in savings that little box has to offer!

  5. You know you're a Mom when you use Toy Story as an analogy :)


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