Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fry's, Albie's, & Safeway = 1.07 profit

I hit Fry's one more time to use the Old Spice EQs on my Kroger card.

3.50 Old Spice Odor Blocker body wash (2)
3.50 Old Spice Fresh Collection deodorant (2)
-Buy Old Spice body wash, get deo free MQ 5/2 PG
-Buy Old Spice deo, get body wash free MQ 5/2 PG
-3.00/2 Old Spice Odor Blocker body wash EQ - load here
-3.00/2 Old Spice Fresh Collection deodorant EQ - load here
-4.00 "Buy 4, Save $4" instant Fry's discount
3.00 overage!
Thanks Sheryl!

6.99 3M Scotch Fur Fighter Starter Kit
-4.00/1 EQ - load here
-4.00/1 MQ 4/11 SS
1.01 overage
I've been watching the price on these because I had the 4.00/1 EQs loaded on my Fry's cards. Today, I saw they were 6.99 so I grabbed one for each card for 1.01 overage each. But, at self-checkout, they rang up at 9.99 (regular price). I almost notified the SCO checker so she could price adjust, but then I remembered if an item rings incorrectly, Fry's will refund you the difference, plus give you a $5 Fry's gift card. So, I kept quiet, paid the higher OOP, and sure enough customer service gave me 6.00 back plus tax (3.00 for each one) and a $5 Fry's gift card! In the end, I made 3.51 on each Fur Fighter. How exciting.
7.02 profit (one on each card)

3.28 Kroger rice (5 lb.)
Needed this to eat up overage and this is a great price on its own anyway.

2.39 tax = 4.35 profit

Albie's was pretty cleaned out by the time I got there, but since it was the last day of the sale, I wasn't too surprised. I got rainchecks for the 1.00 Bugles and 1.00 Suddenly Salad.

1.00 Suddenly Salad (3)
-.40/1 IPQ (3) - print here

Somehow I ended up ten cents negative, so I made money there. I had 7 Suddenly Salad IPQs, but 4 of them had the Do Not Double restriction and my cashier suppressed it. I had her take 4 of those off so I wouldn't end up paying for something I don't really need.

I thought I had a lot more shopping to do here, but most of my deals didn't end tonight with the sales cycle, so I have some time to get those done.

2.50 Nabisco 100 calorie snacks (4)
-BOGO Facebook IPQ (2) auto'd at 3.59 each! - print here
2.82 OOP, earned $3.00 OYNO for buying 4+
.18 cost or 5 cents each

1.68 Dairy Glen milk (2)

.20 tax = 6.38 on a gift card, earned $3 OYNO = 3.38 cost

4.35 profit (FRY'S) + -.10 profit (ALBIE'S) + 3.38 cost (SAFEWAY) = 1.07 profit!


  1. Great job!! I am getting ready to post my Alby's deal, they actually paid me 5 cents, LOL :) I have such a bad time there, the cashier had to initial every single coupon...arrrghhh makes me want to pull my hair out!! Great job tonight!!

  2. I never knew about the price guarantee & $5 GC until this week! How cool is that?! You learn something new every day :) Thanks Girl!!!


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