Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sales + Clearance + Coupons = Successful Safeway Trip!

Safeway paid me 2.85 to take all this home!
I went to a different Safeway on my way home from work and found the most amazing clearance section ever! It was as if they took all the items from my shopping list and put those wonderful little orange clearance stickers on each one! What's AWESOME about using clearanced items with sales is the clearance sticker takes 50% off the price and all of your Store Qs, EQs, and MQs deduct as usual. This just gave me tons of overage and made me a happy Safeway shopper!

1.49 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
-.55/1 Cellfire EQ - load here
-.55/1 IPQ - print here
.06 overage

1.49 Honey Nut Cheerios - clearanced
-.75 50% off orange clearance sticker
-.55/1 Shortcuts EQ (2) - load here
-1.00/1 MQ from sample in newspaper - print an IPQ here
2.36 overage

3.49 Bisquick - clearanced
-1.75 50% off orange clearance sticker
-.60/1 MQ 3/28 SS
-.75/1 Cellfire EQ (2) - load here
-.60/1 Shortcuts EQ - load here
1.36 overage

2.49 Capri Sun (5) - clearanced
12.45 subtotal
-1.25 50% off orange clearance sticker (5)
-5.00 store discount "Buy 5, Save $5" event
-1.00/1 MQ from Maxwell House MQ booklet (5)
3.80 overage

2.49 Oscar Meyer Deli Meat (2)
-in-ad Q (deducted .50 for each one)
-2.00/1 Facebook IPQ (2) - no longer available
.49 each

1.68 Dairy Glen milk (2)
-.55/1 Real CA dairy product IPQ (2) - print here
.68 each
I checked the label & guess what? It's produced in Pleasanon, CA! I checked with the manager on these Real CA IPQs and he said it was fine with him.

.89 Reese's PB cups - Dark Chocolate
-.55/1 MQ
.11 overage

.89 Hershey's chocolate bars (8) Buy 2, Get 2 sale
-BOGO MQ 4/18 SS (4)
All 8 free
The manager let me substitute regular for dark chocolate because they didn't have any up front and they were super busy.

1.89 Betty Crocker frosting (2) Buy 2, Get 3 Free Sale
0 Betty Crocker cake mix (2)
0 Betty Crocker cookie mix (1)
3.78 subtotal
-1.00 wyb frosting & cookie mix Cellfire EQ (2) - load here
-.75/1 cake mix Cellfire EQ (2) - load here
-.75 wyb cake mix & frosting MQ 3/28 SS (2)
-.40/1 cookie mix MQ 3/28 SS
2.72 overage

1.59 Farmer John sausage
-.75/1 IPQ - print here use zip code 90210
-.75/1 Shortcuts EQ (2) - load here
.91 overage

1.49 clearanced Easter sprinkles

1.49 18 ct. eggs (2) - with in-ad Q

.88 blackberries - overstock sale

.99 Fresh Express spinach
My .50/1 Safeway EQ didn't come off :(

.79 Hillshire Farms ham - clearanced
-.55/1 MQ 5/2 RP
.21 overage

My subtotal would have been -2.85, so I added in a $10 Safeway gift card and paid with 7.00 in OYNOs and .15 on another Safeway gift card. From an accounting perspective, I just moved my Safeway money around with a small profit of 2.85. And took home almost $100 in groceries for free. :)

I know clearance items vary from store to store, but remember to always peruse your clearance section. Some of my best shopping trips have included clearanced products. And really, who cares if my box of Bisquick has a smashed corner? It's good until April 2011!


  1. Are you able to load more than one cellfire coupon? That would be great. Today is Friday. Thanks again for the La Voz tip! Have a great weekend.

  2. Good Job!!! I completely missed out on the facebook Q!! :( Luckily there are still other deals this week... hope I get some!

  3. Looks like Farmer John printable coupons are no longer available. Clicked on link in post and coupon not there. Bummer!

  4. Thanks for the shopping list. ;)

  5. Wow great job! My safeway doesn't usually do the 50% off stickers for clearance. They just price them separately so there is no double bonus with the sale items. That is so awesome.. of course my safeway also sucks most of the time.. :-)

    So jealous! :-)

  6. Lucerne is 1.69 now at my Safeway :(
    Guess I'm drinking the new stuff too.

    On a happier not I had a WONDERFUL run today thanks to your tips! Have a good weekend girl!

  7. Hey quick question, the maxwell booklet, is that at safeway? I could use a few extra capri sun Qs! I might need to hunt it down.

  8. KC- Sorry for the late response to your comment! The maxwell booklet was in a Maxwell coffee cannister I got for free from the March to Savings Fry's site basketball game. It was in the shrinkwrap, so you'll probably have to buy the coffee to get to it. Hope that helps!


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