Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free 6 inch Subway Sandwich!

I just read over at East Valley Freebies that you can get a free six inch Subway sandwich! I love eating Subway and loading on the veggies for a healthy, convenient lunch! And have you tried their breakfast sandwiches yet? Yummy!

All you have to do is:
  • Pick up a rewards card at your closest Subway - they're free!
  • Text the number on your rewards card to 33562. This will earn you 50 points which you can redeem for a free 6 inch!

And who said there was never such a thing as a free lunch? ... I HAD to say it! :)


  1. Any idea if this is at all Arizona Subways? Tucson/Sahuarita/Green Valley?

  2. Anon- I honestly am not sure! I would call your local Subway and ask them. I haven't even tried it out here in the Phoenix area yet, but as soon as I will, I will report back. Thanks for the comment! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful :)

  3. I wasn't sure if this was considered a great deal... but at Frys today I purchased 4 of their Kellogg cereals that had the 'Toy Story' box and used 2 $1/2 coupons and 1 of the $1 off 3 store coupon from the dback store flyer. When you purchase 4 you get a catalina for $3 and then you can use the codes from the toy story box to get some free movie stuff. 3 codes is $5 concession at participating theatres... 6 codes is a movie ticket. I figured this was a pretty good deal. I'll get $5 concession credit and 4 boxes of cereal for $1.88

  4. Anon- That IS a great deal! Thanks for sharing it with everyone & great job figuring out that deal. Do you remember the price on the cereals you purchased? Which specific Kellogg's cereals did you buy? Thanks again!


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