Monday, May 3, 2010

Are you Swaggin' yet?

You have no doubt seen Swagbucks discussed in the blogosphere - but what is it? Swagbucks is an online search engine (like Google or Yahoo) that rewards you with Swagbucks when you search on their site. Swagbucks can be redeemed for all kinds of awesome things like books, magazines, & gift cards! If you're like me, you are probably skeptical and think it's a scam. It's not! KC over at Desert Deals Diva regularly redeems her Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards which funds her Christmas shopping! What a great way to pay for Christmas just by using the internet as you normally would! And it only takes 450 Swagbucks to earn a $5 Amazon gift card. Sounds like a lot, but you will be amazed how quickly those Swagbucks rack up.

Ready to sign up yet?

If you're on the fence, this week is a great time to sign up. Through this Friday, May 7th, new members earn 50 Swagbucks just for signing up! Hey, I only got 30 Swagbucks when I signed up! All you have to do is click here and use the Swag Code: SWAGNATION5 (case sensitive).

Are you already a member? You still have a great chance of earning lots of Swagbucks this week! This week ONLY they are doubling the amount of Swagbucks you are awarded throughout the day via search– which means you have a greater chance of earning more Swagbucks this week then you normally would, so get searching! Also, starting Tuesday, Swagbucks is introducing a new daily poll feature that allows you to earn Swagbucks every day just by answering a daily poll!

What are you waiting for? Start swaggin' it up!

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