Wednesday, March 24, 2010

$175 of groceries for $2.20!

I feel bad posting this trip from yesterday because some of these deals have are over with the sales cycle ending Tuesday. However, there are quite a few you can still do - I will highlight the expired deals/coupons, so I don't waste any of your time. As usual, I was running around town last night trying to soak up every last deal on the last day of the sale. Frozen Foods Deals are in blue, so they are easier to see.
1.99 Smart Ones Fettucini Alfredo (10) .26 each
5.99 DiGiorno pizza .26
2.00 Colgate toothpaste 1.00 - I PAID for toothpaste! :(
.99 Farmer John sausage (2) FREE
.08 tax
29.95 subtotal
-2.00/4 Smart Ones HH SWQ (2) - expired yesterday
-1.00/1 Colgate HH SWQ - expired yesterday
13.97 total, paid with $10 Frozen Foods & 3.50 BC cats, .47 cash
Received $10 Frozen Foods cat

I forgot the Colgate $1 price is only wyb 3 - I'm such an idiot!
The .99 Farmer John's sausage sale is over at SW, but is available at Albie's this week!
The Heart Healthy SW Q book expired yesterday- sad.

3.00 Kashi cereal (4) .24 overage each
10.29 Star olive oil (2) BOGO sale .64 each
3.49 Ore Ida fries, potatoes (8) .14 each
2.50 Michael Angelo's (2) .14 each
1.69 clearanced Pillsbury crescent rolls (4) .75 overage each!
1.50 Pillsbury easter cookies (2) 2.66 overage each!
4.99 Old Spice deodorant 1.25 overage
3.49 Old Spice body wash 1.25 overage
8.99 Huggies 2.99
1.41 tax
83.85 subtotal
-4.00 Safeway discount Kashi cereal wyb 4- makes them $2 each
-.85 50% off clearance stickers on Pillsbury (4)
-1.50/1 Kashi MQ (3) from Vocal Point (link here)
-Free Kashi MQ (auto'd at 4.49!) from Vocal Point (link here)
-Free Star product MQ (up to $4) (2) from summer promotion
-6.98 B2G1F Safeway Ore Ida Sale - ended 3/23
-6.98 B2G1F Ore Ida IPQ (2) (link here)
-.40/2 Pillsbury cookies peelie MQ
-1.00/2 (3) & .75/2 (4) Pillsbury cookies EQs (here & here)
-.40/2 Pillsbury crescent rolls MQ (2) 1/31 SS
-4.99 BOGO Old Spice Body Wash/Deodorant MQ 3/7 PG
13.01 total paid with $10 Frozen Foods & 2.50 BC cats, .51 cash
Received $10 Frozen Foods cat & 4.00 Pillsbury cat

Kashi cereal sale ended yesterday
Ore Ida B2G1F sale ended yesterday
Major overage on the Pillbury cookies!

FRY'S - Buy 8, Save $4
.99 Lunchables (3) .01 overage each
.79 Ronzoni pasta (4) .21 overage each
1.00 Aquafresh FREE
1.00 Reese's (not in promo) FREE
5.99 Maxwell coffee FREE
BEFORE PROMO SAVINGS: 18.12 + .09 tax = 18.21
-1.00/1 Lunchables MQ 3/21 SS (3)
-.75/1 Ronzoni IPQ (4) - link here & here
-1.00/1 Aquafresh MQ 1/3 RP
-.78 total cashier gave me back change
SUMMARY: .78 profit

I meant to use coupons on the Reese's & the coffee to make them profitable. I was using the SCO to make sure the free items came off as expected when I hit total (which they did), but since my total was below zero, the SCO just cashed the transaction out. Oh well, it was still a profitable trip!

FINAL SUMMARY: 2.20 cost, .20 OOP!

The "March to Savings - Buy 8, Save $4" Fry's deals are going on for another week! So, more freebies for one more week. There are a few changes, like the Aquafresh is now $2 and the DiGiorno pizzas aren't included this week, but for the most part, its just an extension of last week's sale. Safeway's Frozen Food deal continues through the end of the month, plus a lot of the other deals I did are still good this week. I will post about all the great deals available this week so we can all organize our shopping lists. Phew, there have been deals EVERYWHERE lately! I feel like I can't keep up with it all!


  1. Are you having any trouble loading safeway's EQ's to you card???? Their site has been acting really funny. When I go to the screen to load EQ's the website goes nuts & just keeps refreshing??? this has been going on for a week or so now and it's driving me crazy :p I haven't been able to use their EQ's for atleast a week. :( Any suggestions??

  2. Hi J! I haven't had any trouble with their site, although it is ALWAYS slow to load. Maybe try another browser. Sometimes FireFox works better for some reason. Sorry! I wish I could be more helpful!

  3. That was it!!! :) You're awesome! For whatever reason FireFox worked! Thanks girl!!!


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