Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free Powerades at Fry's again!

Superstition Ranch Market
.99 pineapple
.79 strawberries
2.99 grapes (4 lbs!)
4.77 total, no tax - paid cash

.59/lb bananas 1.53
1.00 Barilla pasta (6) FREE
.99 Bashas bread FREE
1.50 La Vic salsa (4) .50 each
1.39 Shamrock sour cream .39
2.00 Skippy PB (2) 1.50 each
19.91 subtotal
-.50/1 Barilla MQ (6)
-Bashas in-ad Q, Buy 2 Skippy PB, get free bread (up to 1.50)
-1/2 Skippy PB MQ
-.50/1 La Vic salsa IPQ (4)
-.50/1 Shamrock sour cream
6.41 total - paid cash
I also picked up some rainchecks for the Lawry's seasoning packets & La Vic enchilada sauce.

Powerades are on a case lot sale for 47 cents each. Combine this with the .75/2 tearpad coupons for .03 profit on each Powerade purchased! I figured out at the first store, the register will only double the first 10 identical coupons. The other 10 didn't double. So, I had out of pocket on that transaction. After that, I split the transactions into 20 Powerades each and had no problems paying nothing OOP. One transaction, I even got 1.54 back! I also picked up 1.00 raspberries at Fry's too. In total, I paid $4.91 for 98 powerades and 1 carton of raspberries. I'm happy to see the case lot sale on Powerades again - we actually just ran out from the last sale they had a few months ago.

Paid $16.09 for $109.67 worth of groceries = 85% savings


  1. What?!? Explain the powerade deal? MY hubby drinks those things daily and I would love to get them for sooo cheap!!

    PS. I just found your blog the other week from Target Shoppers and I love it!!

  2. Tasia- Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you found my blog! There are .75/2 Powerade/Vitamin Water tearpads floating around at QT gas stations. Use those coupons with the case lot sale (.47 each), so after doubled coupon .03 profit on each. Good luck!


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