Friday, April 16, 2010

Winner of the Seeds of Change" prize pack!

I am so impressed by all of your comments! So many of you are doing great things to help the environment & I am so excited my readers are so earth friendly! I wish I had tons of prize packs so everyone could have their own, but I can only have one winner.

Congratulations to SC of the Cents'Able Shoppin blog! She is the winner of the Seeds of Change" prize pack!

SC said, "Hi there!!! :) We use cloth diapers! And have on every child! We dont buy disposables for anything...and we dry the diapers outside on the clothesline. I dont buy baby wipes (my MIL does though), I use cloth wipes to boot!"

Wow SC! That is dedication! I will email you with further instructions to collect your Green Giant "Seeds of Change" prize pack. Congratulations and thanks again to all the other readers who entered! Keep up the "green" living and stay tuned - there are more give-aways to come!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much Kim!! :) I must be on a winning streak lately...I can't believe I almost missed your giveaway...I didn't notice until this morning!


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