Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mail Box Treasures!

Lots of freebie magazines and coupons in my mailbox!
I got three free magazines - Marie Claire, Weight Watchers, & Business Week. I love Marie Claire and can usually find good MQs in there. Weight Watchers is very inspiring, full of healthy recipes, and stocked with great MQs! I read all my free magazines and then they go in the Bookman's pile. If you don't know what Bookman's is, click here!

I also received my replacement CVS cards. I lost my CVS card a couple of weeks ago and was so upset because I didn't want to start accumulating Extra Bucks from scratch again. Then, I remembered I had a keychain copy of my card, so I've been using that instead. Thank goodness for those miniature cards! CVS customer service was very helpful in getting my replacement card out to me quickly.

I received a sample from Vocal Point of Puffs Plus tissues. These samples always come with awesome coupons and this was no exception. There was one $1.00/1 and six .50/1 MQs! The best part is no size restriction on the Qs! I am predicting free Puffs in my future! If you aren't using Vocal Point, click here to join and start sampling!

What did you get this week in your mailbox?

1 comment:

  1. I got my vocalpoint free Pantene sample, and also Marie Claire! :) Yay for FREE!!! :)


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