Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lots of free butter at Fry's!

.12 profit!

.79 Ronzoni (4) .29 each (raincheck)
.49 Bumble Bee tuna (4) .01 overage each (raincheck)
.99 I Can't Believe it's Not Butter sticks (5) .01 overage each
.99 Promise spreads (4) .01 overage each
1.00 Farmer John sausage links FREE
4.99 Airwick i-Motion .01 overage
20.02 subtotal + .86 tax = 20.88 total
-1.00/2 Ronzoni IPQ - link here (2)
-.55/1 Bumble Bee MQ 2/21 SS & 1.00/3 MQ Fry's cat
-1.00/1 ICBINB IPQ (2) + .50/1 ICBINB MQ (3) from Fry's Health magazine found in store
-1.00/1 any Promise product MQ (4) from Fry's Health magazine found in store
-.75/1 any Farmer John sausage IPQ - link here
-5.00/1 any Airwick i-Motion MQ 3/7 SS
1.88 total paid on giftcard
Earned a surprise $2 OYNO for Promise = .12 profit!

-If you've already printed some of these IPQs, it's a new month- try again! I was able to print more Farmer John's today after already printing 2 last week.
-There were .50/1 Farmer John's sausage MQ blinkies in front of the sausage at Fry's. They start with a 9, so they won't double automatically, but you can try to get them to manually double it since they are advertising ALL coupons equal $1.
-I just found out you have to buy 3 Promise butters to get the $2 cat - it was a total surprise to me!
-Fry's at Val Vista & Baseline was already completely cleaned out of .77 Bird's Eye frozen veggies, so I grabbed a raincheck. I have a ton of the .35/1 MQs, so I'm hoping they restock before the $1 coupon event ends!

Also, I had a great mail day today!
1. I received my P&G coupon booklet that I sent away for. You have to spend $50 in P&G products (before coupons) to get the $100 coupon booklet. This can be broken up into multiple transactions. The link is on the right side of my blog and is still active. There are AWESOME coupons in it, so hurry and send away for it!
2. In addition to the P&G coupons, I also received some fun items for another giveaway from My Blog Spark. I'll be starting a giveaway in the next few days for one of you lucky readers! Stay tuned!
3. I also got my "Pull-Ups" potty training DVD. Good timing... my 20 month old has gotten to that fun stage where she takes off her diaper during nap time and plays with its contents. Oh dear...

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  1. You did great.
    Love your blog!
    Hope you have a good day! =]


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