Friday, April 30, 2010

All this AND I made $1.12!

Lots of deals out there! I've been running around chasing them all week!

I went to a different CVS to try to find that darn 2 oz. sunblock. They had one left on the shelf, so I grabbed that one plus a new green bag tag. I had a $3EB to use so I needed a filler to get to 3.00 and I have no idea where my green bag tag is. Truthfully, I am 100% sure it is swimming around on the bottom of my purse somewhere, but I haven't cared enough to really search for it. Why not just buy a new one with EBs and put 2 green bag tags to work? Anyway, I paid 44 cents on a CVS giftcard ... and I am on the hunt for one more 2 oz. bottle of sunblock.

I remembered today that I had a free reusable shopping bag waiting to be redeemed on each of my Fry's cards. Did you guys all design a reusable bag on Fry's website? If you didn't, make sure you do it by May 21st! Just for designing a bag (which took me less than a minute), Fry's will load a credit for a free reusable bag! If you are one of the top 10 bag designs chosen by voters, you'll win great prizes up to a $1000 Fry's gift card! Click here to get started on your design, so you can earn a free bag too! Yay for freebies! I also found 7 La Voz newspapers this morning, so I had 7 more .55/1 Mentos MQs to burn through.

Card #1 - Fry's
.50 Fry's reusable shopping bag
-Free Reusable bag credit (took off .50)

1.00 Mentos gum (7)
-.55/1 Mentos MQ 2/21 SS or 4/25 SS

-.05 reusable bag credit (my cashier put that bag to use immediately!)
.09 tax
.04 paid on Fry's giftcard

Card #2 - Kroger
.50 Fry's reusable shopping bag
-Free Reusable bag credit (took off .50)

Within those 7 La Voz newspapers, I also found more Marcal MQs! Yay for more free TP & paper towels! Except the free TP thing didn't quite work out, the cashier gave me the evil eye as soon as she saw me loading up the conveyer belt with Marcal and Mission products. She called the assistant manager over and there was a lot of whispering and pointing going on. The cashier wanted to limit me to 3 like coupons (I wanted to use my coupons in multiples of 7), but the assistant manager reminded her the limit of 3 like coupons only applied to doubling, which I did none of today. The cashier was a little peeved and handed the transaction over to the assistant manager to complete. Fine by me, I have nothing to hide. The assistant manager was super helpful, but wouldn't adjust my 2.00/1 Marcal MQs to the 1.13 toilet paper price. She said they wouldn't change the coupon's value even though my cashier at the same store did last night. Oh well, no biggie. I had her take those off my order. Note - Those 2.00/1 MQs are beepers on the TP so be prepared to ask the cashier to adjust the value down. It's really in the best interest of the store to do this - they'll make an .87 profit!

.39 Kraft Mac & Cheese Explosion (6) - with in-ad Q
-.55/2 Kraft tearpad MQ (3)
.11 overage each

1.00 Marcal paper towels (7)
-1.00/1 MQ 4/25 SS (7)

.99 Mission tortilla chips (8)
-1.50/2 any Mission product tearpad MQ (4)
.24 each

1.26 subtotal + .65 tax = 1.91 OOP

.39 Kraft Mac & Cheese Explosion (6) - with in-ad Q
-.55/2 Kraft tearpad MQ (3)
.11 overage each

.99 Mission tortillas (6)
-1.50/2 any Mission product tearpad MQ (3)
.24 each

.78 subtotal + 0 tax = .78 OOP

1.99 Windex (4) wyb 3+
7.96 subtotal
-1.00/1 Windex MQ (4) 3/21 SS or 4/11 SS
3.96 new subtotal
THEN... have cashier scan in-ad Windex Q, takes off 4.53
Pay -.57 + tax AND receive 2 $2 OYNOs!
4.57 profit!

I did this twice adding in a Reese's PB cup so I wasn't negative. Make sure you only do 4 per transaction.


  1. How many rolls are in the Toilet Paper that has to be adjusted down? The store by me is out of the toilet paper still! Its priced at $2.80 for 4 rolls. Great job on all those great deals! I got a few great deals today too at CVS and Albertsons! I love it! Only paid tax! Just about can't beat that!

  2. Amy- It's a 4 pack, but its a regular sized roll. The 2.80 one is also a 4 pack, but is a double roll. The coupon definitely is legitimate for this item. Whether your Albie's will accept a 2.00/1 coupon on a 1.13 item is another story :)

    You did great today! I was just checking out your deals you got. Awesome job!

  3. Hi, just curious how you were able to get the overage on the Kraft Mac & Cheese. I used the in store coupon, plus two of the 55cent off/2 and purchased 4 boxes. I got all free, but only 11 cents came off in addition. I used SCO. Thanks for the help, love your helpful blog.

  4. I am a little confused by the windex deal at Safeway. How did they ring up at $1.99 before the coupon when I thought the coupon brought them down to $1.99? Is there another deal going on that I don't know about making them $1.99 before the coupon?

  5. Anon 11:06pm- Sounds like you got just as mush overage as I did- good work! This is what the transaction should look like:
    1.00 Kraft Mac & Cheese (2 @ .50)
    -.22 for in-ad Q (.11 each)
    -1.00 (.55/2 tearpad Q doubled)
    So you end up -.22 for every 2 boxes, up to a max if .66 overage because the in-ad Q limit is 6 boxes. Good work!

    PS- You have a SELF-CHECKOUT??? Can you scan your own coupons? Oh, that would be amazing! :)

    Anon 9:18am-
    There is a double dip going on with the Windex deal. Prior to this week's 1.99 in-ad Windex Q, they were already 1.99 wyb 3+. That sales price is carrying over so when you pair it up with the in-ad Q, it's taking off even more resulting in overage plus the cats! It's confusing, but totally worth it if you can get in on it! I have no idea if it will last through Tuesday. This glitch may be fixed at any time, so use up those Windex coupons ASAP!

  6. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the heads up on the windex deal... I didn't get the Cats, but paid $0.22 for my 4 with tax + 2 bundles of green onions. Great overage/free cleaner. Not sure why the cats didn't print...I paused for a minute after checkout, but then the guy reached over and turned off the cat machine and closed the check stand. So I don't know if it was SUPER slow in printing or the CAT machine wasn't working or what... I have enough Qs to try 3 more times, but I am not sure I will make it over there if I am not MAKING MONEY. :-)

    Oh and I wanted to add to your albies comment to the 1st ANON poster... you have to scan the ad Q 6 times to get the discount 6 times.. albies registers are set up poorly. If you go through a regular check stand, the cashiers generally no this, and will scan the Q as many times as necessary to get the proper discount.

  7. KC- I bet the cat machine was just super slow. I wonder if it was working at all- did you get anything else that printed out of the cat machine? Hmm.... I bought the yellow & vinegar varieties and I got both cats both times. I'm sorry!

    And thanks for your add-on to the Albie's response. I didn't even think of that! You are right - it's pretty lame that the cashier has to scan it 6 times. I bet that's what happened to Anon. Thanks for being helpful!

  8. Thx!! Kim I totally missed the Windex SW Q ugh... what a great deal!! I'll have to try this tomorrow. I'm going to make a post in case some have missed this on ur post.
    Thx again! U rock!


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