Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cheap cheese and free fruit at Safeway!

I made a quick stop into Safeway today and found lots of great deals!

2.99 Lucerne sliced cheese (3)
-in-ad Q takes off $1 for each pack - up to 3.00
-.55/1 Real California cheese IPQ - print here (3)
I paid .99 for each pack or 2.97 total! This is a great time to stock up on sandwich and BBQ cheese for the summer. These packs are good through September, so there is plenty of time to get through all this cheese. I might pick up a few more packs before the end of the sale on Tuesday.

.99 Del Monte canned fruit (3) - no sugar added
-.40/1 MQ 4/11 RP (3)
3 cans of fruit free!
NOTE: These coupons do not say "Do Not Double", but they are coded with a 9, so they don't automatically double. Make sure to alert your cashier so they can correct it at the register or go to customer service to get your money back.

.99 Hormel clearanced ham
I found one more clearanced package of Hormel lunch meat and grabbed it (using a DND .45/1 blinkie MQ) for 45 cents! Awesome deal!

I tried to get 2 jars of Del Monte Orchard Select for free using a BOGO Vocal Point MQ, but the cashier decided I needed to actually PAY for an item to use the BOGO MQ. I let it go because the coupon expires today, but technically, that's not correct. If manufacturer's coupons are actually a form of payment (which they are), then I am PAYING for the item not included in the BOGO sale. I am getting 2 free products, but Safeway will be reimbursed for the other item. I have read on several other blogs that other couponers were able to get both Del Monte jars free, so it just depends on your cashier.


  1. Great finds! The cheese - I never even realized...I may have to do that tomorrow. I think you're right about the always usually depends on the cashier. Usually if I have a young male cashier it works, hence why I go to Safeway late late at night (ha ha) :) Good job today!!

  2. So Lucerne cheese has the California symbol? I can't see it in your pic.

  3. Anon- One of the packages did... the swiss, I think. I am starting to think the Safeway workers are just not consistent about putting those CA seal stickers on all the correct products. Why would one package of cheese have it and others not? They're all produced and packaged in Pleasanton CA, so the managers agree they are all Real CA products. I feel completely fine using those coupons for Lucerne dairy products.

  4. i have some poptarts coupons they are 55cents off of 1 box. =]

    however... they say do not double..=[
    but safeway currently has that all manufacturer q's are = $1.

    am i good or, should i not even bother? kind of a far drive. hoping to buy 5, and get them all for free.

  5. Anon- .55/1 Pop Tarts is an AWESOME coupon! I am coveting that coupon right now! :) Take a look at the coding on the coupon.

    If the numbers (under the bar code) start with a 5, it will automatically double, regardless of what the coupon says. Your cashier may manually suppress the double if he/she sees the DND. :(

    If if starts with a 9, it will not automatically double and you are most likely out of luck. I have heard of some couponers arguing the fact that the ad says ALL coupons equal $1 and DND coupons should not be excluded. Some have had success with this argument, but if it were me, I wouldn't want to make enemies with my store.

    Good luck on that Pop Tarts deal - let us know how it turns out!

  6. thanks so much! they did double, with a little hesitation, a few calls. =]]

    p.s. love your blog!!

  7. I tried to do the use the $.40/1 coupons for the Del Monte No sugar added fruit cups and even though it doesn't say DND (just has the 9 at the beginning of the barcode), they refused to make my coupons $1.00 because the fruit were $.99 and then they gave me some mumbo jumbo about not allowing more than 3 like coupons to double. Does anyone have a coupon policy in print from Safeway? I called corporate and they couldn't even give me a policy. I would just like to know the policy since each cashier gives me a different "policy".

    I too love your blog! Just found it recently! I've been missing out!

  8. Anon- I am always happy to hear a success story! Yay for you and your free Pop Tarts! Awesome job!

    Diana- I'm glad you found us here! All I have to say about your unpleasant experience is LAME-O! You are correct - there is no "official" Safeway coupon policy which makes it really difficult to have a standard program. I have some Safeway policies posted on the right side of my blog - I would print those out and take them with you to the store. And try those coupons again at a different store. I guarantee you'll get a different response (or excuse). Either way, they are advertising ALL coupons equal $1, so it should be honored. If they want to limit it to 3 coupons, split them into different transactions or use them the next day. Good luck and welcome!

  9. Thanks so much for the info! Unfortunately, I live in Sierra Vista and there is only one Safeway. I think I'll just stick to Fry's. :)


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