Friday, April 2, 2010

Late night Safeway trip = 3.94 profit!

Love those EQs!
2.19 Betty Crocker Warm Delight 1.81 overage
1.00 Velveeta cups (4) FREE!
.99 Farmer John sausage .75 overage
.49 Del Monte canned veggies with in-ad Q (4) .24 each

BETTY CROCKER DEAL 1.25 overage (see details below)
.69 wyb 4 BC brownie/cake mix (4)
1.50 BC frosting
1.69 BC cookie mix
13.13 + .29 tax = 13.42 subtotal

-.50/1 BC Warm Delight MQ 3/28 SS
-1.00/1 BC Warm Delights EQ (2) - load here
-.50/1 BC Warm Delights EQ (2) - load here
-BOGO Velveeta IPQ - print here (2) cashier deducted 1.25 :)
-.75/1 Farmer John sausage IPQ - print here
-.75/1 Farmer John EQ - load here
-1.00/4 Del Monte IPQ - print here
-50% off stickers from clearanced cake mixes (2) deducted .50 each
-.75/1 BC cake mix EQ (2) - load here
-.40/1 BC cookie mix MQ 3/28 SS
-.40/1 BC cookie mix EQ (3) - load here
-.50/1 BC frosting EQ - load here
-1.00 wyb cookie mix & frosting EQ - load here

-2.03 total paid to me by cashier
Received $1.50 OYNO for buying 4 Velveeta cups
SUMMARY: 3.53 profit

The 6 Betty Crocker items cost 4.95 before any coupons because the 2 cake mixes were clearanced 50% off. When the cashier scanned the orange clearance stickers, .50 came off each one making each cake mix .19! That's before coupons! Holy overage! :) For these 6 items, I had 7 EQs come off totaling 4.20, so after EQs, these 6 items cost .75 total (.13 each). Then I had the .50/1 frosting MQ and .40/1 cookie mix Q deducted, giving me an overage of 1.25!

I did one more transaction of 4 more Velveeta cups & 4 more Del Monte canned veggies. After coupons, my total was 2.59. I paid with the 1.50 Velveeta OYNO I received from the first transaction. I paid 1.09 cash and received another 1.50 OYNO. SUMMARY = .41 profit

TOTAL SUMMARY: 3.94 profit!


  1. Did the cashier really give you cash back?

  2. Anon- Yes, the cashier handed me back cash. Sometimes they do that when the total is negative. Sometimes, they add on a general grocery item in the amount of the negative balance to bring the total to zero. Other times, they aren't sure what to do, so I add in a couple of candy bars. From an accounting perspective, it makes sense to give me cash back because the store will be reimbursed for the coupons, so I should get credit for using those. I wouldn't count on them always giving you cash back though - its hit and miss. And I always let them decide.

    Amy- Thanks! I just found your blog this week and have added you to my AZ savings section (right side). I have been following your posts all week and I am excited to see what you post next!

  3. Thx!!! Made my safeway run tonight and saddly some of my EQ's didn't come off :( but still an ok run. My 1.50 catalina didn't print, so I'll be calling the catalina company and hopefully they work with me on that. Also, went to Fry's and it went fabulously. I might be going back later this week for the BC potato deal if time allows. Thanks for the deals sweetie!!! Happy Shopping!


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