Thursday, April 8, 2010

$48 worth of groceries for 4 cents!

Just some quick Thursday shopping...
.77 Bird's Eye Steamfresh veggies - raincheck price (7) FREE
2.48 Sun Chips FREE
2.19 Oroweat bread .69
10.06 + .10 tax = 10.26 subtotal
-.35/1 Steamfresh MQ (7) 3/21 SS
-Free Sun Chips MQ from Facebook promotion, auto'd at 3.99
-1.00/1 Oroweat Premium Bread item MQ 3/28 SS
-.50/1 Oroweat 22-24 oz. Dutch Country bread Fry's store Q - click here for details
-.82 total paid to me by cashier
SUMMARY .82 profit

1.00 Lunchables (2) FREE
2.99 Lucerne string cheese with in-ad Q 1.99
5.99 Olay face wipes 2.01 overage
2.00 Yoplait Go-Gurt (2) .20 each
14.98 + .48 tax = 15.46
-1.00/1 Lunchables MQ (2) 3/21 SS
-.55/1 Real California Cheese product - print here
-5.00/1 Olay Regenerist cleanser MQ from P&G $100 MQ booklet - details here
-3.00/1 Olay Regenerist PG e-Saver EQ - load here
-.35/1 Yoplait Go-Gurt MQ (2) 3/21 SS
-.80/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt EQ (2) - load here and here
.86 total paid cash
SUMMARY .86 cost



  1. I am so just amazed at your ability to get so much for so little. How many newspapers do you subscribe to?

  2. Eevi- Great question and thanks for the comment! I actually don't subscribe to any newspapers! I used to, but I quickly realized I could get coupons from free resources. My favorite place is the internet - see the right side of my blog for links. I get multiple free inserts from friends and family who don't coupon. I also get free inserts from the La Voz newspapers in front of Food City or Circle K. And finally, I find lots of coupons while I'm at the grocery stores -peelies, tearpads, blinkies... free coupons are everywhere! Start building your coupon stash and you will be shocked at how quickly it build up!

  3. What zip code do you use for the P&G coupons? When I type in mine in Tempe, it says no coupons are available.

  4. Hi Anon! I use my zip code 85220 and have no problem finding the P&G coupons. When you enter your address information, make sure you select the largest radius, so the site can find the nearest participating store. Thanks for the comment!


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