Friday, April 2, 2010

GIVE AWAY! $5 Fry's giftcard!

How far do you think you can stretch $5 at Fry's? Well, if these amazing sales keep coming, you could probably stretch that $5 over several shopping trips! I love using "Fry's money" (giftcards, OYNOs, and store coupons) to work some great deals! Much better than using my own hard-earned money!

CG Couponista is one of the newest AZ blogs featured on the right side of my blog. She is hosting her first give away of a $5 Fry's gift card! I don't know about you, but I can always use a free $5 at Fry's! Click here for details - hurry, it ends tomorrow (4/3) at 5pm AZ time!


  1. do you know if fry's will be having the same sale as this week for next week? 4/7-4/13. tia.

  2. Anon- I don't think the same sale will repeat next week. That usually only happens with mega events. This is just a regular sale. Thanks for the comment!


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