Wednesday, April 7, 2010

$40 worth of groceries for 28 cents at Fry's!

I headed to Fry's today, but was kind of sad about missing out on so many great deals while the $1 coupon event was going on last week. They were out of stock on several items I wanted & never got more product on the shelf. I decided to grab some Betty Crocker potato pouches and was SHOCKED to see my .25 MQ quadrupled to $1! The $1 coupon event was not mentioned in the Fry's ad, so I assumed it was over. I was so excited, I grabbed some more coupons (Bounty, Steamfresh, & Betty Crocker) and scored on some freebies!

.77 Birds Eye Steamfresh veggies - raincheck price (10) FREE
1.29 BC potato pouch (3) .71 overage each
1.19 Bounty Basic paper towels (3) .19 each
1.88 milk
-.05 reusable bag credit
16.97 + .21 tax = 17.18 subtotal
-.35/1 Birds Eye Steamfresh MQ 3/21 SS (10)
-.25/1 BC potatoes MQ 3/28 SS (2)
-.40/1 BC potatoes IPQ - print here
-.25/1 Bounty MQ 3/7 PG (3)
3.48 paid with $3 OYNO, .48 on Frys giftcard
Earned $3 OYNO from BC potatoes
SUMMARY: .48 cost

1.29 Betty Crocker potatoes .20 profit
1.29 + .01 tax = 1.30 subtotal
-.40/1 BC potatoes IPQ - print here
.30 paid on Fry's giftcard
Earned .50 OYNO from BC potatoes
SUMMARY: .20 profit


After finding out the good news at Fry's, I have updated my favorite deals for the week. I don't know if this is a glitch or if the $1 coupon event will continue all week. Gather those coupons and hurry to Fry's!

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